Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back in One Piece

I made it back from Ft.Wayne to Lansing in one piece after taking first place in Forms at the Taewondo Regional Tournament. As for football, I hope the Lions do better than I did in my last sparring match!

Only 4 hours to football!! Let the Season begin!!!

~ DF79


RIP said...

I am rooting for Stafford to be our Hall of Fame QB, but you know that I was also a Pat White fan as far as us going into the draft.

Did you notice that he was promoted ahead of Chad Henne as backup QB for the first game?

CHIEFGER139 said...

ok know your busy on your other site fantasy footbal, everything else but its 2 weeks into the season, tell us how we did on our roster positions like last year. im sure no one did real well but could be surprised.

DetFan1979 said...

{looks at archive muttering to self, gives self double face palm. Doh!}

Consider that something I will make time for by this weekend!

On a sad note, due to unknown technical difficulties with my VCR, I went to watch the Lions vs Vikings game...only to find it was Lions vs Giants Preseason 2008. Sadly, I mucked up the timer and thus no game for me. :(

I'm just not willing to pay the NFL the ransom...I mean, fee it takes to see the game online...

Hopefully, next week isn't blacked out. (crosses fingers and does a little football dance)