Thursday, April 30, 2009

COS: Post-Draft Edition

First of all, I had a great time trading comments with everyone (when I had power, that is -- or tapping them out on Mrs.DetFan1979's iPhone) on the draft days.

NetRat had his followup piece on the players that the Lions picked, and I would consider it mandatory reading -- so take a few moments and do so. Also, he has started his normal annual depth-chart predictor. That will be useful, as always, as we as a blog attempt to project the final 53 guys. We as a consensus group were very close last year. It will be fun to look again!

I'll mock our mocks, as well as adding my own continuing draft analysis, plus any thoughts from the rookie minicamp this weekend as well in the coming days. As a note -- Mrs. DetFan1979 is sick (doc said lots of rest, and she needs it) which leaves me carting our girls everywhere, and making a not so successful attempt to keep the house at least a quarter as well as she usually does. Let me take a moment to point out how much I appreciate all the things -- big and little -- that my wife does to enhance the life of our family, and to keep our household running. I have no idea how she does it, but I want to thank her!! Get well soon.

Now - on to the weekly blogger Q&A hosted by the Church of Schwartz. As per usual, you will find the link to all the answers here once it is posted.

This week's questions are short and sweet.

1. What was the Lions worst pick of the draft?

This one is tough for me, mainly because I liked the draft from top to bottom because they chose talent. I am also quite happy with the quantity, quality, and type of UDFA's they brought in both those they signed and the tryouts. Since I have to choose one, I'll say Lyndon Murtha in the 7th. He is a very long-shot to beat out George Foster as the backup swing tackle, but at least they get first crack at him for the practice squad. I would have preferred to see them take a flier on an additional S or LB here. (Otis Wiley, the S I wanted them to pick here, actually went undrafted, and they have now signed him as an UDFA, along with Holtzclaw, the LB I wanted. Guess it's hard to complain when they still got the other two guys anyways... I tried gentlemen. I tried.)

2. What was their best pick?

All of them. NetRat did a great piece, which I also added to on my blog, about the strategy the Lions used this year while drafting -- and they did not deviate from their plan. If you read that, my answer will make more sense (also read TheNetRat's follow-up piece). My favorite pick was Pettigrew. Why? Three reasons:

#1. It let me know the Lions were going to take the best player available at a position of need no matter what (and really -- who can name a TE in the last 15 years worth anything on the Lions?)

#2. It let me know they were not going to "reach" for need/name players as Millen was prone to do on draft day, ignoring all the time and effort put into the board.

#3. He will add dimensions helping out the O-line, helping Smith in the run game, and helping in short yardage, 3rd down conversions, and the red zone as a real threat underneath. No more will a team be able to say "run" or "pass" based on which TE is in the game for the Lions. It also fills the starting TE position for the foreseeable future, eliminating that as a need when drafting next year.

I was so excited at this pick, that I actually pulled into a Dunhams (my wife an I were heading elsewhere, and it was right there) to look for the Lions' new logo gear. Sadly, all they had was "throwback" bubbles 40% off. So I picked up the only shirt in my size and called it good.

Only time will tell if my boundless optimism is warranted, but no sense raining on my parade yet, right? And no, I don't think they make the playoffs in 2009. I said I was optimistic, not insane.

3. Which of the 2nd day picks will have the biggest impact on the team next year?

This is a tough call for me. I would have initially said Levy, as I think he will work out at MLB but if the Lions secure Foot, he will be learning and rotating in for a couple of years, making a lesser impact immediately. I would have to say at this point Williams, based on my belief that he will make a solid impact on the return game. For 2010, I will say Sammie Hill -- He has loads of natural talent, and form all accounts wants coaching and is hungry to step up his game into a true pro- not coast by on natural talent. My gut says he blooms quickly and explosively -- enough to make us fans forget a certain attitude-wielding big guy that wears Brown now... Imagine a motivated big-man in the middle crushing the run -- leaving the LB free to seek, and destroy.


nubs said...

I am optimistic as well. I don't think the Lions draft was as bad as everyone thinks. (Net Rat's article is spot on, too.)

1. Worst pick? None. Millen would usually pick a 2nd rounder who was a reach, or could've been a first rounder if he wasn't chronically injured throughout his collegiate career (Lehman, Bailey, etc). This doesn't seem to be the case. The 2nd and 3rd round picks seem to be solid choices.

