Saturday, April 11, 2009

Loose Lips... Or Lukemia?

The Matthew-Stafford-Lions #1 Overall-Guess-a-thon continues. Most of the ammo comes from PFT (see last story for a link or two). As you will note on my sidebar links, it's titled PFT (Amateur Football Talk) for a reason.

The site itself is a shameless "National Enquirer" style of football talk. The two stories centered around Stafford are that: He either hasn't signed, or has ditched Tom Condon as his agent AND that he has been bragging to his ex-teammates that he has a done deal with the Lions guaranteeing him $40 million.

As far as agent, I'm sure the NFL just hasn't fully updated all of their agent contract thingy's. The next point, though, could bother me for several reasons. The first word/sentence of this next paragraph is the most important so there is no misunderstanding:

IF the rumors of him talking about a done deal with the Lions are true:

1. It shows a severe lack of maturity, discipline, and ability to handle pressure on his part. If he can't even keep to himself (maybe mom and dad) a confidential deal that his prospective employer that is giving him $40 million wants kept secret, I hope they UN-"done deal" it.

2. If he can't tow the party line before he really has the contract, what kind of leader will he be for the team when things get rough, or even when they are going well? The players have responded well to Coach Schwartz and the front office has been in lockstep in their images, interviews, statements. Specifically, after the ifseason workouts started, you didn't hear current players complaining about the media restrictions, rather, they operated within them to forward the team image that the front office and coaching staff wants them to.

Stafford's immaturity will make him unable to lead the franchise -- the whole world knows the Lions want to trade the pick, but no one outside of Allen Park definitively knows what the Lions are going to do with that #1 overall, and that is in the best interest of the Lions.

3. IF Stafford let this leak (and let's face, immaturity is one of the big ? on him) then he is in one stroke blowing away all the smoke the Lions have worked so hard to build around their draft in one breath. Loose lips sink ships...and loose lips bugger drafts.

4. Thought: This front office likes to test people. They tossed their coaching candidates in front of the media to see how they would do. Their draft picks and FA coming in have been tested to be sure the Lions are getting what/who they think they are. Since Stafford's maturity level is of big concern, what if they pulled fast one?

What IF -- Mayhew and Lewand -- while working out a tentative deal -- gave him the impression it was a done deal, just the details had to be figured out -- and didn't say anything else.

Honestly, if you are smart and have any sense of adult seriousness (and he IS an adult) then not telling anyone would go without saying -- especially if he has been following the team "getting ready to lead the Lions" as he has been spouting off at every opportunity...

But by not saying it, they could see how he reacts...if he tells, whom he tells, how he does it... how does he handle the pressure of knowing he is "likely" #1 overall, and is "going to probably have" $40 million in the bank?

IF that is the case, then I would give him an Failing grade and move on. IF it isn't totally true, and it is just him running his mouth bragging what he thinks will happen, it still is a caution sign. IF it isn't true at all, the Lions front office will, I'm sure, know about it and be able to dismiss it like the "impending trade" of Jay Cutler to Washington that was on the site...

The key word? IF. And IF I were Stafford, and I didn't say anything, I'd be on the phone with Allen Park myself going "what do you want me to say, boss?"

Now, lets contrast this to whom most Lions fans favor: Aaron Curry. What is he up to these days? Oh, just helping out a 12 year old who battled lukemia raise awareness of the need for bone marrow donors. And of course, inviting him to come with him to the draft's "green room" in New York. Curry continues to show that he is a mature, classy individual to go along with being a heck of a player on the field. I've said before: They pick him, and I'm right there to buy a Curry Jersey -- and I'm not a jersey kind of guy. He would be a phenomenal face of a Detroit team with a strong defensive attitude.


2girlsandaboydad said...

Marvelous job, DetFan1979

If it is as you supposed, then I would question Stafford as the leader of the team. However, he is a "young" adult and more than likely prone to mistakes. But, I would pass on this young QB.

While reading your blog, I thought you know I haven't read about Smith or Monroe or Curry and their travails or agent problems. Maybe, it is the positions they play on the field, or maybe it is their maturity. Their readiness.

Maybe, its smoke and mirrors.

I voted for Curry as the pick...and stick by it. He could be the face of this defense and with Calvin Johnson the new leadership this franchise desperately needs.


nubsnobber said...

I'm in an American Idol kind of mood (as I'm watching the show with my wife) I know, check the man card.

Dude, I like how you took the original article you wrote and changed the article and title and made it new and made it your own.

I believe the Lions are going ALL GUNTHER on day #1. The self-entitled twit from Georgia, the self-anointed, self-appointed #1 is going to fall from grace.

The smoke screen has worked.
#1 Curry MLB Wake
#20 Malcolm Jenkins CB from OSU
#33 Ziggy Hood DT from MIZZOU.

Day two I start off with BIG names who dropped for no apparent reason. I look for a lineman and a WR type KR/PR.

Mohammad Massoqoai, WR UGA, Pat White, QB WVa and linemen like Seth Olsen, OT Iowa, or Brandon Walker, OT OKLA, or a TE like Travis Beckham, TE Wisc.

For my locks, pin me with Pat White and Brandon Walker in the third round.

I always like the linemen from major colleges late, as you know they can play in big games.

I can't control what the Lions would do, and I would pick completely different if I were guessing what they would do. I would also think a possibility exists that Stafford's camp may have tossed that out there (the story) to get a number out there for "sticker shock" value. Stafford could always say, it was my agent and I am going to fire him, agree in principal with the Lions, get drafted, and then retain the same agent. OUCH, eh???

