Saturday, April 25, 2009

Draft Day 2: Skip the Blackout!

Please continue on with your draft day one thoughts on this or the last article -- and definitely read all the comments on the last one. There were a lot of good thoughts, and great analysis.

I'll leave more in-depth analysis of day 1 and the roster for the coming months, and will take a look at what could be in store for day 2 first.

Sports illustrated lists the BPA still here (according to them.)

As we saw on many many fronts in the first two rounds, different teams this year had widely varying opinions on a large cross section of players. It was just as muddled as it was projected to be, and I don't think any teams had a real solid feel for what any other team was going to do.

Here are the remaining players the Lions had visit from LionHawkeye's List, to give you an idea who they may be targeting in three. Right now, I'm thinking Brinkley as the ILB, but not sure on who else they will go for... Gilbert at DT or Robinson at OG are two guesses. Don't think they will go for a second TE or S. I also get the feeling they are not going for a CB --- though I've been wrong before!

(number is number of visits)
Jarron Gilbert DT San Jose state 3
Jasper Brinkley ILB South Carolina 2
Derrick Williams WR PSU 2
Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma 2
Jared Cook TE South Carolina 3
Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech 2
Chase Coffman TE Missouri 2
Travis Beckum TE Wisconsin 2
Marcus Freeman ILB OSU 2
Tyronne Mckensie ILB USF 2
Cory Irvin DT Georgia 3
Tyronne Greene OG Auburn 2
Jon Cooper C Oklahoma 2
Donald Washington CB OSU 3
Demetrius Byrd WR LSU 3
Jason Phillips ILB TCU 2
Daniel Holtzclaw ILB EMU 2
Seth Olsen OL Iowa 2
DeAngelo Willingham CB Tennesee 3
Pannel Egboh DE Stanford 2
Jerraud Powers CB Auburn 2
Ellis Lankster CB WVU 2
DJ Boldin WR Wake Forest 3
Roy Miller DT Texas 2
Nick Hennessey OL Colgate 3
Carson Butler TE Michighan 2
EJ Bigger CB WMU 3
Tristan Davis RS Auburn 2
Bradley Fletcher CB Iowa 2
Johnny Knox WR Abeline Christian 3
Jacob Wyatt SS EMU 2
Brice McCain CB/RS Utah 3
Alex Fletcher C Stanford 2

The Lions are not picking for perceived need -- but rather the top rated guy on their board (I'm assuming whose position they haven't picked yet unless they need more than one.) I honestly do not have a good feel for how their board is stacked, so I'm about as clueless as everyone else at this point. I'm with ya DetroitSims!!

On to Day 2!


RIP said...

Man, what a draft so far.

Would still have to go BPA in the third round. The three position groups that still maybe the most talented are CB, G, and WR.

At CB there are a few very talented players, but do not no if any of them would be a top four on our team.

At guard you still have the precombine favorite in Duke Robinson.

At WR we would be adding to the numbers we already signed for this off season.

There some very large size DTs still available in for the taking in the third round. Speaking of this group, may want to keep an eye on Will Johnson in the later rounds who benched 225 47 times at his Pro Day. It would have been a combine record if he was invited.

Anonymous said...

Well I can say this when the Lions drafted Peetigrew my jaw dropped to the floor I thought what have they done but, think god for fiends they have no ties to the Lions other than me. They said that was a great pick and we will be very happy with it. I hope he's like Jason Witten. Delmas I like that pick if we didn't take him the Pats would have. Om the MLB I see it as well that Dizon maybe the guy Schwartz did say he liked him and wanted him at Tenn. so we will see.

I see where they are building every where to get the best talent around.

Go Lions


Anonymous said...

Here's a very good link and read

RIP said...


Loved that article on Stafford.


Mark said...

Here's our first 3rd round pick I hope Michael Johnson DE.

Your welcome on that I need a boost as well.

It was good to hear how he can recall games form high school days.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking at the list provided about who the Lions had in for visits that are still available, as well as trying to check out some various rankings. I see needs at MLB, DT, and OG.

I am at a loss as to who they will look at for an MLB, although the name Darry Beckwith kept coming up, despite the fact that the Lions did not have him in (I'm not thinking they are looking at MLB in the 3rd round).

At DT, the name I saw most seemed to be Jarron Gilbert, who is considered by some as a DE which may suggest versatility, and he visisted the Lions.

