Friday, April 24, 2009

Support Your Team

I've seen where some indicate they will be "booing" Matt Stafford if he is the pick -- I don't see why. I hear "It's a Millen move" -- and don't see how anything that Mayhew and Co. have done this ifseason that is even close to Millenesque.

Blackhat24 on the Mlive Lions forum put it better than my rambling thoughts I had written, so I'll post it here. Also, don't forget to read all the great comments on the last story -- lots of them there, with great insight and thoughts!


You posed the question "Why not wait till next year to take a QB?". That is a perfectly reasonable thought. Here's what has influenced my thinking;

1. First, there are quite a few uncertainties surrounding the availability of a top-prospect for next year. Will Sam Bradford come out early? If he does, will the Lions be in a position to take him? I am aware, of course, that there will be other options, and some of them look pretty good, though aside from Bradford I do not see anyone who measures up to Matt least right now.

2. But a more compelling reason that I think that the Lions are seriously considering Stafford is this; If we assume that there is a developmental period consisting of a season where the new QB is getting prepared for full-time duty, (and that seems to be the common assumption) then taking a QB in 2009 means that he ought to be ready in 2010.
On the other hand, if we wait another year, it serves to delay the beginning of the developmental process one more season. If the Lions land Tim Tebow, for example, in the 2010 draft, and if there is a necessary break-in period, that means that our new quarterback will not be ready till 2011.

So far as I'm concerned, if we are going to be faced with postponing the installation at all, then let's get on with the process and hope that it accelerates the hoped-for rise by the Lions by one year.

Making it very clear; I acknowledge that Aaron Curry is a wonderful player who has displayed class and dignity in the lead-up to the draft. I'd love to see him in the middle of the Lion defense, but if there is a crowd that is determined to boo and complain about the possible selection of Matt Stafford, that group will not include me. No sir, if Matt Stafford becomes a Lion, then it means that we're counting on him in a big way, and I've waited entirely too long to witness any significant amount of success from the Lions.

Whichever way this thing goes, so far as I am concerned, any new hope for the future is entirely welcome around Ford Field. His name can be Stafford, Curry or any of several other possibilities, but as a loyal Lion fan I expect to support his arrival no matter who he is.

We are all passionate Lions Fans who want the team to win. I like how Mayhew is running the show -- I"m giving him a cautiously optimistic shot with his building process until shown that such trust is misplaced. I'm hoping all of you fellows give him -- and the newly drafted Lions from this weekend, and newly signed FA from this Ifseason -- give him your support and positive energy as well.


Mark said...

I see the point and very well wrote and putting that way I understand on what is going on and why. I don't know what the coaches/ Mayhew see in the current players or possibly draft picks so I do leave it up to them I know they have better in site than I do. The only thing I have now is why pay someone that kind of money to sit the pine? I know Az is doing it and Tenn., Packers and 49ERs as well but, they have less money tied up as we wil. Also the defense has been so poor and only one D player the last 5 or so years first round. I'm not bashing and see why QB at one still need some more info to completely and fully understand.

I don't think they will screw it up and they have not don't one thing wrong to this point for me to judge poorly and I do love how they are playing this I do wish them all the best and I want to win so badly. We just been down to long to really know for sure. Like you said DetFan1979 it will take at lease 3 years to see how this draft plays out.

If it is Stafford I'm on board with it and will be happy. I just want more D to help win more games. If it's Stafford and LT in the first round I'm ok with it as well.

Go Lions.


Isphet said...

The whole "Millenesque" argument line is being thrown around to a ridiculous degree. Stafford supporters are all saying: "Drafting a LB first overall would be exactly what Millen would do" while Curry supporters all say "Millen would draft a QB first, just like Stafford!"

It's getting very old. Basically, if someone doesn't agree with the pick they are going to say "OMG MILLEN PICK" because there's no worse name to call someone that Matt Millen if you are a Lions fan.

Millen made multiple mistakes when drafting players: he screwed up in both WHO he drafted, but also he screwed up in HOW he drafted them. Mayhew has already proven that HOW he drafts players is far and away superior to Millen's methods.

