Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who Do You Read?

I know that as Lions Junkies, many of you have your favorite sites. I'm looking to expand my links section for Lions news/updates/etc. So if you have a link you'd like to see - post it here and I will get it added to the sidebar so everyone can A. Read it as well and B. We'll have a one-stop-Lions Source going for us Lionaholics. I'll add in mine as well, but am curious what you fellows are also reading to see what new stuff there is to add.

If you want, give why you do or don't like the site, and whether you usually agree/disagree with it.

As always, thank you for all of your comments and insights -- you are what makes this Blog happen!


Anonymous said...


Patrick said... :)

I think that is it...I will have to check my favorites when I get home... I am doing this off the cuff while at work! :) shhh don't tell nobody!


Anonymous said...

Other than some of the sites already mention I check on a regular basis as well as


JJLions20 said...

The ovious ones:

Then for Cap info...

DetFan1979 said...

Good sites guys -- keep em coming. JJ - you'll notice netrat's site is one of the two I already have linked -- his cap spreadsheet in invaluable, and I reference it whenever we are discussing cap issues and their implications.

I'll compile them into a list for the sidebar in a few days/week (depending on time)

Deano the Great said...

I read most of the ones already mentioned. Here are some good ones I frequent:
- Killer's blog: usually just a repeat of MLive articles but sometimes he will have unique articles posted.
- Hondo's blog: don't be fooled by the address, it really is about the Lions and not the Sparty's.
- Mike O'Hara's blog: he has some good posts once in a while if you like his writing.
- Self-explanatory
- Some good articles. I just heard about this one and haven't dug into who puts it out yet.
- I had to put this one in here - sometimes you need a good laugh...
- Good fan site
-Another decent fan site.
- This fan site used to put out some pretty good articles fairly regularly but I haven't seen squat since last year. Maybe that will change once August arrives...

Lion54 said... is a good one

LionSunBlock said...

Pretty much just mlive, espn, and SI.

Anonymous said... has very knowledgeable fans on their forum

ToneyG said...

www.lionsredzone is the best Lions site I've seen. The message board has some interesting people.