At OG, Duke Robinson and Herman Johnson kept coming up, but only Robinson was in for a visit.

Lastly, DE Michael Johnson appears to be one of the highest ranked players I have found who is still available. He also visited the Lions.

If I had to guess, I would say the the lions are targeting Michael Johnson, Jarron Gilbert, and Duke Robinson in the third, although they only have 2 picks. I have no guesses how they have these three ranked on their board.

I agree about the need for a playmaking WR for the return game, but, as with MLB, I think they are waiting. I agree with LionWing19 that maybe they will try Dizon in the middle (and maybe bring Lennon back).

Then again, I thought they would take Curry 1st, so really, what the hell do I know.


Isphet said...

Jasper Brinkley is huge for a LB: 270 lbs; that's crazy. You could use him for 1st and 2nd down and Dizon on third down. Makes sense to me.

I wonder if the Lions are looking at Sammie Lee Hill from Stillman, he's pretty big interior lineman, 6-4 328 lbs that absolutely dominated in his division. You guys have to read his bio.

They might also be looking at Dorrell Scott from Clemson, 6-4 320lbs. He is rated as pretty raw and would need to be coached up some, but he's the big body they are looking for.

Sammie Lee Hill looks really intriguing to me. I think the Lions could gain all kinds of bulk up the middle to help against the run still in this draft: there are guys available for those positions yet.

Isphet said...

Jarron Gilbert looks great too as a big DE.

I guess I just hope to see the Lions stock up on some bulk in their front 7; I don't really care who in particular they get after.

JJLions20 said...

The Draft tells us something about Schwartz and Meyhew.

As I said in an earlier post a new coach has 3 years to turn an NFL franchise around. If there is not a lot of promise after year 3 they are out. So if Schwartz is going to get a QB it was this year. He can't wait until year 2 to get his QB. Schwartz also drafted two players in the first year that will take at least a season to develop. Everybody knows how long it can take a QB, but a TE is pretty tough also. It's almost like two positions in one. They need to learn the OL calls, and then the receiver route. Look at some of the other great TE's and what they did in their rookie year.

Drafting Delmas says they listened to the scouts and took the best player available.

I heard a commentator talking about Meyhew and the Lions coaching staff. The discussion had to do with why they kept the coaching staff and did not clean house. The hypothesis was that Meyhew went back and looked at the scouting reports from previous years and how they rated players and then where are those players now that the scouts had rated high at that point in the draft. The conclusion was that the Scouts were right on with their analysis and data about the players available. The problem was Millen ignored it and whet with his gut feeling or drafted for need. Those days are hopefully over. Every pick is a need pick but some positions are greater need than others. This Draft is not about drafting for the greatest need, but to make this team a winner in 3 years.

So they take Stafford when many fans wanted Curry, because he would be more of an impact in 2009. Meyhew and Schwartz are building for 2011, so Stafford was the selection. Most fans wanted the MLB at the #20 pick as it was a position of great need, but the Lions went with the better talent and selected a TE. Kiper had this kid as the 7th best talent in the draft. The lions could have gotten the MLB at #33, but they went with the highest rated player on the board and drafted a Safety.

Every fan has to understand that this draft is about the long term future, not 2009.

nubs said...

Here's hoping the Lions get GOOD trade value for the #1 in round 3.

JJLions20 said...

I don't think they will trade the #1 pick in the 3rd, unless somebody overpays. It may be a telling pick. The strategy is to go BPA. If so it will be the QB or DE. If the Lions don't get the MLB with one of the 3rd rounders then maybe Schwartz thinks Dizon can play. If they wait until the #18 pick in the 3rd round, do you think they will get somebody better than Dizon. I doubt it. Lets see who it is and then we can draw some conclusions.

JJLions20 said...

Sorry guys I ment "CB" or DE.

JJLions20 said...

ok, So it shows you what I know as they traded the first pick in the third round

DetFan1979 said...

Good value on the trade too!

76, 115, 228

3rd, 4th, 7th

Jets are intent on getting just a couple of targeted players it seems. Could end up looking really smart...or really dumb...

Love what myhew is doing. One of the guys they were targetign at 65 will be there at 76 -- book it.

DetFan1979 said...

It'll be brinkley if he's there at 76...

Anonymous said...

Levy? why?


Isphet said...

All this began to make more sense to me when I asked myself this question:

Is Julian Peterson the Lions' new MIC?

