Sunday, May 11, 2008

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BMW appears "motivated" (that would be a new one) to succeed in his last chance with the Titans. Funny enough, Jeff fisher has the same problems with him that Rod Marinelli did: Late to meetings, out of shape, overweight, and has trouble catching passes. But he has such great potential...

Amazingly, the other half of Millen's Double First Round Flame-out (burn-out?) Burger was in the news again as well. He's trying to make it in the CFL. Something tells me he thinks some money may be needed if the arbitrator rules against him. If he ever makes a ruling, that is. I just can't fathom what is taking so *!$(@# long. Its been a year and a half since both sides provided final evidence. Best case scenario -- he rules for the Lions and they are actually able to recover some of the money. Even if it is only $1 or $2 million, it would hit next year's cap as a credit, and every bit helps.

Lions picked up another tight end -- it appears Campbell is still recovering from his injury at this time; I sure hope he gets healthy, put with the Pearson situation muddying the waters, I can't blame them for stockpiling players to compete at TE -- a position they obviously intend to use more this season. (possibly even taking advantage of the GAPING HOLES over the middle of the field created when teams double covered CJ and Roy last season...)

Marinelli is hoping for another good off season. He is also hoping that it doesn't wear off half-way through the season like a great Mocha-caramel Cappuccino wears off about halfway through the workday and you crash. Something tells me his off seasons are like training for a marathon. they crapped out halfway through last year, but they will keep going further and further into the season at full speed until they can actually go deep into the playoffs. The big question for Marinelli will be if he can get them "conditioned" enough to continue showing progress before it is too late? I'm confident that he will.

Boise State researchers have designed a machine that will allow the NFL to research what causes turf toe, and other injuries related to playing on turf, and see if it is really "safer", "more dangerous", or "about the same, but in different ways" than grass. Sounds interesting, but who knows how long/if ever we in the public will see the results of those studies.

Sounds like the scouting department should hire Gerald Alexander's Mom -- I'm sure she could help them out, and would certainly be passionate about getting good help for son. She'd also get to show up at campus' in one sweet ride!

And Mercedes must be the car of choice for Detroit Lions players to buy mom, as that is what Ernie Sims is getting his mom for Mother's Day as well. The Lions should hire her too -- as a strength and speed conditioning coach. I'm sure that having to beat Ernie's mom in a footrace to start for the Detroit Deuce would motivate the D players into adding some speed. What do you think? I can picture it now as Dizon ribs Lenon: "Yo Paris -- you got a girly name, and you can't even beat Ernie's momma in the 40. Ha Ha Ha! -- Looks like I'll be starting at MLB this week leadfoot!"


JJLions20 said...

Interesting that you referred to BMW and Buck Reed (the new TE) in the same blog. I checked out Reed, and he is 6'6" 275 LBS. About the same as BMW who is 6'5" and 271 lbs.

I was initially thinking the Lions may be thinking of beefing up this kid to a 300lb and making him an O-Lineman. The key is if he has quick feet. There have been a lot of TE's converted to lineman either in college or after being drafted. A lot of times you find TE’s with good feet. Now if your like me you initially think Tackle. But the conversion is often from TE to Center.

But after reading this article I found, I was surprised to find out he attended rookie camp to try to make it as a kicker.

Talking about position flexibility, (and I'll admit I don't know anything about his kicking ability), but if he has a strong enough leg to put it deep into the end zone, the Lions could extend Hanson's stay. I suspect a kid like this could be put on the practice squad and developed for a couple years. Could be a TE, T, or C. Then again, he could just be a camp body.

CHIEFGER139 said...

i heard
rogers case either way doesnt help on the cap space-why do you think it will?? truthfully as bad as a bum he turned out to be-i hope he wins-millen and ford deserve the penalty-and truthfully i think millen and ford are both over paid more than rogers was and contributed to the team much worst with there poor decisions and therefore as a penalty give it to the lazy guy-price of being stupid-
maybe they learned from this-i pray so
and no im not giving up on the team now-quite the opposite-but feel the idiots deserve this for the years they put us through what they did.

JJLions20 said...

I remember reading the same thing. Ford can "possibly” retrieve the money, but it can not help the cap. I'm not even sure why they continue with it. Supposedly the money is hidden or spent, so it will probably cost the Lions more in legal fees then they will retrieve. Maybe it is the principle. Maybe they are simply angry at Rogers. But if it happened today with a player they could not go after the money.

