Monday, May 5, 2008

Poll Results: Lions Earn solid B+

Below are the totally unscientific and pointless "immediate gut grade" for the 2008 draft. The overwhelming majority had the Lions, as you can see, in the A-/B+ or B category -- hence the B+. I will take a look back on this as these players develop, and add to this poll again later on.

Thanks for voting!

A+ 2 (1%)

A 3 (2%)

A-/B+ 37 (34%)

B 49 (45%)

B-/C+ 9 (8%)

C 7 (6%)

C-/D+ 0 (0%)
Fail 0 (0%)


CHIEFGER139 said...

i think even the so called haters would give this draft one of the best they have had since millens been here-not a "a" draft by any means but a passing grade for sure

CHIEFGER139 said...

face it-they addressed ot,lb,de,rb,wr,s,fb,dt just about everything except qb and cb-i wished almost they would of got a late round qb to give detfan99 hope-otherwise how could you not feel at least somewhere they got someone at the position you wanted

Anonymous said...

I agree on both of your points Chief. Millen really put together a nice looking, cohesive, well thought out draft...especially considering that many of the players we were hoping would slide didn't make it to us in the 1st and 2nd rounds.

A lot of positions filled, especially in areas where we have a severe weakness. I agree though, I wouldn't have minded a substitution of WR and our 2nd DT pick for a late round QB and CB. Still it would probably be better to bring in a veteran QB to compete for a roster spot with Orlovsky so we can have a viable option to go to if Kitna is injured. Honestly, I don't see Orlovsky as having much potential in this league, it's time to look for something better. Hopefully M&M are aware of this glaring need and address it before training camp starts up.