Anonymous said...

Just doing multiple what if mocks on paper and really the best looking one has the Lions taking Curry at one. Yes that puts a lot of money into the LB corps but C'mon a decent OLT will still be there at 20 and beyond Malauaga and Curry no MLB is worthy of pick #20. You could argue that animal jr is worth the pick but I see him as a late 1st rounder 27-30. I know you have done some mocks (and pick #1 will not be traded) which scenario looks the best with the players that WILL be available? 1-QB,20-LB,33-OT,65-DT/DE or 1-LB,20-OT,33-DE/DT. I have heard the argument that QBs win Super Bowls but tell that to Trent Dilfer (a decent but far from super QB), besides lets be honest are we looking to win a Super Bowl next year? 0-16 to Super Bowl win I would eat my hat with a huge smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

The problem that I have if the Lions do pick Stafford #1 is twofold. One is that he would likely not play right away and second that the remaining picks then become extremely critical and maybe even reaches. The #20 pick could very well be an OT to protect their investment. At that point, they will then be at the mercy of the draft gods. Does Laurinatis falls to #33 or if he is gone whom will they get to play MLB? A third rounder? What about the Dline or secondary?
The first 3 picks must be slam dunks. I also would prefer Curry because not only is he a solid player who can start day one but it also gives them so wiggle at #20 and/or #33. They can either trade one of those picks for more ammo or pick the best player available. I would personally do this:
1.1 Curry
1.20 trade down or pick a CB (Butler?) or OT
2.1 depends on 1.20 but likely a DT (Hood?) or OG (Mack/Unger)
3.1 trade
An OT at #1 is also acceptable because that pick will likely play immediately.

mark in AZ said...

Great job once again DetFan1979.

The links I posted were what I found at Mlive and just wanted to vent a little but, I did also listen to 97.1 Valinti and Foster they also heard the news about stafford talking if this is the case he's just like the other guys who talked Kitna, williams, furry as well just to name a few and their all gone. If it's a done deal than his name is on a contract if his name is not than it's not a done deal. I just hope it's not.

On Curry I just think this kid has class and is just great and does all the right things. I say draft Curry.

I would break down why he's going to be the pick but it would take too much time but, I'll try.

Anonymous said...

I really hope this isn't the case. I still think Stanton given the chance will produce and probably will be better than Stafford (I'm not so sure Stafford's arm is really any stronger then Stanton's, Drew is very underrated, of course that is my "Expert" opinion from watching him play in college and our preseason games).

Next I still can't stop thinking we may all be suprised when they go with two linemen in the first three picks. Here me out for a minute, Raji is supposedly the most NFL ready DT in the draft and many experts are saying the next two guys are quite a big drop in talent from him so do they take him number one? Next the draft is strong in offensive tackles so a pretty good offensive lineman can be found well into the second round.
Then we have the cornerback position and it doesn't appear to be such a great year for them, I believe we may see one with the second or third pick as it isn't such a strong draft for them. Next if you look around the league at the linebacker position, many of the better backers have been drafted on the second day which sadly brings me to the point we may not be targeting one till the beginning of the third round. So in all reality it wouldn't surprise me at all to see the draft fall this way and then the Lions taking Rhett Bohmar in the forth round and if it did I would be happy but also sad as I'm becoming a huge fan of Curry (I just think this guy has tremendous character and looks like the total package). I can hardly wait to see it all play out on draft day.


nubsnobber said...


I wouldn't disagree with anything you or anything that LionFaninPA said.

If the Lions go QB at #1, it is criminal negligence to pick a OT at #20. Then, they have done nothing to improve the worst defense in the league. "NOT GONNA HAPPEN; WOULDN't BE PRUDENT...1000 RAYS OF LIGHT".

The whole defensive line/offensive line theory really sounds good. I agree that it also feeds into the mantra of what we heard when Shcwartz first got here. Two reasons I don't believe that it happens. 1) Raji is a beast when he plays, but he takes plays off, has tested positive for marijuana in the past, missed his junior year because of grades, and the rumors are out there of a Combine Marijuana test being positive. Not a very good combination for a #1 pick, and he won't be there at #20. 2) I don't think the drop-off in talent is that bad. You may have a situation where Ziggy Hood or somene else will fall to #33. If that is the case, you can still take an impact player at #20. The Lions still need a CB to groom as a starter. That is why I went with all defense the first three picks.

DIZON-STANTON The value of where these two guys rate also has to be thrown into the mix. If one of these two guys is good enough to start, do you need to take a #1 at this position????????
If Jordan Dizon will work behind two 350 pound DT's, why select Curry. If Drew Stanton looks just as sharp as Matthew Stafford in OTA's to the coaching staff, are we selecting a DT or an OT???? All are VERY good points, that's whay I am going heavy with the "D" and my thinking on the drafting of Curry is now you have two MLB's for the hybrid 3-4 switching when you need two MLB's. Just a hunch, but I really think that this is all I smoke-and-mirrors game. EVERYONE played the Matthew Leinart/Norm Chow was his offensive coordinator at USC card. Then the Titans pick Vince Young?????? Schwartz was on that staff and he is a smart guy. Hard to think he's already been breached by a pimply 22 year old Georgia silver-spoon with his (is he or isn't he my) agent.