The hang-up the way I understand it is that under the current players agreement you can not sue the player for his signing bonus if he was in the drug rehab program (which Rogers was). But under the player’s agreement that Rogers signed his contract it was possible to sue for his signing bonus.

If they thought they could get a good portion of the $10M back I'd say go for it. But if the money is gone, then what's the use, other than discouraging him to make any additional $$$. If they figure he still has the $$$ then maybe they think he knows they can pressure him to eventually reach an agreement. I'm ready for the Charles Rogers story to come to an end, but then again it is not my millions.

DetFan1979 said...

I've heard a lot about it not helping -- and it is totally wrong. It goes like this:

1. Arbitrator rules in Lions favor (example: rogers owes them $3 million.)

2. The Lions go to rogers and ask for the money.

3. If he resists, they go to civil court to freeze his assets, and get a judge to require him to pay it (if he has it)

4. Any money the Lions recover is credited to that year's cap. Examples:

Next summer, the Lions get paid $1 million -- they get a $1 million credit to the cap.

Or, The Lions get nothing because Rogers has "smoked" through it all, or has it funneled into places they can't touch, such as retirement accounts. In this case, the Lions would get no credits.

In short, they get a credit on the cap for any money that they are owed, that they actually get paid back. So even if they are owed that money, they don't get cap credit until it is actually paid back to them.

CHIEFGER139 said...

i know m-lives been dead the last couple of days-i just posted a link on there-power rankings after the draft-then said the guys full of crap and told them how the wize chief thought they should be-maybe thats another fun thing you can do detfan1979- before the season starts let us give our power rankings before the season starts and at the end of the year we can see how each one did ranking the teams from 1st to last. just a thought

CHIEFGER139 said...

AS BAD as we need cap space-again i say the 2 idiots that hired him and put up with him are very secure in there jobs-and despite most detroiters screaming for there heads-they sit comfortably in there jobs-a dumb kid drug attic-who they took a chance on got 10 mil-now there trying to take it back-they knew the risk-they made the error-and even though it may cost us cap space-millen and company need to be the ones accountable-it wasnt like either one was standing up-saying this kids trouble-we need to get rid of him-at my company-we brought in a kid too-flunked the drug test-a good bs-er- ive been around druggies-unfortunately my sisters were-told the pres-bad choice this guys trouble-hes still doing the drugs and explained how they are-
they ignored me-and others too and hired the guy
after he limited out the companys credit card-stole computers-tools everything else and didnt show up to work for over a month-they realized there mistake-
still didnt fess up to it and wouldnt even fire him-
said chief if you feel he has to go-you can lay him off-
i did the next day-the poor kid needed help and they werent given it to him-given him a free ride because he was there young stud they gambled on-when any of us said anything bad about him-they got pissed
i think the kid is doing better now-feel management did the same with rogers-if they lose the case they deserve it.
by the way chief is still with the company and they still use me to make the tough decisions-why i can relate to coach rod.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that Mike Williams was up that heavy. That is amazing that either 1) he let himself go that much, that quickly or 2) he got advise to get that big to be thought of as a TE.

Gerald Alexander's mother is the next Chunky Soup team mother, "Oh, Gerald." "Yes, Mrs. Alexander, I'll have more steak 'n potato soup." "Thanks, Mom."


Unfortunately, a lot of people are paying POTENTIAL instead of paying PRODUCTION.


No idea? I asked about the situation on a web blog 6 months ago and no one knew anything then.


DetroitSims said...

I have to agree with you guys that Millen and Ford made the mistake of drafting the kid and now they should live with it. Sucks for us, but maybe they'll think twice next time.

I cannot believe that BMW Has gotta so big. I havent heard anything about him in a long time. I knew he was with the titans but, NEVER saw him get on the field. They are gonna realize how much of a waste of time the lazy bastard is and give up on him like we did.

Poop is Emergent Too said...

What does Pearson have to do with tight-ends? He plays in the secondary no?

DetFan1979 said...

LOL -- told you guys I need an editor -- I slipped and put pearson's situation in with the tight ends I was going to right a bit about Pearson, but couldn't find anything new and worthwhile to report, so I decieded to cut it. But forgot to. Oops.