Friday, November 13, 2009

Lions Congregation: Lions vs Vikings

Lions Congregation: Lions vs Vikings

Friday, November 13th, 2009

1. If Ernie Sims is ready to play in the next couple weeks, where do you put him?

In this case, “ready to play” means totally healthy. With Levy playing at least as well (in many cases better) than Sims, so long as Levy keeps progressing Sims doesn’t see the field until every bruise is healed. If Levy plateaus, or regresses, then Sims will be back in rotation with him sooner rather than later as they battle for playing time. Nothing would be better for the Lions out of this situation than for Levy to take this opportunity in both hands and run it to the house.

2. Jeff Backus hasn’t been horrific the last week or two. Is there any way he’s back with the Lions next season?

Yes. While I think they would love to bring in someone to compete with at least — even if it is a fellow veteran on the downside of his career — there are just too many other, more glaring, needs to fill. Like, oh say a defensive line and a secondary perhaps?? I’m certain the Lions were disappointed the Dolphins poached their project LT before he really had time to develop, and maybe push Backus next ifseason.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of strength at LT in this draft — it is more tilted to the defensive side (which is good because that is where the Lions need help!). As he showed last draft, Mayhew won’t reach for “need” above talent — that is how you get a mediocre to awful team. There are so many holes on the Lions, how can they not take the most talented guy at one of the many positions of need? If that is a LT in the high rounds come draft day, I don’t think they will hesitate to replace Backus. But if things don’t fall right, I think the Lions are okay (not happy) to live with him another year — and bring in some possibles and hope for a miracle. It didn’t work in the secondary this year (outside of choosing talent in Delmas). What choice did Mayhew really have? The house was empty, the credit cards were all maxed out, and the mortgage was in foreclosure.

Only time will allow the Lions enough shots at quality FA and enough draft picks to fix this mess. It is that time, and the lack of talent around him, that will give Backus yet another year.

3. Is there any possible way the Lions beat the Vikings this week?

Possible? Yes. Probable? Well… I have this 10 sided dice in front of me. Say I were to roll it — and if it rolls a 10, roll it again and add the results together. I would keep rolling the dice only so long as I keep rolling 10’s. If I sit down right now and roll all 10’s in a row until I finally roll a 9, and end up with 129… that is about the probability the Lions win this week. Possible to roll 10 12 times in a row, and then a 9? Yes. Probable? {Laughs at the thought of coming up with any half-way printable way to follow that up. Decides there isn’t one and hits “submit” button.}

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