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Lions vs Redskins: Home Team

Lions vs Redskins: Home Team

September 25th, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

Here are the questions that Ryan at the Fanball Redskins blog sent over to me, along with my answers. Do you guys agree, disagree, and what are your thoughts?

Q: What is the outlook for Sunday from fans/players?

I think that the players feel that they lost the game last week more than Minnesota won it. That was a tough, hard hitting game and the Lions made too many mistakes in the second half that Vikings capitalized on. Still, the players and fans both see they are improving, and the young players are starting to come into their own a bit more. Once this squad gets confident, and Stafford settles in past his rookie enthusiasm this Lions team could surprise quite a few people. The team still has lots of holes talent wise, and lacks depth at most positions — mostly, it won’t go anywhere until the defense puts 4 good quarters together and Matthew Stafford starts taking what the defense gives him instead of forcing things. Fans are hoping to see this Sunday, and expecting an exciting, close game.

Q: Do they feel they have a great shot at the Skins, due to the fact that our offense has been stalling in the red zone, and many questioning Zorn and his play call ability?

The Lions have had their own problems in the red zone, including too many INTs and an inability to punch it in from short yardage. Not only that, but the Lions have been burned by Cooley and other TE’s too many times in the past to not feel a fear of red zone scoring no matter the Redskins’ current troubles. Susceptibility to the underneath pass and the TE in general seem to be perennial Lions weaknesses no matter who is coaching so the Lions are expecting Cooley to be a big factor to look out for in the Red Zone. If Zorn doesn’t call his number, and Washington comes away with FGs and doesn’t exploit this weakness, then you will know there are serious problems with both his play calling and preparation.

Q: Does everyone think this win is in the bag and the losing streak will end or are they not as confident?

After 19 straight losses and a solid run at the longest losing streak ever in the history of the NFL no Lions player or fan thinks any game is “in the bag” unless it is in regards to the other team.

Q: What is the overall view fans have of management? Millen is long gone, do they see improvement in the front office?

Millen was fired one year ago today (as I’m writing this) but Martin Mayhew has really only had one ifseason to begin building this team. I don’t say “rebuilding” because it was never built in the first place. The Lions coming into this season are essentially an expansion team with talent level and depth, and should be looked at in that light. All that being said, Mayhew has been very active in acquiring players that fit the overall plan, and just insane with his trading skills. He somehow parlayed players from an 0-16 squad into a starting CB (Henry), starting slot WR/PR (Northcutt), pro-bowl LB (Peterson), and of course his trade of Roy Williams last season. His drafting has far exceeded Millen to date as well, with 5 rookies starting against Washington (3rd Rounder DeAndre Levy will be starting in place of Sims…and honestly, that might not be a good thing for your Redskins considering how well he has been showing up in his limited snaps thus far.)

Q: What is your prediction for the game?

Just like last week against the Vikings, I will say this is going to be a hard hitting, knock-down drag out affair. The Lions will stuff Portis and put the game on Campbell’s shoulders. Brees dominated, Favre did just enough but it will come down to if Campbell can win the game — but mostly, it will be whether Stafford gives the Skins a short field. If he throws 2 or more picks, Redskins win a blowout. Otherwise — close game. I’ll go 27-24 Lions.

What do you guys think? Answer differently, same? Other comments?

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One Response to “Lions vs Redskins: Home Team”

  1. By RIP on Sep 25, 2009

    I thought they were very good answers to what is happening with our team.

    I think the keys to the game is not letting Portis and Cooley having a big day, show improvement as a team, and turnovers.

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