Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mini-camp News and Notes

First off, here is a nice photo gallery of Lions players at the mandatory mini-camp. Killer also had a nice article on Rookies once again having to earn their starting position.

Feel free to post your thoughts on the photos/story. I'm gathering some thoughts/analysis on the news/stories here and will be writing more on them as far as analysis goes after the min-camp is completed. That way, I'm looking over a whole picture versus a snippet or two.

Great quote from Marinelli regarding Bell (Foxsports.com, from Lions notes and quotes page):

Running back Tatum Bell looks a bit heavy, but it's only May. "He might be up there a little bit more, yeah," Marinelli said. "But like I told these guys -- told them all -- just make sure we're aware of where we're at. Right now, it's still the offseason. But I want to make sure we're working toward the perfect weight to enter camp. I'm aware of every guy. They're made aware of where I want them."

Sounds like, to me, we are right on in our evaluations of the heated RB competition this season -- I'm sure that Bell knows in no uncertain terms where he needs to be -- along with any other player that showed up out of shape. If Marinelli will dump 1st round draft picks and pro-bowl DT's, then what will he do to you? The example has been made enough in Det that even though some people are too stupid to catch on, the majority of players know that with Marinelli it's put up or ship out.

Also, sounds like Bell might not be the only one who wasn't where Marinelli wanted...wonder who the other players are?? However, as always, he is placing the burden of success on them...they know what they are expected to do -- it is their job as men in Marinelli's employ to get it done, or exceed it; no one else can do if for them.

Got a good chuckle today - reading about Atlanta signing Matt Ryan to a HUGE contract...mainly because my gut says that he will be the second coming of Joey Harrington -- both for the league, and the Falcons. My second thought? Another stupid move by Blank, overpaying someone he didn't need to, after unnecessarily giving away his bargaining tools. They might as well have stuck with Joey and saved the money for other need areas. Amazing that in stage one of rebuilding, it looks like Atlanta might have made a Millenesqe pick, and topped it off with a larger-than-a-millen-contract contract. Ant Atlanta didn't even have the good Oline draft Millen did for the guy to stand behind...

Dave Birkett had some nice additional snippets about the mini-camp as well.

Keep up the great thoughts on the RB position battles; don't forget the Lions still have more than 80 players, and they're going to need to cut someone before camp. Who will it be?? (post on the bubble cuts link at the side)


Anonymous said...

There will be a few really good battles in camp this year, but the one battle no one is chatting about is Manny Ramirez vs. Stephen Peterman. With a little more emphasis on the running game, Ramirez is a dark horse that needs to be considered because of the "road grader" moniker he has been given before. "That's what he do". At TT, he was the run guy. It'll be fun to watch, because I LOVE the line battles. Also Jared DeVries and Corey Smith will try for that 4th DE spot.


CHIEFGER139 said...

great article from birkett
that alone should get you excited about next season-ive been saying a low 20's defense will get us in the playoffs-hes saying a top 20 defense-that gets me excited. I think i already put my cuts in-hopefully im on your free fantasy football list-sent you a email but havent heard anything-broke my foot so havent seen my work email in some time-hope to be back there tuesday after the holiday-see doc thursday and find out if they give me walkin cast or if i dont need anything (i hope that)-
keep up the good work 1979
LIONS GREAT IN 2008-PLAYOFFS AND BEYOND!!-gonna post your birkett article on m-live should get everyone excited!! will give you credit for it