Thursday, July 30, 2009

My 53-Man Roster (Pre-Camp)

I have my 53 man pre-camp roster up now at Roar of the Lions. I also put my picks on the "30 Lock" Story in the comments - now I can finally look at everyone else's!!

This was definitely harder this year, as I was getting a bit iffy at about 20. By 35 I was totally guessing. I may not even have the right numbers at the right positions this year!

I decided for 25 offense and 25 defense --

3 QB
5 WR
4 RB
2 FB
3 TE
8 Oline (just because I had a hard time finding 8, much less nine)

4 DT
4 DE
7 LB
4 CB
4 S
1 CB/S

For the last ten, I just looked where I had blanks, looked at the depth chart, couldn't decide. (I considered taking my Millen picture off the dart board and replacing it with the position groupings one at a time and choosing the first person I hit that wasn't already on the roster but that would have been a lot of work, and I'm not that good at darts.)


RIP said...

I have three big concerns for this team other than injuries for this season.

The first is CB. Each year there seems to be at least one upgrade only to be disappointed. This year we picked up Henry, Buchannon, and King. All where to be prejected as thier previous team's third back.

The second is Grady Jackson. With his off season recovery from knee surgery, he has not practiced with the team. Then looking at his age and size, can anyone expect him to get into game shape? Also is his possible 4 game suspension. The concern if he makes the team, what will we get for run stopping productivity?

The third is our run game. Are the numbers going to go up or down for him. We all know Kevin Smith was a work horse in college. He also stated that he dropped some pounds to get faster, which for many starting RBs is not fast. There was also the predictable defense when the Lions were behind, which was when Kevin got most his yards (the defenses was playing pass). The other unknown is his past his uprite running style. The two years with Bobby Ross, Barry Sanders finished the season with cracked ribs. This was due to going to the power running game, and Barry's uprite running style. So can the Lions have a better running game with an improved defense and a more balanced attack whlie still in games?

RIP said...

The last of my concerns is perhaps the reason Lions were considering Beanie Wells over Delmas if he were still available.

CHIEFGER139 said...

he decides on 25 defenseive guys and 25 offensive-mine came out rd 1top 30(16-14) offensive rd 2 (7-3) defensive rd 3 (8-2)defensive
total 27-23 offensive-think I have it right more offensive guys will make the team and less defensive-there more happy with the offense and who they have-many I dont know why but they are-and there emphasis in the draft was offensive again-minus delmos-but again a mack kid they are saying a probowler?? a one in a million chance-im a wmu grad but the sales on this kid makes me get my boots out-for him to even start in this league is a miracle and itself-like they say only on the lions!!the other teams poop is the lions treasure-god help these coaches do they even have a clue on what they inherited?? hope they do-signed the wize chief!!