In my mind, signs point to yes.

Anonymous said...

you may be right. I will say I like the Williams pick. To me he can play a role like Hester in our offense and be an exceptional returner


Anonymous said...

its like we are avoiding our front 7 and offensive line!!! I want help there! To me its like fixing up a car and we are adding spoilers and moon roofs to a car that still can't get out of the damn driveway!

Anonymous said...

that is Lambo by the way

RIP said...

Interesting comment on Peterson. Move your best player around to throw off the offense.

It appears to be a good pick for Williams.

Anyone noticed that NE picked a Safety right after us in the second, and a WR/returner after us in the third? Does anyone think we have chosen thier first choice at those spots?

Isphet said...

I bet the Mlive crew is having a Hating field day after seeing the Lions pick a WR.

I usually like Mlive's coverage, but the people that post there are absolute dunderheads for the most part.

I doubt we were the only ones that are aware that the Lions need all kinds of help in the tranches. The Lions know that they need help there. They must not have seen anyone near the top of the draft that they really liked. Or maybe they saw people they can get lower in the draft that they love.

Or maybe they just realized that they can't fill every hole this year and the board didn't fall the right way for them to get those spots.

They certainly weren't enamored with the same guys the media guys are in love with; especially LT and front 7 defense.

DetFan1979 said...

Yes - I do. I also totally whiffed again -- I figured brinkley over levy...

I think Nubs was right, actually -- Dizon may be competing with Levy for the MLB spot

Williams -- good pick. There is your return man, and now there will be healthy competition at WR too for the 3rd/4th spot behind Johnson & Johnson

amazing -- looks like those two "top" OG may be there at 115 for the Lions to pick...

DetFan1979 said...

anyone else thinking duke robinson or TJ Lang with 115?

RIP said...

After going through minicamp and OTAs, the evailuation was to balance out thier offense, and bring in developetal picks and guys who could also play special teams. This would hope build our ST at the present.

They may also feel that they need to give thier new wieght training program a chance to develope the lineman before making a final evaluation.

I do see LBs drafted in the sixth round, and DBs in the seventh.

RIP said...

It is a mystery to me why Duke is dropping this far down. I say a lineman maybe chosen at 115. Do not know if it will be offense or defense.

DetFan1979 said...

very possible. Dang -- I wanted Lang but he's gone.

I think they must feel Cohen and/or Fluellen could bulk up a little and have a shot at being a run stuffer for the long term.

millersco said...

yes agree, after all the discussion about "getting bigger" they must feel reasonably okay about their OL and DL, or at least want the time to let the young players develop before investing in someone new. All I can think is they feel Lopper, Pederman and Manny R give them what they need at OG for now. They are all god size and have a couple years under their belt.

millersco said...

did you get a chance to read Cunningham's article about his view of the defense this year, and kind of having a 3-4 on third down.

Isphet said...

Sammie Lee Hill, taken by the Lions in the 4th. Bamf!

Levy is going to be the MLB according to reports on Mlive, and now the Lions got some bulk in the middle of the line.

millersco said...

there you go Isphet, Sammie Lee Hill, good call.

RIP said...

I did hit on two with Pettigrew and Hill.

millersco said...

so even tho Brinkley was like the 3rd or 4th ILB rated, everyone is avoiding him, wonder what the concerns are. THree other ILB's already picked. Past injury or something?

DetFan1979 said...

yep -- you called that one!

Look at it this way -- the trade back means that really, it is Leavy and Hill and whoever they get in 7 for #65...

got the MLB and the DT.

Supposed to compare to Shaun Rogers skill set, but small school with a hard work ethic that just needs a year or two to develop.

3 year plan -- they are looking to have the team rolling and cometitive fo rthe playoffs in 2011 and will just take what wins they get on teh way there in 2009 and 2010...

millersco said...

yep, good job RIP. I don't think I have one yet.

RIP said...

Well guys. I have to check out. Have a full honors funeral detail to do for a Navy Chief.

nubsnobber said...


I think that they paid attention to who was drafted last year.

Lots of holes, we all know.

OLINE-Loper starts at LG (or Ramirez) and Backus stays put. The line is set.

DLINE- Flu and Cohen are going to get a chance to develop with the big guy next to them.

MLB - DIZON gets a chance to develop as well.

If you look outside of those three spots, the Lions addressed the majority of their holes.

