Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More QB Thoughts...

Even before Killer mused about possible scenarios for the Lions QB situation for 2009, including Kitna's future not being so bright, I was thinking about the same thing -- especially with Donut... I mean, Daunte... making a concession to move his roster bonus back further into the Ifseason. (How far has not been released yet, but I'm guessing either just before camp, or sometime in the month before the season, possibly even during the preseason. But it's all conjecture on my part.)

I agree that Kitna is on his way out either via trade before or during the draft, or he will be cut at some point. Something tells me they pay him the roster bonus if they are going to trade him, and don't if just cutting him is in the plans. Either way, not matter how it is spun or perceived elsewhere, I don't see him on the roster opening day 2009.

DanO, as I stated before, I think will come back if it means a duel-to-the-death with Daunte Culpepper to be the veteran QB on the roster, along with Stanton and a draft pick. However, the Killer scenario of DanO, Daunte, Stanton and a draft pick could play out as well.

If the Lions pick up more than one FA QB I take that as a sure sign that there will NOT be a #1 QB, or possibly anything other than a late round flier who will make it to the practice squad, taken at QB in the draft. It just wouldn't make sense.

Right now, based on comments from the Lewand, I see DanO coming back on a reasonable 1 or 2 year deal -- possibly a 3 year deal with incentives if he can hold the starting job. This makes the QB situation a 4 person competition for 3 spots between DanO, Stanton, Culpepper, and a Draft pick. Draft pick, if high enough, gets one spot so it comes down to three D's for 2 spots...

Only camp will tell who wins that battle. I will say though, I think it will be a lot more fair than the "competition" farce that Marinelli put up last ifseason/season.

Speaking of possible Lions Qb's (since many have already ordered his jersey it seems) here is an interesting article on Stafford I thought you would enjoy. The author is originally from Detroit.

Finally, on a FA note for those of you who hated the Dre Bly trade, Burnt Toast could once again be pursued to fill the backfield holes on the Lions as he was released by the Broncos... Boss Bailey is also out there if we need a LB too! LOL Looking at the cuts, I would take Dwayne Robertson -- for the right price. More on FA tomorrow as more cuts come in with franchise deadline approaching, and as the new coaching staffs begin purging their respective rosters...


CHIEFGER139 said...

love your link on stafford missin the combine possibly-shared it on m-live
truth is-if he is jay cutler caliber we should get him-but i just dont think he is-i guess i want curry but one of the offensive tackles would be ok i guess-still say we should trade up and get raji with the 2nd number one-hes the one who fills the biggest need-curious what they will do

RIP said...

I am with you on what would be the best thing to do with our first pick. This combine may clear up a few things.

Would love them to target Sanchez, Raji, Curry, and Jenkins. See who will sign at the right price.

Ty had a good post on our Guard positions, With his positional break downs of our team, he has been right on. The facts are right on with little left out. Very good work on his part.

I was not a big fan of Culpepper this year. The things I keep in mind is that he came off a major knee injury where the doctors stated it would take 2 years to recover from. Last year he was 2 years removed from that surgery. He also was not in football shape. Can not replace minicamps and training camp to get into football shape. Now he is back with the Linehan who he had success with. Lets hope his shoulder and knee injuries are behind him.

We still still are in great need for NTs. Dwayne Robertson would fill a need for a couple years at the right price.