Let's face it, Lions fans: whoever you WANT to see the Lions select is one thing, but to even pretend to sit here and think you know how a player is going to pan out once they get on the field... you're either completely delusional, or full of false confidence, or both. NO ONE knows if the Lions' selected players are going to be pro-bowlers or busts; not even the NFL guys that have full time jobs as scouts.

Way too many Lions fans, who get third-hand information from a very skewed media, ALL seem to think they know which picks are going to be great and which will be busts. Get over yourself; you're just guessing, and with less/worse information than the Lions are guessing with. Sit down, shut up, enjoy the damn draft, and quit whining about who the Lions select simply because you have a gut feeling that player will be a bust.

I know I will enjoy the draft Saturday. I also know that I will be 100% behind whoever gets picked, be it Stafford or Curry, even though I would prefer it be Curry because there's something about the guy that makes me want to root for him. But then again, I'm not (overly)delusional or an egomaniac, so I can actually say "Either or both is OK with me." Unlike how extremely polarized the vast majority of the Lions' fanbase has become.

I'm glad that Lions fans are passionate about their team, but please don't mistake that passion for knowledge. Be what you are:fans. Quit pretending to be scouts or talent evaluators; you'll enjoy Saturday much better that way.

Isphet said...

Anyways, this is why I love this blog and hang out here. DetFan is a fan, and doesn't pretend to have all the answers. He'll give his own best guess and his thoughts, but he doesn't take them too seriously and has a great perspective on our opinions as fans: they're just the opinions of fans; and not to be taken so seriously that fans should BOO the first selection in the draft because they think they know better.

millersco said...

I'm with you detfan. I won't boo, never been that way. Once a decision is made you get behind the team and suport. I will be disappointed but trust the GM and coach to do the best for the team. My only concern is that QB learning only happens one place, on the field. If Daunte has a good year and doesn't get hurt, Stafford won't play. Then you got to say next year he has to play or what a waste, kind of like Quinn. He has to go out there and sink or swim. And we won't have a MLB, Rey will be gone, like Mayo last year.

Isphet said...

It's 5 PM and still no news of A Stafford signing. Hmmm...

I'm installing software on a computer at work and otherwise bored. Been relentlessly watching online to wee if Stafford is the man or if he's gonna pass, or if this has all been a smokescreen to get Smith to sign at a decent price, or...


Good times, draft day and even draft day eve is fun!

5Bakerstreet said...

With a defense that yielded over 500 points last year, that same defense giving up points 50% of the time, my natural preference would be to draft Curry at 1.

In the days leading up to the draft my position has backtracked to be neutral.

Today, we know the CJ is a game changer after only his second year. My hunch is we we'll see KS run between 1200 and 1500 yards. Goz; thought he showed improvement during the 2nd half which should continue going forward. So we got some young guns in place, and we really do need a young franchise qb going forward and am ok with Stafford and have my fingers crossed that he's the answer. No doubt coach Schwartz has forgotten more football than I will ever know, and have to believe if he convinced Mayhew to draft Stafford, then Stafford it is. The only problem now with 20.75 hours to the draft is agent's ego to sign the deal.

I don't have time to do a full mock draft, if I get the first one right its a good year and since I'm not a fly on the wall in the Lions lockerroom I'm not going to waste my time guessing on additional picks, rather will try to analyze the draft from Schwartz's and Mayhew's perspective in the coming days.

Besides wanting to see onfield improvement in the 2009 Detroit Lions, I'm going to have Schwartz's game management under the microscope.

But am I a Lions fan whomever we draft or whether we win or lose? Ohhhh, hell yes I'm a Lions fan.

Go Lions

Mark said...

Per ESPN it's a done deal Stafford signed. Will be the #1 pick.


MARK said...

here's the link.

Ty said...

Amen. Amen, Amen, Amen. Matt Stafford is now irrevocably the future of the Lions, and I for one am going to be right out front cheering.