2. Best pick? Matthew Stafford. Now that he's here, no crying over Curry. Bring the young man along right and slap him when he's a whiny bitch. Make him learn and earn and hope he is able to gain the confidence of his teammates in the huddle quickly (if needed).

3. Which 2nd day guy will be big?
Sammie Hill. No doubt about it. This guy eats. He eats pizza, space, small children, and anything else you need. He's a young Vonnie Holliday run-stuffing, burger stuffing celebrant. I just hope he stays motivated and doesn't drop his gun in a strip club.

4. Here's hoping the Lions get to see a few of these 2nd day picks grow into NFL'ers. Who knows, maybe Landon Cohen can lose 30 pounds and become a MLB?

Maybe Brian Calhoun can stay healthy?

Maybe MANRAM can become the guard I think he can? And maybe, Coach Schwartz is as smart as I give him credit.

nubs said...

And a must read, must listen. I am really excited about the Schwartz. Here's the insight into MLB vs. Safety and why Levy was the pick.

"We like (USC linebacker) Rey Maualuga a lot, but at that spot, we liked Louis Delmas more. In terms of looking for a middle linebacker, "we drafted a guy in DeAndre Levy, from Wisconsin, that we really, really like his skill set. We moved down in the third round, (and) we were still able to get him. He's a little bit smaller than, let's say another guy who was in that mix – (Ohio State linebacker James) Laurinaitis. (Levy's) the same height; he's eight pounds less. But Laurinaitis ran a 4.85 (40-yard dash); Levy ran a 4.55. And the other thing is that when Levy he hits, it has some snap behind it." - MLIVE today.

Here's the full blog:

spacecataz said...

Get well soon, Mrs. DetFan 1979!

Some of the draft fallout has been a change in perception of how we thought the MLB'ers were ranked by the teams. Watching ReyMags fall as well as some of the late round favorites (e.g. Ellerbe) go undrafted was a big surprise to many.

I believe that this speaks to answer #2 in your post. For better or for worse, we are seeing big differences in draft strategy without Millen around.

Isphet said...

Worst pick? Matthew Stafford.

Not because I doubt he can play, but because: he's very expensive, and he's more of a gamble than I would have taken in Mayhew's shoes. A number one pick is the super-ideal, can't miss prospect; but there wasn't one of those available this year. Their #1 was doomed to be the Lion's worst pick of the draft no matter who was chosen.

Even Curry had two knocks against him: You're overpaying him compared to all other MLBs in the league, even pro bowlers, if you take him first overall, and he never played MLB so projecting him to be successful there was a bit of a gamble.

Best Pick: Pettigrew. If he pans out he can help in SO many ways: blocking for the run game, and also being a huge security blanket for Stafford for years to come. You know, if the Lions had a TE that could catch and make first downs, I bet "Joey Checkdown" could still be on the team and look like a pretty decent QB.

Best day2 pick: Sammie Hill. He's raw but you can't coach size. He could be a stud for a long time. Also, I got lucky and predicted that the Lions would take him on this blog, so he's officially my boy until he retires.

Isphet said...

The Steelers officially released Foote today. Lots of speculation he could be a Lion soon. Hope that speculation comes true; he would be agreat mentor and stopgap until the young bucks can prove themselves and play in a few years.

Isphet said...

If Stafford fizzles in three years, the Lions already have pans to change both their logo AND their name. They're going to relocate to Murphy, North Carolina, and their new name will be the Murphy's Lawions.

Check out their new logo:

MARK said...

Foote is a Lion per ESPN

CHIEFGER139 said...

your wrong on stafford, you can tell they (coaches/staff/management) are in love with this kid. Hes gonna be something really special and in a couple years you will be very happy they got him. The "saviour" has come!! Stafford to CJ=TD!!!

nubs said...


Isphet was kidding.

Isphet said...

Yeah, I was screwing around just to be funny. I wanted to photoshop the Lions logo upside down and make it look like it was slipping on a banana peel. Thought it might amuse people.

DetFan1979 said...

I thought it was hilarious!

yes, I'm finally back. Been a long long couple of weeks. More ahead.

great thoughts by all!

Anonymous said...

name a TE that's been worth his salt in the last 15 years?

david was only for a time, but i think he still counts.