Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Play for the Man..."

I ran across this well done interview by Philip Zaroo on Mlive's Highlight Reel. It is an interview with Lions great Lomas Brown. Many Lions fans do not realize that he was also part of the 2002 Tampa Bay Team that won the SB. What many also do not realize is that when Gruden came, Marinelli was given title of Assistant Head Coach, as well as DBacks coach. He also had a heck of an influence on that whole team, as Brown, an Olineman obviously respects Marinelli.

Of all the points he made, many of which were excellent and show he still follows the Lions, a couple stood out to me:

When he talked about Marinelli can't go out and catch, and block, and tackle -- it's time for the players to start acting like men and play for the man. enough is enough. Really hits it home that even the greatest of motivators and teachers need receptive pupils. You can be the greatest teacher and motivator alive, but it the student is unwilling to take anything upon themselves then there is nothing you can do. Kalimba Edwards comes to mind. He had the physical tools but just couldn't -- or didn't do what he needed to -- to put it together on the field.

I also liked when he said that Marinelli, at this point, really needs just one thing: Time. Lets hope that the men on this team step up and play this season to allow Marinelli that time he needs to mold the Lions from a lump of wet soggy mud into a real brick of a playoff team.


Patrick said...

We have been saying it now a former Lions possibly soon to be hall of famer is sayinig it....HMMM Maybe we are on the right track.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. All the fair-weathers want to win now. I would love to see the Lions win now, but there has to be a building process.

And the key to any good building is its foundation. Lomas hit on it, and we've all preached it. Now, the next step needs to be growing that plan, and being given the time to grow that plan.

When Sparky Anderson came to the Tigers, he had a five year plan. It came to fruition earlier than expected, but the ownership understood that the development of what he was trying to accomplish wasn't going to happen overnight. Tom Monaghan gave Sparky the openness and opportunity to try painting his picture.

This is essentially what Ford has done, here, too. And it will work. Player for player, you CANNOT convince me that the New York football Giants were the best team in the league this year.

They got hot at the right time, and they trusted each other. Coughlin let off a little in camp, and the garden grew. Down the stretch, they believed in T.O.D., and used the "world is against us" mentality.


CHIEFGER139 said...

rod needs another year after this one-alot of new faces and it may take time to jell-i still feel though the way they drafted and picking up darby to replace rogers they think and are planning on winning now-otherwise they wouldnt of picked up the vets they did and would of went with all young guys.