Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beware “the Turk”

Beware “the Turk”

September 5th, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

The knock on the door. The ring of the phone. The beep of the text message. Players on the bubble are on edge — waiting to hear if they will get a visit from “the Turk” letting them know their days of playing in the NFL are over — or a message saying they are safe; though in the case of the Lions, only for now as they scour the wavier to improve the bottom of the roster…

The deadline is 6:00pm, and the Lions appear to be waiting until the last moment ot announce all of their cuts. I’m writing from a dial-up connection, and I’m about to head out for a nice walk along the lake shore with Mrs. DetFan1979 and the Little Pink Lions. Feel free to post up comments here as you find out who is cut, who is picked up, etc. as we go through this frenzy the next day or so.

I do know for sure that Cundiff, Darby, and Cason were cut. Shcweigert and Standeford are rumored to be gone, but I haven’t seen anything concrete.

So as the Turk makes his rounds, cutting short NFL dreams — post them up here and we’ll see if we can make sense from the chaos.

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9 Responses to “Beware “the Turk””

  1. By nubsnobber on Sep 5, 2009

    Hey pal, I am nowhere where I can slot in how my picks did. I can tell you who “stuck” and who “blew up” or “died”.

    QB’s (4) Stafford,Culpepper,Stanton,O’Connell No surprises here.

    HB’s (3) Smith, Morris, and Brown. Cason is gone.

    FB’s (2)Smith and Felton

    WR’s (5) Johnson (2), Jennings, Williams, and Northcutt. I thought Looker and Standeford may make the cut before Jennings or Williams. Watch for the Lions to look at WR/KR Figures who was cut by Baltimore.

    TE’s (3) FitzSimmons,Heller, and Pettigrew. Slight pause, tear, Gronk was cut, here’s hope he survives past Monday.

    OL (9) Backus,Loper,Cherilus,Jansen,Salaam,
    Peterman,Ramirez,Raiola,Gandy Surprised that Salaam stayed.

    DL (9) Hill,Harris,Jackson,Fluellen,Cohen,
    Avril,IAF,White,Hunter You WILL SEE AT LEAST TWO WAIVER SPOTS FILLED HERE. “SS” must’ve been a “tude” cut. Darby also gone.

    LB (6) Levy,Peterson,Foote,Dizon,Bing,Sims
    I think Follett played better on special teams than Levy and Bing, but both played LB better than Follett. I hope there is a way he makes it til Monday as well, though.

    CB (6) Henry,Buchanon,King,Smith,James,Gordon
    ((This is what is posted on the Lions web site)). I believe Keith Smith is gone, and Ko Simpson is a safety, but this is how it is at 0005 hrs. Mr. Irrelevant falls on his sword.

    S (3) Pearson,Delmas,Manuel
    ****AGAIN, read above. I will miss ol’ Stuart. I thought he played well enough to stick.

    ST (3) LS Muhlbach, P Harris, K Hanson

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  2. By Isphet on Sep 6, 2009

    I’m looking forward to seeing who the Lions pick up for help with the DT rotation, if anyone.

    Also noticed that Lions fans’ preseason man-crush from last year, Buster Davis, didn’t make the roster for the Houston Texans this year. I wonder what’s up with him: he even played in 6 games for the Colts and had 24 tackles. I wonder if the Lions might kick the tires on him one more time.

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  3. By nubsnobber on Sep 6, 2009

    The Yamon Figurs information panned out pretty well. I was told O’Connell was NOT going to K.C. as everyone else predicted, and that held up as well.

    I’m still trying to get information about the DT or DE that we may score.

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  4. By nubsnobber on Sep 6, 2009

    Well, boys…the iron is still hot.

    The rumor I am hearing is DE Crowder cut from Denver.

    There is no confirmation on this, but two more spots are open on the roster with O’Connell gone in a trade to New York. Jennings is cut for Figurs. Cletus Gordon is cut for McCauley. And now this:

    IAF the Big 5-0 is gone. He being one, and O’Connell being two roster spots that are now open. This would lend a little credibility to the Crowder thing, but my source was not 100%. He said that was one of a few names being bantered around, and it was both DE’s and DT’s that were being bounced around. Time will tell what the Lions did at the waiver wire.

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  5. By nubsnobber on Sep 6, 2009

    Looks like they (Lions) have filled both spots with a DE and CB.

    “Lions claim DE Copeland Bryan, CB Kevin Hobbs”
    by Tom Kowalski
    Sunday September 06, 2009, 6:36 PM
    The Lions have claimed DE Copeland Bryan (Buffalo) and CB Kevin Hobbs (Seattle) off the waiver wire, a league source has confirmed. To make room for Bryan, the Lions released former second-round pick Ikaika Alama-Francis and to make room for Hobbs, the Lions waived corrneback Cletis Gordon.”

    Tom is actually reporting good info, instead of being on vacation. I’m impressed at the lengths he goes to for the mlive readers.

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  6. By nubsnobber on Sep 6, 2009

    IAF to the Bears???

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  7. By StreetWorm on Sep 6, 2009

    Also picked up a bears WR for the practice squad but I don’t remember the name. I’m guessing they’ll be picking his brain on how Cutler is doing before they drop him.

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  8. By detfan1979 on Sep 7, 2009

    Wow! Looks liek a ton of moves — CB’sMcCauley and Hobbs picked up, along with DE copeland, and WR/KR/PR Figurs. Nice bit of manuvering with trading O’connell…I’ll have to sort through everything, and get a piece put together. As You can guess, finally got home.

    Thanks for the updates Nubs!

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  9. By lionwing20 on Sep 7, 2009

    It’s Safford time he’s the starter.

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