Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The If-Season

I know there is a lot of mini-camp news going on out there right now -- I'm sure you loyal Lions fans have been reading up, as have I. There seems to be a lot of excitement out there right now (along with the usual pessimism)

There are some great camp battles starting to take shape already -- OT, OG, MLB, SLB, CB, RB, DT, DE, S, FB, TE..as a matter of fact, there is more talent and competition at almost every position right now than I can remember in the last 10 years. Even solid starters are being pushed to new and greater levels of performance by talented players eager to take their place.

Lets be honest, how long has it really been since half the position groups weren't already full of back-up caliber players who had locked up starting positions over street FA?

How long has it been since we could say the Lions had a solid draft that could be a foundation of Detroit Lions Playoff teams for years to come?

I'll being doing more stories, as I'm sure you've guessed, on these battles as time marches unerringly toward the season. But for tonight, I'm going to hone in on the center of it all. The focus. The Epicenter. The Alpha and the Omega. The primary star of the solar system. The discussions from the second the season ends (one could argue even during the season), revolve around one crucial, all-powerful word:


IF the Lions have a good draft, they could contend...IF Dwayne White and Redding are healthy, with the off season additions the line could dominate...IF Calhoun steps up big time, he could possibly bump Bell from the final roster...IF the Line improves dramatically, the Lions could be a huge rushing team...IF the run takes off, CJ and Roy will have huge years....IF the Line dominates, the DB's will have a field day with INT's...IF IF IF

It's not the Offseason -- Its the Ifseason. And henceforth, it shall be referred to as such on this blog.

So while there is a lot of news starting to float about, what it all means directly flows from your IFs...

We have a lot of difference in IFs here at DetFan1979 in regards to players, performance projections of units, coaching, analysis, roster. But they are generally positive IFs. After all, if you're going to if, why if bad? Who says to themselves all the time "If I screw up today, and if things go bad, I'll get fired. If that happens, I'll lose my house, and my wife will run off the the good looking rich bachelor next door, if I'm such a failure..." That doesn't intend to lock out criticism, as the inverse of a positive IF can be interesting to look at -- especially if another positive if could occur because of a negative if. If only I didn't say if so much, this may be easier to read.

Yet, visit many team sites (not just the Freep) during any given ifseason and you will see nothing but negative Ifs about their local team. The ifseason is a time of hope -- it is a time of dreams -- a time of IFs. And IF our team gets their IFs in order, it is going to be a great season....



JJLions20 said...

“If” the Lions can control the clock...

This means run the ball on offense, And don't give up the big play on Defense.

It's basic football, "IF" the Lions can execute it.

DetroitSims said...

Great article!! "IF the Lions can figure out what went wrong last year, they can fix it and get to the playoffs. Really never looked at it that way.

I am realy glad to see that we have all tis depth also at positions. Let them fight it out to see who works harder for that spot, they way it should be. I dont think I have ever heard of the Lions having talent built up besides the starters. Its gonna be a great year in D-town I can feel it!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.

Last years season

the 6-2 start and then the big fade

had more to do with the schedule

than anything else

CHIEFGER139 said...

i agree and disagree with some of your ifs
I THINK THE BIGGEST if i need answered is can we stop the run without rogers? figure preseason will do that-and give yourself more credit-your squaw will stay by you if you lose your job-the attitude of they only stay because you bring a pay check will get you in trouble-it has me-and ive never been fired but know if you give the job and other things too much attention and not the family-thats when they run off with the other guy.

DetFan1979 said...

chief - I was referencing the attitiude of about 96% of those who comment on the Freep; (my attitude, you'll notice, is nowhere near doom and gloom) I work my current job because it gives me more time with my family; even turned down jobs that give me more money, but less time -- and I enjoy what I do.

You're lucky -- I've been fired twice - once because I was young and couldn't keep my mouth shut, and once about a month before I was going to quit. Happens. We learn. My wife was awesome then, and still is.

BTW Chief - hows the leg? Thats gotta be a bummer. Is the doc letting you back to work on Tuesday? I think I emailed you at work on the FFB. If you have a different addr, drop me a line adn I'll use that.

CHIEFGER139 said...

foots good
DONT EVEN HAVE TO have a cast just wear a wooden soled shoe with velcro for four weeks and should heal up totally in 6 weeks-go back to work tuesday-was gonna walk the memmorial day parade with our church float but thats out-im just glad i dont have to use crutches anymore-ive turned down jobs too-im usually home by 5 pm even though i go in at 6am and rarely work weekends unless theres emergencys-perfect job-been there 26 years now- been with squaw 17 this year but some have been difficult-cant complain-ive got life made compared to many-never have doubted your optimisim for the team-you wouldnt do all the work you do on this blog if you didnt love the lions-keep up the good work!! and i can tell your a great family man from your photos and your mentions of them in this blog-keep up the good work!!