Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eve of Free Agency 2009

You'll note that I haven't yet gotten into my position breakdowns, or areas of need for FA. Mainly, this was just due to so much other news being out there as we have traveled through this ifseason with the coaching search.

Now that the coaches are in place, and FA in starting, it will give a better idea of where the team is headed, and how they intend to get there. I will gather the various "position breakdowns" after FA gets moving, and update changes as well as interpose my own views.

Speaking of, you can find the additional answers to the questions I answered yesterday here.

after an 0-16 season, it stands to reason that even with all the changes, some FA may not even be considering Detroit. For instance, Ken Lucas nixed a trade to Detroit earlier today as it appears Mayhew is out looking to trade for a CB. However, I expect the Lions could go in any number of directions, and I'm hoping that tomorrow morning, we'll all wake up to a flurry of activity!

The Lions did sign Ramzee Robinson to a 1 year deal, and also WR Steven Sanders (I have no idea who he is) to a two year deal.

I do have a basic listing I compiled from chatting with other Lions Fans of some FA the Lions may target tomorrow (not saying I'm in favor of all of all of them -- by far the opposite. But they are possibilities, and all under 30...)

FA targets??

QB: Fitzpatrick (26), DanO (26), Leftwich (29), Grossman (29)
RB: Ward (29), Morris (29), Benson (26), Arrington (26)
G: Kemoeatu (26), Brown (26) or Hangartner (27) (move from center to guard), Willis (27) or Barnes (27) (move from T to G)
T: see above
TE: Baker (29), Pope (25)
WR: Washington (26), Henderson (27), Clayton (26), Williams (26), Jones (26)
DT: Cole (28), Robertson (27), Olshanski (27) or Evans (29)(move from DE to DT)
OLB: Boley (27), Crowell (28),
ILB: Vilma (27), Scott (29), Thomas (26)
CB: Bodden (27, jk), Foxworth (26), Bartell (27), McFadden (27), Williams (26), Miller (25), Carr (26), King (27)
S: Sanders (25), Jones (27),Wilson (29), Doughty (26), Fuller (27)

Carr and Fuller, currently on the Titans, are two good bets. I don't see them bidding high enough to get Scott either. Can't wait to see how it shakes out as the roster begins to take shape!

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detroitsims said...

Well, I just heard that the Lions have signed former Seattle RB Maurice Morris to a 3yr 7 mil contract. The first signing for the Lions in FA. They also lost Morran Norris to the 49ers today.