Monday, May 12, 2008

Half-Empty? And Other Thoughts...

I saw this on Detroit Lions homepage today, and immediately thought it was a great way to bring fans into the home seats who cannot afford a full season ticket package. Essentially, they are offering two half-season ticket packages (for different "halves", of course) and a preseason game. This allows fans to see multiple games, without having to buy a full season ticket package. I think we all know how quick most of the Lions home games sell out -- getting tickets to one game with a decent seat, much less than more than one, is really tough when the phone lines open. Especially after the off season price increase, I think this is a great gesture by the Lions. the team is headed in the right direction, and this will help keep fans in the seats, and the stadium sold-out to help build on the home field advantage the Lions started to develop last season (finally!). Half empty or half full? Depends on your point of view...

Meanwhile, the OTA's are heating up in anticipation of the mandatory mini-camp in just 8 days. As I said before, the Lions coaches and players seem intent on competing and training hard so that they come out strong, and are able to maintain that strength throughout the season. I'll start highlighting battles position group by position group soon.

I am also trying to look at the 80 for camp and will try to research each of the guys, and try to get a little info out there on each one if I can.

I'll compile the 30 "Locks" after the first mandatory mini-camp; Then I will start gathering your "other 45" lists in preparation of the first mandatory roster cut.

Aug. 28 - Roster cutdown to 75 players.
Sept. 1 - Roster cutdown to 53 players.

The 30 "locks" are, of course, quite similar -- but I do see some variation.

The Lions can also only carry 80 players into camp, versus 88, which will make for a much tighter race just to get into training camp. So far, competition looks to be shaping up so that it is not a detriment to the team, but rather, is creating just enough pressure to motivate the players to be their best.


Patrick said...


I have been looking at the roster as well and the competition is going to be pretty fierce. I left my 53 for the roster on the bubble list. I know it was only supposed to be 30...but I am hard headed. Any way, I read Marinelli seems to be positive on Calhoun because of his speed and zone running expertise. I am still not totally sold on him because of injuries. I would rather keep Pinner and Allen just because of durability and special teams.

In regards to the 80 man roster. Have you been able to find any additional information on some of the "projects" that are in for camp. Some of the names I recognize from small colleges that did very well. He seems to be targeting those who have a dynamic work ethic that performed, regardless of the "level of comp"
Great blog...I need my Lions Fix and MLIVE is not really dropping anything new for us! And the posters there spend more time ripping each other than talking about the topic.

Anonymous said...


I have to agree COMPLETELY with you.

This is a pretty great site with knowledgeable people making some good comments and observations.

MLIVE has sucked lately, and I won't be going back to post anytime soon. I don't feel that a site such as that (refusing to edit the non-topical) should benefit from good discussion.


How goes the battle tonight? You've been quiet. I want to know who will be the five (or six) backs leaving camp making the final team this year and why??? What do you think, CHIEF?

I'll go 5. Smith, Bell, Calhoun, Felton, and Bradley.

CHIEFGER139 said...

i agree with your picks except calhouns out and cason is in and if they keep 6 pinner makes it
i think bradly,felton,bell and smith are a lock