Friday, April 10, 2009

EMail Bag: WR & MLB

[As I indicated, I will be answering questions from the email-bag for the next few days, tackling a question or two at a time. Today's topic is briefly WR, and then it's all MLB...]

Looking at our recievers, CJ mentioned them on the Lions website as big bodies, but also like they were the top four. The four he mentioned were Bryant Johnson, Chris Hannon, John Standeford....and himself. What are your thoughts about these receivers and their potential, as well as Steve Sanders whom he did not mention?Also, do you feel Dizon has enough frame to add maybe 15-20 pounds to make him a "bigger" LB and maybe a MLB candidate? ~~ Patrick

I think there is more potential in the Lions WR corps than most. While they are sorely lacking a returner out of that bunch, I think it is much stronger than it appears. Also, remember that Linehan likes two TE formations, so look for the Lions to have fewer 3 and 4 wide sets. CJ can be a dominant #1, I think Bryant Johnson is a solid #2 guy, and Standeford played very well once he was finally given a chance. The others are a little sketchier, and I forsee them drafting a WR/KR at some point this draft, or bringing in a ton of return guys for mini-camps and camp. They may have resigned Cason, but I'm sure Kwan has nightmares about actually having to start another season with him as his return man...

As for Dizon, I'm not really sure if he has the right frame to add a lot of bulk. I think he has a chance to be a solid backup, and ST player on this team, but not a lot more. See next question for more...

Where is the Lions biggest area (position) of need? I know they need a ton of players to become a playoff team but what is the weakest position on the team right now? IMHO it would be MLB. Dizon however appears to be a typical Millen bust ala Teddy Lehman.~~ Ibjackiemoon

It is by far MLB. The Lions have bodies at every single position at this point except MLB. While other positions will be upgrades (and some of them will be very easy to make big upgrades to) there is no real MLB on the roster right now. Schwartz wants a 3 down MLB and will do his darndest to be sure they get one in this draft. It is one of the reasons I think Curry is still in the mix for #1 overall.

As for Lehman, he was fantastic his rookie year -- but he fell on draft boards due to durability/injury concerns and they proved, unfortunately, to be well founded. He is a great LB when healthy. Unfortunately, he hasn't been healthy since his rookie season and likely never will be again. Boss Baily was a lack of tackling ability and again, durability (Millen seemed to takes durability risk most often, and he always lost. See also, Calhoun, Brian.) Dizon was a reach pure and simple because the Lions needed a LB badly, and they were so inept at hiding their draft plans that the Pats felt they had to snag Mayo early to get him -- and they did. Imagine if Mayo had fallen to Detroit? The Lions panicked and took Dizon VERY early, instead of taking BPA or even close and waiting to take a chance on a MLB til the 3rd or 4th.

Interesting idea about Dizon....IF we took Curry with #1 does anyone think that a Sims, Curry, Dizon, and Peterson LB core, that would be put in sometimes under that Hybrid 4-3/3-4 that the DC seems to be leaning towards to put pressure on the opposing QB, would be as killer as I think it would be??? ~~ DesertLion

I don't think Dizon plays significantly into the Lions' plans unless he really starts bulking up and working his tail off. He was a pretty instinctual player when he was on the field (limited though that time was) but lacked a lot of polish. As I said, he can be a solid backup at LB and ST player, but I don't see him becoming any more than that. Alex Lewis, when healthy, is a better SLB and has a better chance of making the team as Peterson's backup. When they do shift to a 3-4 at times, it will be Avril or White dropping into an OLB possible pass rush position. Both can cover decently, and with Peterson able to rush the passer and Sims on the other side, not matter which DE they drop into the 4th LB spot, the other team will have a very hard time telling if the rush will come from one or both OLB. Dizon is not necessary at all for that to work.

Just having Sims-Curry-Peterson if they pick up a good DT will be frightening for opposing offenses. It would move the Lions from laughing-stock to fully-stocked at LB as one of the best trios in the league. And for what they would be paying for it, it darn well better be!!


CHIEFGER139 said...

what about mine-have we ever devolped a 4th rounder plus into a true starter- someone too be proud of?? felton a 5th rounder should be a true starter but other then hiM? se on your mock draft avoided beyond the 3rd round -made it easier for me too-but truthfully explain to us all how these guys beyond 3rd round especialy on our team have value? weve stuck out all our lives and the better trams make these later round picks there bread and butter-us -why even go there more picks means nothing and treding down actualluy means less chance of success-if im wrong show me-i dont think i am!! why am i sayin this been wrong many times!!

DetFan1979 said...

Don't worry chief!

I got your question here -- and I've got 3 more groupings that I'm going to do over upcoming days.

There were too many to do all at once -- especially Easter weekend! I've got a lot of stuff going with my family and my girls.

I may like the Lions, but I have my priorities straight. So don't worry if oyur question wasn't answered this edition. I plan to at least reference all of them you send in -- so keep them coming. I'm hoping to do this regularly.

nubsnobber said...

