Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hey there all! Church of Schwartz will not be doing the usual Q&A this week with Easter weekend coming up. However, I'd love to answer some questions that you may have -- whether it is my thoughts on a position group, player, scenario in the draft, free agency, etc.

So fire away and EMAIL me the questions -- I'll try to answer as many as I can and post them up on Thursday morning.

Also, start setting your draft boards!! The annual DetFan1979 Lions Mocks will be commencing soon -- possibly as early as tomorrow! Just like last year, we will submit what we think the Lions will do in rounds 1-3 with the picks as they are. Also, a 1a draft that is the way we would do it.

I'll come up with a couple of scenarios for plausible trades like last year, and we'll work those as well in the next couple of weeks.

Remember, EMAIL those questions and I'll see what I can do.


Anonymous said...

Do you think that the Lions did a private workout with Stanton similar to what they did with Stafford? I would think that working out / evaluating Stanton would be a central piece in the decision of whether or not to draft Stafford.


Anonymous said...

Where is the Lions biggest area (position) of need? I know they need a ton of players to become a playoff team but what is the weakest position on the team right now? IMHO it would be MLB. OLG/OLT is another area of need however after resigning Foster they could plug him in at OLT and slide Backus to OLG and have a decent to below average o-line. Dizon however appears to be a typical Millen bust ala Teddy Lehman. thanks ~ibjackiemoon

Patrick said...

I don't know if the plan is to keep Foster...but use him in a trade for a 4th or 5th round pick that we know longer have. Looking at our recievers, CJ mentioned them on the Lions website as big bodies, but also like they were the top four. The four he mentioned were Bryant Johnson, Chris Hannon, John Standeford....and himself. What are your thoughts about these receivers and their potential, as well as Steve Sanders whom he did not mention?
Also, do you feel Dizon has enough frame to add maybe 15-20 pounds to make him a "bigger" LB and maybe a MLB candidate?

Patrick said...


Lehman was great up until his injury and he never recovered...If not for the injury I think he would still be playing and actually performing....jmo...don't shoot me.. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that Lehman was a good player (until his injury). However the pick never panned out making Millen par for the course. I think Dizon could be a good backup/ST player or quite possibly he could become the starter IF he works his tail off, but I don't see that happening. I hope I am wrong though I would love for any Lions player to exceed my expectations. Additionally I think they do need to address the WR position in the 6th round and pick up a speedy slot man. The TE position should also be addresed but there are only so many picks. ~ibjackiemoon

CHIEFGER139 said...

Now that cutlers gone I wouldnt trade it for any player-only more picks-and in my opinion you usually dont get lucky and get a guy as good as felton in the 5th round-i would only stick with 3rd rounders and above-thats where most of the guys worth anything are-sure a brady makes it now and then-but rarely and were not known for ever being able to devolop anyone in my lifetime!! if there is someone we have let me know-in fact det fan79 is asking questions on his blog-im asking him that one!! HAVE we ever developed a later round pick-say 4th round and below to become a legitimite starter for us?? or am I right forget about the late rounders because of our lack of success??

CHIEFGER139 said...

also det fan79
if you do your mock draft-can you do someone like me a favor and write the number of each draft pick-I posted a earlyone on m-live where we didnt even have a pick where i thought we might-my sorces list what number each guy is rated and this helps me narrow my search to a certain range-I guess i dont keep up with this enough to know every pick we have and if you do trade down scenerios can you do the same for them?? the sooner you could put this info out the sooner i can start my mock draft-i think last year one of your bloggers helped me out and i didnt look like a total idiot-i appreciate who ever it was.
thanks-the chief!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea about Dizon....IF we took Curry with #1 does anyone think that a Sims, Curry, Dizon, and Peterson LB core, that would be put in sometimes under that Hybrid 4-3/3-4 that the DC seems to be leaning towards to put pressure on the opposing QB, would be as killer as I think it would be???

Desertlion :-)