Monday, July 13, 2009

Same Great DF79, New Channel?

First of all, loving the response on the 30 Lock! Keep em coming! I will be posting mine both on the 30-Lock story, and as a separate piece. Also look for a new Lions Congregation Q&A Friday.

Now for some big news: I'm moving.

Not physically, but on the Internet. I have been contracted by to be their exclusive Lions blogger -- which (though minimal) is a paid position. So what will change?

Not much, other than location.

I will still be writing in the same style, frequency, and manner that I am now -- however, for the main pieces I will be placing hyperlinks here to my stories on It is NOT a pay site for where my blog will be located, so I encourage all of you to come over there and post your comments there as well. I will be checking and posting responses to comments, as I always do, at both sites.

Let me reiterate that I am still going to be in total creative control, writing with the same tone and reader interaction that I do now -- just in a slightly different location. This was a great opportunity for me to get paid for doing what I love to do!

I will let you know all the details as they come along, and will also continue to post a link to all the stories there, here -- that way you don't even have to change where you go!

I have really enjoyed writing this blog for the past year and a half, and look forward to continuing it for many years to come. Go Lions!!

And keep those 30-Lock's coming! I have a new link posted in the sidebar, as well as a new survey.


Anonymous said...



jreffy said...

whoa!!! That's HUGE!!!! Apparently someone has noticed the consistent quality, insight, and top-notch readers/commenters on this site!

Huge huge HUGE congrats!!!

Ty said...

Whoa . . . that's tremendous. Congrats, DF79, you've earned it!


nubsnobber said...

Coooooooool Beaaaaaaaaaaans!
"Whhhhiskey!" is my safe word, too.

Congrats, brother. Glad to see people take notice of good writing and dedicated writing.

Isphet said...

That's pimp.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

It's great to see that your hard work is paying off. I've been enjoying your site since you started it. Congrats!


spacecataz said...

Congrats, DF79. I'll be sure to visit the new site as often as I do this one.

B2E2RUN said...

Thanks for your Positive spin, it's very refreshing and enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

Congrats dude great job. Keep up the great work.

Mark in AZ

kitabug124 said...

Great reward for work well done! Now if the Detroit media could only follow your lead!

DetFan1979 said...

I have to give big thanks to all of you guys!! Your insightful comments are also what help make this blog dynamic! Without you, I'd be typing to myself.

Mrs. DetFan1979 also pointed out that without her making me "explain it someone who understands and cares" this would never have gotten off the ground.

Thanks again Mrs. DF79 - for everything. :)

Working out a couple of final details, so look for the transition by this weekend.

Oh yeah, there are awards for best football blog, most active, best fanball blog, etc. at the end of the year. Lets show all those other teams that Detroit Lions Fans are not to be trifled with -- we are the best, most passionate fans out there!!

Go Lions!!!

CHIEFGER139 said...

wow im super impressed
and to think you answer my questions many times,well got killer to a couple of times on the live blogs. congrats and good luck will check out your site now

Anonymous said...
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