Chief (and yeah, I haven' tossed out a mock draft yet)

Let's see:::
2008 4th. None.
5th Kenny Moore (WR-Wake Forest),
Jerome Felton (Furman)
6th, and Landon Cohen (DT-Ohio)
Caleb Campbell (S/LB Army)
2007 4th. A.J. Davis (CB-NC State)
Manny Ramirez (G-Texas Tech)
5th Johnny Baldwin (LB- Ala. A&M)
6th None.
7th Ramzee Robinson (CB-Alabama)
2006 4th None.
5th Jon Scott (T-Texas)
6th Alton McCann (CB-WVa)
7th Fred Matua (G-USC)
Anthony Cannon (LB-Tulane)
2005 4th None.
5th Dan "O" (QB-UConn)
6th Bill Swancutt (DE-Ore)
Jon Goddard LB-Marshall)
7th None.
2004 4th None.
5th Al Lewis (LB-Wisc)
6th Kelly Butler (T-Purdue)
7th None.

The big trend I see with Millen is that he would use a fourth ) and another pick) to trade up. Apparently, he agreed with Chief in that, he tried getting bang for the buck by trading up because nothing really comes out of the fourth-seventh rounders. Well, let's see.

2008's draft is early, but we've seen good play from some like:
7th-Brandon Coutu, K-SEA. The 6th saw Mike Hart, RB-IND, Jalen Parmalee, RB-MIA, The 5th saw Jon Goff, LB-NYG, Trae Williams, CB-JAX, Letroy Guion, DT-MIN, Frank Okam, DT-HOU, Tim Hightower, RB-AZ, and Ryan Torain, RB-DEN. The 4th saw Josh Sitton, T_GB, Jon Wilhite, CB-NE, Keenan Burton, WR-STL, Jacob Tamme, TE-IND, Lavelle Hawkins, WR-TEN, Quintin Demps, S-PHI, Mike McGlynn, G-PHI,

2007's 7th saw Ahmad Bradshaw, RB-NYG, the 6th saw Nick Folk, P-DAL and Rufus Alexander LB-MIN. The 5th saw Dante Rosario, TE-CAR, and Steve Breaston, WR-AZ. The 4th saw LeRon McClain, FB-BAL and Zak DeOssie, LB-NYG,

2006's 7th saw Cortland Finnegan, DB-TEN. The 6th saw Antoine Bethea, DB-IND, The 5th saw Greg Blue, S-MIN, Jerome Harrison, RB-CLE, and Ryan O'Callaghan, T-NE, the 4th saw PJ Daniels, RB-BAL, Brandon Marshall, WR-DEN, Stephen Gostkowski, K-DEN, eon Washington, RB-NYJ, Will Blackmon, CB-GB, Ko Simpson, S-BUF, Owen Daniels, TE-HOU.

2005's 7th round saw Ryan Fitzpatrick QB-Harvard and Matt Cassel, QB-NE, Jeremiah Ratliff, DT-DAL, and Reynaldo Hill, CB-TEN. The 6th saw Derek Anderson, QB-CLE, Chris Kemoeatu, G-PIT, Bo Scaife, TE-Ten, The 5th saw Michael Boley, LB-ATL, Gerald Sensebaugh, S-JAX, Trent Cole, DT-PHI, and the 4th draftees were Chris Canty, DE-DAL, Darren Sproles, RB-S.D., Kerry Rhodes, S-NYJ, Jerome Mathis, WR-HOU, Brandon Jacobs, RB-NYG, Marion Barber RB-DAL, Kyle Orton, QB-CHI,

2004's 7th saw Michael Gaines TE-Carolina and Patrick Crayton WR-Dallas. No notables in the 6th. The 5th saw Mike Karney FB-NO, Michael Turner, RB-S.D., and Gibril Wilson S-NYG. The fourth saw Jared Allen, DE-KC, Stacy Andrews, T-CIN, Will Allen, S-TB, Nathan Vasher, CB-CHI,

There are not a lot of hits, but Dallas (and now Miami) seem to be more frequent than most. Bigger colleges seem to do better later. Phily and the Giants also seem to have done well.

Not very many trends, though Chief.

DetFan1979 said...

look at these approximate success rates of picks, and you can see that teams are taking fliers on guys starting the 4th, but moreso in the 5 - 7th rounds.








While teams will go on a streak, or some guys may have a short term boost, in the 4th you are looking for guys who will be back-ups, and possibly build into starters. In teh 5th adn beyond you are looking for either depth guys, ST guys, or guys with potential that aren't likely to pan out -- but when the occasional one does, it is a huge boon to the team.

Most teams figure if they get 2 starters and 2 solid backups with future starting potential in any given draft, they are doing very well.

Been busy with Easter Weekend and family gatherings, as well as coaching my oldest daughter's spring soccer team. Will try to get a new article up late this evening if I can.

Isphet said...

Let's hope the Lions get three good starters with their first three picks; then the rest of the draft picks won't really matter too much beyond that. Those first 3 are so huge for the Lions' future.

Can't wait for the draft. I hope all the buzz about Stafford is just that: buzz. If they take him with the first pick, that's seriously rolling the dice with the guy.

Mark in AZ said...

If they take stafford than it's a Ford pick all the way and it's same old same old Lions. I just read an artical at PFT that stafford fired or has not really signed his agent yet. I'll get the link

Mark in AZ said...

here's the link

Isphet said...

I have a hard time believing anything from

Mark in AZ said...

Agree on PFT. If it's true that stafford is running his mouth I feel he's done as a Lion before he started the Lions don't need any one like that. Here's the guy I want Curry neat story. very good read I think he's down to earth real person.