Monday, May 26, 2008

FFB Is Here!

Welcome back all! Due in equal parts to schedule, holiday, and illness I must apologize for the lack of new posts this past week. I was also putting in some time to get the initial work done for the FFB leagues. I am happy to say that all is ready a touch ahead of schedule!

I sent out an email today to all who expressed interest in both the Free and Pay/Dynasty League. The dynasty League is already set up. The free league registration is not able to start until later in the summer, so I will keep you all updated.

Lion54 - would you shoot me an email so I can add you onto the list?

There are two new blog-sites, one for each league.

The Free-League will be updated at:

The Dynasty League Blog will be:

As of right now, the free league is annual (new draft each year) and the pay league is dynasty (where you keep a few players each year, and then draft replacements)

Other than the links to the fantasy sites on the sidebar, you will not normally see fantasy news on this site. Back to real football next blog.

Also, a quick shout-out to all of our veterans out there on this Memorial Day. Our thoughts are with you, your families, and the freedoms you have protected throughout the history of our great nation.

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