Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lions vs Redskins: Opponent’s Views

Lions vs Redskins: Opponent’s Views

September 24th, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

I exchanged email questions with Ryan over at’s Redskins Blogjust to get a feel for how opposing fans are viewing things in Detroit these days. Here are my questions to him, with his responses. His questions, along with my responses will be posted up here tomorrow. As it is, here is a link to his “Lions Side” thoughts on his blog for further insight.

Q: Do you think Washington players are taking this game as an “instant get better” game, instead of taking it seriously due to Detroit’s 19 game losing streak?

A: The vibe I have been getting via interviews and beat reporters is, that this is a “must win”/”must execute” type of game. I class the Lions above the Rams in terms of potential talent, and I think so do the Skins. I believe this is a show up or go home type of game.

Q: Do you think Cooley, with his history of doing well vs the Lions, is not going to enter the game with the right attitude, or the attitude that he (and maybe the team?) are easily going to make like the Saints vs the Lions?

A: My “business as usual” player, who I think will post big numbers is will Cooley. And let me tell you why, Moss and Kelly haven’t been getting the numbers, but they have gotten the attention. This give Cooley and Randel El the who middle of the field to run free. Expect Cooley to have at least 5 balls his way for 80+ yards.

Q: Are the players there losing confidence in Zorn and his program?

A: If they are they haven’t shown it. They acknowledge the hole he has dug for himself in so many words, but they stand behind him and his play calls. Even the goal line ones.

Q: Is there dissension in the coaching staff over Zorn’s play-calling and game management (mis-management?)

A: I alluded to it in one of my posts from earlier this week Re: Tuesday Cornerback . I thought there might be a rift between him and Danny Smith, the special teams coach. But during the week this was said to be nothing, and he has been game planning with his staff just fine all week.

Q: Do you think the ‘skins are as low on talent, overall, as the Lions

A: No, I don’t think either team is “low” on talent. The Lions just have newer, rawer talent that hasn’t proven too much yet. The Skins have talent, that isn’t playing talented.

Q: What is the Washington fan view of the Lions’ changes this season, and the new front office moves, coaching, etc.?

A: To be honest, casual fans would never know Jim Schwartz is coaching. Stafford is the only one making news, some may innocently mistake Kevin Smith for Kevin Jones thinking he came back. As far as the front office goes, people still felt Millen left the Lions in quite a mess.

Q: What is your game prediction? Blowout, close game, or Lions get the upset win?

A: I think the Lion could pull an upset, but the Skin’s need it more. The Lions are a 6 point underdog, but the media has written off the Skins already. With that said, I think the Skins pull it together, overcome a halftime tie and win 29-17.

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  1. By Joe Williams on Sep 26, 2009

    Sorry to say this, but there’s a typo in the blog header- DetrOIt is spelled wrong.

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  2. By detfan1979 on Sep 26, 2009

    LOL – yes, it has been that way since day 1. I actually find it kind of funny at this point —

    Det Riot — as in Detroit Riot! I do actually have the graphics guys working on getting a new header fixed up. In the meantime, I guess you can all laugh along with me.

    So…um…how about them Lions vs Redskins? :)

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