Monday, July 6, 2009

Team of the Decade? 1950's Lions

Last year, I linked to where someone came across an audio of the 1957 Championship Game. Now, get ready for this -- we can watch the highlights of the 1952 Detroit Lions Championship!!

Sean at Pride of Detroit has a poster whose grandfather was Lions Defensive coach from 52-59! As he is posting memorabilia/keepsakes his grandfather kept (which I will try to follow) he posted up a DVD that they made from 16mm reel to DVD, and then to the web of the 1952 Lions beating Cleveland 17-7 for the world football championship!! He has also posted footage of the 1953 game, although it has no audio and is in black-and-white it is still really fun to watch!

Both are about 30 minutes long, and worth every second.

These finds also serve as a great reminder of those 1950's Lions! They won 3 championships, and were in the thick of the fight every season. There is a special section honoring the team with some additional links from Detroit Lions site here:

Remembering the 1952 & 1953 NFL Championship Teams
The Lions honored the 50th anniversary of the 1952 and 1953 NFL Championship Teams Nov. 3, 2002 at Ford Field during the Lions vs. Cowboys contest. Take a special look back at these two powerhouse teams that claimed back-to-back championships.

1952 Distant Replay: View some of the great moments from the 1952 season in a special video feature from NFL Films. Real Media: 56k 300k
The 1950's: Detroit's Decade of Dominance
The Lions of the 1950's won three World Championships [features links to some more footage and stories from NFL HOF - DF79] and featured a host of Hall of Famers including their intrepid leader, quarterback Bobby Layne.
Vintage Photo Gallery of 1952 Lions Championship season
Vintage Photo Gallery of 1953 Lions Championship season

As we look forward to this coming season, remember that dominance in the NFL can be fleeting, and that yesterdays champions are tomorrow's losers -- just as yesterday's losers are the champions of tomorrow.

Being a fan of the Lions has not always been synonymous with underachievement, and with luck this new coaching staff and front office will change that perception back to the glory days of the 1950's. IF...

Happy Independence Day! (A little late) The Pink Lions wore their Lions fleeces to keep warm on a chill but perfect night for watching fireworks, and were going "1-2-3-Go LIONS!" And so another generation of fans takes root... Hope everyone else had a safe and happy holiday weekend!!


Todd said...

Hope everyone had a great 4th as well! Can't wait until training camp and the battles. Go lions!


CHIEFGER139 said...

dESPITE being over welmed at work I couldnt wait to watch it. watched all 30 minutes with some interuptions-thanks so much Im 50 and heard so much about them-so nice to see them actually play-hope stafford is the next great bobby lane.
the chief!!
sent it on to others they loved the audio last year-the video-though crude was much better!!

Anonymous said...

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