Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Timeout vs Blackout

Timeout vs Blackout

September 22nd, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

The Lions vs Vikings was not blacked out. But is has been “timed out” for me thus far. After getting back into town later than anticipated on Sunday, Mrs.DF79 and I went and got a new entertainment center on Monday…

Which means instead of watching the game, I was hooking up cables, and moving electronics around so I couldn’t watch anything! I will definitely see the game by Wednesday evening so I can make some observations of my own.

In the meantime, I am really looking forward to seeing the game (even though I know they lose) based on the comments and what I have been reading! There is a great drive-by-drive breakdown again from Pride of Detroit. Ty at Lions in Winter also has his thoughts from being at the game. Of course, for lots of good thoughts on what happened, check out the comments on the game-day article here at Roar of the Lions.

Ernie Sims will be out for “at least a few weeks” which could be a double edged sword. While it does have the potential to hurt the Lions, it does give an opportunity for Dizon and Levy to show what they have with more playing time. I’m guessing Dizon gets the start as Levy has been working more inside, but Dizon’s play will, I think, determine how much time Levy sees in Sims’ spot. All ifseason we heard how great Dizon was coming along — now we get a chance to see how all that will translate come game day. I would also love to see Levy get some PT as well.

On a tangential Lions note, the Philadelphia defense — which in week one looked to have not lost a step, even with the loss of Jim Johnson — was shredded for 48 points by the Saints, who still look as though they can score at will against virtually any team. Greg Williams’ defense continues to give up near 30 points, but if your offense can score more than 40 per game, does it matter? I said last week, and I’m sure it will be repeated by different teams often throughout this season — this wasn’t the only defense that looked like a high school squad against Drew Brees and the Saints’ Offensive Juggernaut.

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3 Responses to “Timeout vs Blackout”

  1. By chiefger139 on Sep 23, 2009

    YOU are right about philly’s defense, top team in week one, on my fantasy team, but when I seen they were playing the saints, I immediately benched them and picked up atlantas defense on waivers. smart move philly went from giving me 54 points in week 1 to -2 pts in week 2 if I would of kept them in there. New Orleans offense is for real and dont see any defense holding them under 20 points unless some key injuries occur. new orleans reminds me of the rams superbowl teams.we probably faces 2 solid playoff teams in week 1 and 2, lets see how we do against a mediocre/lower playoff team this week, the redskins.

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  2. By Isphet on Sep 23, 2009

    OK, complete non-sequitur here, but I had to spout it off somewhere to people that would listen and understand.

    I am *so* sick and tired of ESPN and the NFL network using the LIONS in video clips of offensive players for other teams.

    Here’s how the conversation must go:

    Frank: “Hey, we’re gonna talk about Adrian Peterson today on Sports center and need some clips.”

    Joe: “I’ll look at film from the last time the Lions played them and give you something from that.”

    Frank: “Sweet.”


    The mass media market just will NOT get off the Lions’ backs. Talk about rubbing it in.

    *rant over*

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  3. By detfan1979 on Sep 23, 2009

    Unfortunately, they won’t until the Lions win…a lot. They forced a fumble on AP and held him to a lot fewer yards than he got in week one. So much for all that “going for the single game record” talk — it turned into “crap, lets try to win this game” instead…

    I do share your grief, however.

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