Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maywheel the Pirate!

Taking a fun break from the dry, stuffy excitement of business principles -- I decided to explore a thought I had while watching Pirates of the Caribbean last night after hearing about the Curry trade.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for all your support at the new site!

I'll be gettting a lot of things tuned up this weekend, including the emails for Fantasy Football and setting up the free league again.

~ DF79


CHIEFGER139 said...

enterd before but no longer will-why you only have 2 blogs-not a friendly site so far-bet nubs tried another 2 but was thrown out-
well this was my post-and please fix your pay one-want to help you out big time-but so far its a disaster

-fine by the way i got recognized by killer today-on the keith smith article!! makes me feel good espesially on how im slammed for my grammmer etc. I say jokes aside the take on mayhew is still wide open-has he made us better? almost all would say yes-but we all thought millen did too-many times-especially last year-my playoffs and beyond prediction-dumpin martz was the way to go etc,=i was way wrong totally completely wrong - yes like you I say were better but even with the keith smith article where i questioned our secondary may not be better if there considering him as a starter -- we may not be any better in many key areas-the cbs-i have no idea-defensive tackle-especilly if grady gets the axe for 4 games-doubtful were better-the running game-basically the same ol and running back-why better?? I have no clue-wr's in my oppinion worst-it was a big strength but no more that williams is gone-mc donald too-you tell me northcut is better etc but never heard of them and i play fantasy football so must be nuch lower than guys we pick there.Is this team better-I think yes just because of the linebackers alone- but to say mayhew is differnt than millen is optimistic at best-face the fact -millen won games-sold out every game-mayhew hasnt won any games-and only sold out thanksgiving- will give the man credit he inherited a huge mess almost as much as obama-both are well liked now and hopefully both will do better than exspected but the word on both is still up in the air-no one knows?? including the wize chief!!

RIP said...

Hey Chief,


It goes directly to his site, and I never had a problem going this route. Did run into the problem using due to it being a pay site.

RIP said...

Agree with you Chief in that we really don't know how big of an up grade Lewand and Meyhew is over what Millen was. In two or three we will find out.

What we do know is he is on the job more than Millen was. Millen was there for the games, and worked Monday through Thursday. He was home in PA for Friday and Saturday every week. His primary residence wasn't even Michigan.

Another big difference is Millen would rely on his draft too much. He brought in a few free agents and made trades due to misgruntal players.

Still curious if Bodden would have been back if he not shot off his mouth at the end of the season on how bad the coaching staff was. He was an up grade over Smith, but for an 8 million signing bonus he may not have been worth it. Bringing him back could have cost us Foote, Janson and perhaps a couple of other guys.

Look at it this way with Martz. If we would have won 5 games last year, it would have changed our draft. We may have still gotten Stafford (at a cheaper cost), but would we have gotten Delmas?

Things are the way they are now because we did go 0-16.

RIP said...

And one more thing about being the worst last year. When the training camp cuts start happening, we should have first dibbs on those players. Perhaps we can get one of those final cut DTs from the Giants.

DetFan1979 said...

I'm really hoping the Giants let one of their non-vested DT's go. Also, Fanball is putting together a "hub" site --; but it is not up and running yet. The blogs are a seperate entity from the pay site -- they are free.

RIP said...

I see Birk's Eye View is getting under way for the Ann Arbor News. Good to see him back.

A little quote that have to congratulate the family for:

"Sorry if I’ve been a little late responding to your comments and answering your e-mails this week. My wife and I just had our first baby, and I wanted to make sure my family values didn’t erode before I hit Chicago for Big Ten football media days."

nubs said...

First, congrats RIP.

MILLEN vs. MAYHEW = SCHWARTZ is a squirrell.

Seriously. Nubs has lost it. What does that mean? I'll explain.

This past weekend was an epiphany of sorts, in the wierdest of places, and with the wierdest of actors.

I left the perch high atop Nub's Nob and traveled south to Traverse City. I took my two boys to a skating camp and camped at the State Park in T.C. It was here that I had an amazing experience which started Saturday morning. We awoke from our tent, I grabbed breakfast out of the van and lined it up in the tent. The boys and I went to the shower and came back to eat, only to find a silver dollar-sized hole knawed in our tent. The hole was stuffed with a plastic bag and half a cinnamon-raisin bagel. The black-tailed bandit attempted to remove the bagel bag from the tent, but couldn't get it through the hole. So, he began to eat the bagel as it was wedged in the hole. (Thanks to my neighbor for watching, laughing and not shoo-ing away the squirrell, but a Bears fan from Illinois, what do you expect). I suspect the squirrell was actually smarter.

We cleaned up the mess, and clinged duct tape over the hole. We then walked over to a buddy's tent and found a baby's shoe pirated by another black-tail bandit.

Sunday morning found the two more amazing feats. First, I observed a six inch sugar cookie carried up a tree and eaten. This was a mere distraction because simultaneously another squirrell dropped from a tree branch down onto an umbrella. He then began walking counter-clockwise from ridge to ridge and then stopped, only to find the umbrella spin a few more seconds.

The squirrell then started running quickly for 15 seconds, then stopped. He did three rotations on the top of the umbrella like a kid on a merry-go-round. This was witnessed by 7 other adults, and I was not drinking at 9 am on a Sunday morning. It of course, took me to Tim Bedore's "When Animals Attack" popular on "Bob and Tom".

Which led me to...."Is this an Animal Conspiracy?" Did the stealthy, black tailed thieves march out orders with ninja-like abilities because they were ordered to by a Head Squirrell. Such an unlikely scenario smacking the willing in the head like a Tom and Jerry frying pan. Could this be the workings of an evil genius?

Kowalski also ponders this in his article of the day:

Schwartz may be just enough scientific genius / unheralded, under-appreciated coaching marvel that he slides a few games past people this year. With Marinelli, we lost games we shouldn't. Now, I think the opposite. I think Schwartz will win a few games we have no business even being in, let alone win.

Bring on FOOTBALL. Bring on pre-season. What did that squirrell just put in the Kool-Aid?