TE-No starter, went and got one.
Safety-Henry doesn't need to come back and play safety now, he can stay up and be a CB.

RETURNER- went out and got one at the correct selection spot.

DE- Probably got a good player near where they should have to replace Corey Smith (RIP) and push 5-0. 5-0 may also be going inside.

The Lions have a lot of flexibility now with their DT, DE, and LB's with guys that can play different spots. I can even see a 5-2 on the goalline with Avril and Peterson outside. They have a lot of options. Another thing the Titans liked to do is set in a 3-4, drop the DT and blitz both OLB's. 5-0 can drop into coverage with Dizon and Sims while Peterson and Avril blitz. There are a lot of things they can do. The coaches have given themselves a lot of options.

And, mark my words, I bet this coaching staff doesn't give us a whiff of this 3-4 4-3 hybrid in pre-season. When the opening whistle blows, they will unleash hell.

Very subtly, they have manuevered to where they need to be and picked up pieces they needed. Pray for no injuries.

Also-this week is going to be awesome. I'll guarantee there are one or two free agents the Lions have already signed, and they haven't announced them yet. We'll see this week who they are, and some of the un-signed camp invitees.

Research project - Is Caleb Campbell eligible to play this season in the NFL, or does he have another year on his commitment? I know the Lions officially lose his rights today if they don't re-draft him.

DetFan1979 said...

he has another year nubs, and yes they lost his rights at this point -- but I don't think anyone was in a rush to pick them up.

Kudos to the front office for both drafting BPA and filling holes both.

A couple more drafts likes this and the Lions will be re-stocked on talent and into upgrading positions and building depth like the good teams do.

so whats up with the duke? Mr. Robinson still hasn't gone halfway through the 5th...

he just may be there to take a flier on at the top of 6...

Todd said...

MUST READ on our new safety!

Not only is he a great player, but hes a great person and is going to be an extremely hard worker and will leave it all on the field! Very happy with this pick.

DetFan1979 said...

great article todd!

I'll be doing write-ups this week on the draft picks, and then my usual look over how I think they fit in, what they may have been thinking for them, etc.

RIP said...

Hey Josh,

Want to take you again for this great site.

It is a place to come to talk Lions and what or maybe going on. No bashing, just an intelligent place to go to talk football. This year's draft experience was the best compared to previous years. I have never gotten into it with this much depth before.

Thank you again,

DetFan1979 said...

Thank you guys all for reading! It was a fun time following the draft, and checking in with off the cuff thoughts. Now it is the fun time -- looking in depth for analysis.

shw said...

I appreciate this sight for good, fun insight without negativity and slander. Much for fun to read than M-Live. Less trash, more intelligent comments from everyone. Go Lions.

Todd said...

Check this one out fellas:

No idea if he has the talent to start, but in the 6th round I like him. This highlight reel is him pretty much having no regard for his body, I believe it is every other clip they show either the ball or some piece of equipment is flying around....

Can you say Schwartz's THUMPER:

Isphet said...

I'm glad the Lions drafted the way they did. Best player available makes more and more sense as i sit and think about it.

Everyone wanted the Lions to draft Maulauga with their 20th pick because they NEEDED a MLB. He wasn't picked up by another team until the 38th pick.

When you draft for need, you get pick number 38 talent at pick number 20.

The TRUE curse of Millen is exactly this: an entire team drafted based on need and therefore an entire team of 38th pick talent chosen at the 20th pick. A team of overall inferior, watered down talent.

Drafting BPA (with a few exceptions of course, even Belichek admitted to that on the NFL network) is the only way to slowly make your team more talented than the rest of the league. You draft BPA, then use free agency or trades to fill holes on your roster that you couldn't fill with the draft. Eventually, other teams that draft for NEED have their rosters watered down talent-wise with those picks.

And now that New England is basically set with their roster, they trade into the second round to draft a bunch of guys that maybe in a year or two can either push for starting spots, or replace guys whose contracts run out or become too expensive. Just draft a ton of second rounders and see who actually pans out. What a luxury.

Anonymous said...

I think we signed Otis Wiley from MSU. If this is true I like it.


RIP said...

DeAndre Levy is 6'2", 236 pounds and runs a 4.5. They had him in before the draft. Wonder if they took more measures of him to see if he could bulk up to 245/250 while only dropping a tenth or two off his time. It maybe a reach, or it could be for versitillity while bring a LB in on a blitz from any one of the three spots.