Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bubble Cuts: Who doesn't Make it to Camp?

There are currently 87 players on the Lions Depth Chart...but only 80 can be there when camp starts. (question - does anyone know when the cut-date to ahve 80 players is? Can't seem to find it other than "before camp")

7 guys are going to go -- soon. who do you think it is going to be? And any reasons beyond "I don't like his name?"

(ie - position group is set, veterans need breaks elsehwere, etc.)

Fire away!


flipdskrip said...

I have a few links that I look at for lions stuff




Patrick said...

Hey FlipDskrip...here is a new article about Lenon.


The first seven Cut

Chris Patrick T R Nebraska sort of light in the pants only 280Tall enough to add wieght on his frame...but already enough people to warrant a cut.

Victor Degrate DE 1st yr OK state
added 44lbs since senior in college. ran 4.8 then 44lbs lighter...doubt still has speed needed for T2.

Isreal Route CB C. Mich was only on practice squad...with new talent in secondary not enough room

Justin Sanders CB DB Illini cannot find any substantail info on...thus..cut him.. :)

Marc Nicolet QB Hillsdale only 6'0 without the exceptional skills to make up for the lack of experience and size.

Cameron Craig DL Army too light in the pants at 269. Maybe as DE..but sort of crowded at that spot

Reggie ball wr G.tech too many BETTER receivers to keep a spot.
Although has an advantage with experience on the practice squad. Saw very little time even with the porus special teams we had.

This was tougher than I thought...but here it "IOS"!

Patrick said...

Here is an article on Allen Ervin and why I think he will make this team. Nevermind the competition he played against....


Anonymous said...

That's a good article on Ervin, I think he will at least push some others and make everyone else work harder to get a spot.

TW from OR

Patrick said...

Thanks. I cannot agree with you more. People like this young man can inspire the average to be good and the good to be great! If we have several young men like this on our team we will be much better than advertised.


CHIEFGER139 said...

too difficult -i wish on the lions roster theyd number them-hard for me to count past 30 not alone pick 7 to boot-i imagine your counting the unrestricteds and the exclusive rights players

Patrick said...

Hey Chief,

Yeah I had to... Like you said on MLIVE the other day. I am glad I am not the one having to make the decisions on personnel.

I did figure unless one of the UDFA was really on to something they would be the first to go....the unsigned, invitees...


CHIEFGER139 said...

here goes
WHY-think they will look at there rookies-these guys were on the practice squads and we have way too many cb's and wr's i targeted those groups-may be off my rocker-but oh well at least i tried

Patrick said...


I like your choices...I think Ellis my stick...he was injured last year but they really loved his return and special team skills. maybe they got enough players now that they don't need him. I see ROnyell Whitaker is now on the roster...I really liked him at Va Tch...but he has not done much since the pros.

JJLions20 said...

A player doesn’t count against the 80 man roster until they are signed to a contract. So the 7 rookies don’t count yet. So when the Lions sign one of the rookies, somebody gets cut.

At this time, my first 7 to be cut:

Paul Ernster - Buck Reed can also kick and his position flexibility will cause Ernster to be cut, as he has no chance at replacing Hanson.

Jonathan Lewis - When Fluellen and Cohen are signed there will be 7 DT's. The numbers game gets Lewis.

Allen Ervin: 7 RB's is too many to carry. When Smith signs, Ervin is gone.

Tyrone Prewitt. When Dizon and Campbell sign it give the lions 10 LB's. 3 deep plus one. One needs to go.

Rudolph Harvey & Victor DeGrate. - 8 DE's are way too many to carry. The Lions get down to three deep.

Stephen Howell - I know they say you can't have enough CB's, but 11 CB's are a lot. I picked Howell not because of any analysis of his play, but only because he doesn't even have his own number (45B), and that's not a good signed.

Also note that the Lions have an Exclusive Rights player (Ellis), and three Unrestricted FA (Bashir, Stokes, Walters), if they should decide to bring one or more of these guys to camp, then somebody else gets cut. I think Ellis comes to camp in that case then Maybe Reggie Ball goes.

I heard an interview with Bill Polian on the NFL network, about the 80 man roster. He talked a lot about making sure you had enough healthy players at each position. So it's pretty much 3 deep at each position. Positions such as WR and CB's will need 4-5 deep. He also talked about the situation some teams will have if they have injuries plied up at one position. Let’s say three of your LB’s had off season injuries. They may be ready for the first game, but won’t be ready for reps in camp or preseason. This may force a team to go 4 deep at all there LB positions until deep into the preseason. The Lions are pretty healthy so they should not have this issue.