Sunday, July 6, 2008

Comment Etiquette

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

There is a site issue that I would like to address in regards to comments, before it gets out of hand. While I appreciate your comments on the Lions, and your ideas, greatly -- there have been a growing number of "complaint" posts. I have revieced about a half dozen emails on this issue as well, and felt it needs to be addressed, and then moved on past.

While I like to have an open forum for well supported ideas and banter in regards to the Lions, I will NOT tolerate personal attacks of any kind in the comments section -- please keep it civil. Despite what many in our Jerry-Springer society practice, you can disagree without slinging insults.

In particular, I would prefer if the bashing of other sites' forums -- and in particular, indivduals posters on Mlive and other Forums, NOT be done here. It's along the lines of "fire millen" to me -- we can draw our own conclusions, what is the point?

Please keep "personal" negative experiences, opinions to the forum in which they are relevant - and if you have an issue with an indvidual poster, please take it up with them directly elsewhere (like via email or on another forum) and not here.

While this is not out of hand yet, it was fast approaching such. I don't want to be a prick -- but I don't want this to be a site akin to the Yahoo or National forums where there is so much "no I'm a better fan, you're a hter, you're a slappy, lions suck" crap to wade through that even skimming for intelligent thought is near impossible.

Should this type of posting continue, I'd hate to have to start using the delete button -- or edit posts to leave in the great football thoughts, but leave out the personal poison. (I would copy, edit, re-post under my name and credit you). I don't want ot take that step, so lets just try to mind our P's and Q's while commenting. While there are only 15-20 people who post regularly, there are a couple hundred who read daily, as well as those who email thoughts. (which are always welcome) I'm sure they're here to read about Lions thoughts too, not the latest in the Hatfield-McCoy feud.

The comments that are posted here also reflect on me, and the Blog I run. WWDF79 do?

I appreciate your readership, and thanks for letting me take the time to address this issue.

Is it time for camp yet??!?!?


JJLions20 said...

I agree. Lets not ruin a good thing.

CHIEFGER139 said...

alot of this was probably my fault-i did alot to repair what some of the damage caused and hopefully everything is ok-probably difficult to run something like you do with not having some controversy-like some say on m-live communisum-but can see why they actually do edit blogs

Todd said...

We have a great site here with mostly positive comments aside from obvious critical football talk. Let's keep it this way, it's why we love coming here to read! Thanks as always Detfan.