Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lions Congregation: Final 53

Lions Congregation: Final 53

September 3rd, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

Pardon my absence this week — it was “fantasy draft week” for me, and it took more time than I anticipated. My apologies.

Exciting stuff in Lions land with the preseason game — I was only able to catch the majority of the second half. Loved what I saw! But more on that later…right now, time for my answers to the Church of Schwartz. This week’s question is simple: Name the final 53.

Yikes. We predicted our “30 Locks” before camp, so I am going to update that list to the present for this piece. I will still look and see how our predictions turned out based on who is left Sunday night.

  • QB: Culpepper, Stanton, Stafford
  • WR: CJ, BJ, Williams, Standeford, Looker
  • RB: Kevin Smith, Maurice Morris, Aaron Brown, Triston Davis
  • FB: Jerome Felton, Terelle Smith
  • TE: Pettigrew, Heller, Fitzsimmons
  • OLine: Loper, Peterman, Raiola, Backus, Cherilus — Jansen, Ramierez, Brown
  • DT: Grady Jackson, Landon Cohen, Sam Hill, S. Smith
  • DE: White, Avril, Fluellen, Hunter
  • DE/DT: IAF
  • LB: Peterson, Sims, Foote, Levy, Dizon, Bing, Follett
  • CB: Anthony Henry, P. Buchanon, Eric King, R. Robinson, William James
  • S: Delmas, Pearson, Manuel, Schweigert
  • ST: Hanson, Harris, Muhlbach


  • QB: These three are set, though I could see Stanton to IR, keep O’Connel, and let O’Connel and Stanton battle for the #2 spot behind Stafford in 2010.
  • WR: I obviously went with a stunner and left Northcutt off this list, but he could easily bump Looker or Standeford.
  • RB: I chose 5 backs, mainly because I think that Davis would end up inactive most game days, but be a good asset to have on the team. Could go with an extra Olineman, TE, or even defender here.
  • FB: There are only two, and they are both safe. Felton doubles as short-yardage back.
  • TE: See RB. I like Gronk, but he is headed for the practice squad.
  • Oline: Could keep Salaam (see above). Murtha they will risk on waivers to attempt to get him to the practice squad.
  • DT: Could easily be Darby (I hope not) or Harris with the last spot. I just have no idea
  • DE: Pretty confident on this one. Flu looks good against the run at LDE.
  • DE/DT: Can’t seem to cut IAF for some reason. They could easily go with an extra LB or Dback in this spot.
  • LB: If they do keep 8 LB (I doubt) then add Spenser Smith. Smith could also beat out Follett for the 7th spot — totally a coin flip at this point for me, but I went with Follett as he has been doing an excellent job killing the return guys in preseason.
  • CB: Roberson or Robinson, I’m not sure who stays. Unless they keep 6 CB’s, it’s not both.
  • S: Schweigert could lose out to lowry…but I’m hoping not, as I didn’t see a lot out of Lowry.
  • ST: Hanson will be fine, and Cundiff cut. If not…well, goodbye extra defender, or that 4th luxury back I had up top there…
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4 Responses to “Lions Congregation: Final 53”

  1. By chiefger139 on Sep 4, 2009

    not bad picks but after the preseason game I would say both williams and standeford are gone

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  2. By RIP on Sep 4, 2009

    Some very good picks.

    With Stanton’s injury, I can see a 4th QB to start the season. Would still like to see Gronk make the team, and have possibly 4 TEs. Also would like to see a waiver pick up for DT, DE and CB.

    But as the roster stands today, and the way it may look by the by week barring injuries, good picks.

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  3. By RIP on Sep 4, 2009

    Aaron Brown really showed me something last night with him running inside.

    Impressed with Pettigrew’s block during the Felton TD. He not only blocked his guy, he drove him to the left and out of the play. I believe that guy was Bufalo’s first round pick Maybin.

    Cason may make the team before Williams and Northcutt. He is consistant, not great, with every thing he does. Too bad is not a WR.

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  4. By RIP on Sep 4, 2009

    The great debate rages on on the internet on who should start in New Orleans. While reading all of the debates, I thought back to the comment you made way before preseason stated.

    Jim Schwartz needs to be winning by his third season. Keeping this in mind, Stafford should start all of thier games.

    On the flip side, Start start Culpepper until Stanton is healthy enough to back up as a number two. Then trade a winning Culpepper for a 1st and 3rd next year. Sorry, still love the R. Williams trade. I still am hoping we start with 3 wins from our first 5 games.

    Too bad Stanton didn’t have a preexisting knee problem so that we could have put him on the PUP. He would be lost for only the first 6 weeks (5 games), while saving a roster spot.

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