Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lions Congregation: Roster Crunch

Time again for the next installment of the Lions Congregation. It does address one position I haven't broken down yet -- WR. I'm putting a very shortened version here, but will still be doing a position breakdown.

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This week's Lions Congregation (link when all answers are posted) is: Roster Crunch

Here's are the questions for this week's Roster Crunch edition:

1. Which safeties will make the squad?

Louis Delmas, Daniel Bullocks, Kalvin Pearson, Marquand Manuel, Anthony Henry (I'm listing him as a S here -- I think he represents the 5th S/CB and that they will keep 4 of each in addition to him.) I wrote an in-depth piece you will find on my blog with more detail.

2. Which wide receivers will make the squad?

Calvin Johnson, Bryant Johnson, Dennis Northcutt, Derrick Williams, TBA (Standeford 1st, then someone they pick up off waivers who also has return ability will bump them)

3. Which offensive linemen will make the squad?

Jeff Backus, Daniel Loper, Dominic Raiola, Stephen Peterman, Gosder Cherilus, Ephraim Salaam, Jon Jansen, Dan Gerberry. First five will be your starters, with the next two as OG/OT backups. Gerberry because it is just as likely as any of the other guys left after that, and a backup OG/C is never a bad thing should Raiola go down.


RIP said...

I like your picks.

When I posted my 50 today I debated on including the 8 bubble cuts and who some to would go to the practice squad.

With safeties, I had Pearson edging out Schweigert.

As of right now, I am not sold on D Williams as a lock on making the squad. I believe R Curry will be ahead of Williams and the final spot will be between him and A Jennings.

The O-Line was another tough call. Do we go with only 2 true guards or add T Fonoti. Do we go with E Salaam as a fifth tackle or do we add D Gerberry who is eligable for the practice squad. Are they going with the normal 9 O-Linemen or gamble with just 8?

New coaching staff with many more big if's.

Anonymous said...

Love this site...Like your picks...however, I think Henry will stay at cb, because of Schweigert showing enough to stick around on SP and Back up the safeties. I think his speed will help his cause. As far as A Jennings...I don't think he will make it...and not because of D Williams beating him out...but because of Antoine Smith beating them both out because he doesn't drop balls(jennings) and will stay healthy ( d williams). between Jennings and D.Will...I would say D.Will because of his potential to play multiple spots.

DetFan1979 said...

Mowtownmann -

don't misunderstand my comments on Henry -- As I said when I looked at the CB's, I think he is one of the starters unless someone else has a stellar camp.

I just think that his ability to move to S, coupled with what may be a heavier rotation at CB will lead them to keep 5 CB's, and 4 S. (With Henry at corner)

They won't keep a 5th S since they have Henry, who could play both -- even though for now he'll be staying at CB due to their weakness there.

Thanks for the kudos -- and I also think that the Lions may tag that 5th WR with spot with a player like smith who has multiple theat areas.


It was a very tough call, and honestly I just went SWAG after the five projected starters. I do think they gamble with 8. I'll get into more with my projected roster and 30 Locks. (coming soon!)

CHIEFGER139 said...

dont even have manual on my bottom 10-who is he anyhow?

RIP said...

Half of the 10 guesses was the problem for me. Was trying to fill the roster with depth while keeping in mind ST players.

Ideally we end up with 2 KR, 2 PR, and 3 gunners for ST depth. You would also like your wedge busters in Follett. If you leave Follett off, then you are training Levy for both MLB and Peterson's backup.

Do you go with 4 TEs for the 2 TE set and ST in Fitzsimmons, or go with a big backup back, who is eligable for the practice squad, in Irvin. They do have Morris, and Felton as a backup in case of injury to Kevin Smith, but then our run game becomes more predictable.

Do they go with 4 RB with 2 of the 4 being A Brown, A Smith, A Irvin, and A Cason.

Do they go with the bigger and faster Schweigert as a gunner and backup safety, or go with the stronger Pearson.

It is definately not like last year with Marinelli's men and the surprise I'll keep 11 D-Linemen.

CHIEFGER139 said...

i'll sign up for your pay league, no longer have your email but you have mine, so send me where i send you the check, want in the free one too but dont want anyone left out, if theres a rule the last 2 places sit out, fine with me, i did take last but unlike the lions won 4 of 12-take care boss and congrats on the pay blogger job

CHIEFGER139 said...

went to looks like just some pay fantasy league-where are you on it? if thats not the site post the link

narauk said...

I want to be on the dynasty league again.

Anonymous said...

Nice work I see the starters the same way. D. Williams I think will e the KR/ PR guy and than special plays guy.

Mark in AZ

RIP said...

D williams is like Steve Breaston with more talent, but with less heart for football. Do you hear me Mr Williams. You are cut if you can not show the staff that you want to belong. A top player out of High School, we cut one of them last year as a 4th round draft pick in the fourth round. Money gravy, try again with veterans who want to make a living.

I am open to any ones opion who thinks he is worthy to make the squad without proving any thing. Are you listening Mr Williams?

RIP said...

I apoligize for the ranting on Williams a couple of days ago. I wish the best for every player that makes the team, including the practice squad.

After alot of thought about the roster, I am hoping that he knows that it is now a business. It is not like college where it is hard to pull your scholarship. There are many atheletes who work hard to have a job in the NFL. When I reflected on his career at PSU, his talent should have been more to thier team. By his senior year I would have thought he should of been thier first receiving option.

If he thinks he is on the team because of his draft status, which is almost a round lower than his natural talent, then I hope Stadeford, Brown, Jennings, or A. Smith makes the roster before him.