Monday, February 9, 2009

Lions Cuts - Expect the Expected - For Now...

The Lions announced 6 cuts today, 4 of which were telegraphed by player agents ahead of time. It is nice to see that Lions management at least gave the players who were being let go advance warning, and thus a better chance to get their ducks in a row as far as signing with other teams. The moves, collectively, put Detroit about $35 million under the salary cap.

The players cut were: Dwight Smith, Leigh Bodden, Dan Campbell, Edwin Mulitalo, Jon Dunn, and Mike Furrey.

The article I linked to on Detroit also lists the FA that the Lions can look at re-signing or extending. They have until Feb. 28th to exclusively negotiate with their own FA before the free agency period officially begins. The list is:

RB Aveion Cason 8
DT Shaun Cody 4
WR Keary Colbert 5
T Damion Cook 8
T George Foster 6
K Jason Hanson 17
RB Rudi Johnson 8
LB Paris Lenon 7
C/G Andy McCollum 15
WR Shaun McDonald 6
DT Langston Moore 4
LB Ryan Nece 7
FB Moran Norris 8
QB Dan Orlovsky 4
TE John Owens 6
G Stephen Peterman 4
DE Corey Smith 6
CB Stanley Wilson 4

Interesting how much the article talks about two FA: Hason and DanO. Is that a sign that both will be back? I'd like to see it.

Peterman would be okay for a cheap depth signing at OG if nothing better presents on the market. Same with Corey Smith and "False Start" Foster. Moran Norris is a guy I would like to see them keep -- he was a good blocker. Paris Lenon in a back-up/ST role only.

Anyone you readers would like to see them re-sign? Would like to see them cut yet? Also, looking at cuts other teams are making, anyone you'd like to see the Lions sign from the scraps of other teams?

Captain of your rowboat, or deck-swabber on the flagship? One man's trash...well, you get the idea...

Oh yes, on the Uni watch front, the Lions are dropping the black alternate for good, and going with the throwbacks as their alternate Jersey next season. Still guessing a change will come for 10, but not sure what. Personally, I like the simplicity of the throwbacks. Toss an updated logo (or the throwback logo I have posted here form the 50's championship teams) and I'd love it.


Anonymous said...

well round one in the books...
i hit on 4 of the 6 with bodden or dunn not on my list...the really notable exceptions are kitna, fitzsimmons and A. lewis.... it will be interesting to see what happens the rest of the month


Reverend Spielman said...

I'd love to see them keep Peterman and Norris. They're keeping Hanson, theres little doubt in that. Orlovsky is going to be too expensive now that he's got mediocre starting experience under his belt. I wouldn't mind keeping Stanley Wilson also just to see what he could do in man2man.

Isphet said...

I guess I'm one of the few people that liked the black jerseys. I thought they were sharp. Something about the black with the blue trim was pretty cool to me; I liked them. I'm partial to both of those colors though.

I'm kinda indifferent to the throwbacks; they're ok i guess. I prefer them to the Lions' standard uniforms, which I don't like very much at all. I hate that sissy blue they wear now. Those need to go; and I'd rather have a straight silver helmet than one with that ridiculous lion logo they have now. I STILL have a hard time telling it's a lion, because the front face and arm region is kind of difficult to see for some reason; it just doesn't distinguish the form of a lion well enough for me. Maybe i'm the only one.

I'm getting this funny feeling that Orlovsky isn't going to be all that expensive. He's the 10th best FA QB on that list that Detfan linked to. If you consider that list, his horrible run out of the endzone play, and the fact that he was on the Lions in the first place... and I think a lot of NFL teams will probably write him off. He might be cheaper to retain than we originally thought. It's just a hunch. I think the Lions will be able to sign him for a couple million a year max; I don't think any other team is going to pay more than that since he wouldn't be an instant starting QB on any team. He would be a guy that would have to fight for a starting spot in a QB competition on a team he signed with, at best, if not automatically relegated to a backup role. Teams aren't going to break the bank for a guy like that.

I think the Lions should try to keep Cody, Langston Moore, Nece, Dan O., Colbert, Lenon and Peterson. Nece is a good backup/special teamer and the lions are very think at LB right now. The other guys are fine for backup positions and still on the young side. Hanson of course as well should be retained.

Anonymous said...


Take away the very memorable safety jaunt, and one bad game, and Dan "O" is the highest rated FA QB in this year's lottery. Even better than Derek Anderson.

He did a better-than-average job of directing the offense, but I think the money thing is an issue and the Lions front office is now deciding on Culpepper/Kitna/Orlovsky and who give them the best chance for leadership and directing a team until a "Arm of the Future" can be drafted next year.

Black unis were cool, but reminds me too much of Millen and the Harley now that he's gone.

Personally, I'd like to see silver tops with the Honolulu blue under the arm pits. I'll do some digging the next couple of days to see what is on the scrap heap already, and what might end up there. I'll forward it to detfan via email and he can toss it out there.

Ty said...


You and I are on the same page. I think Orlovsky was our best QB last year, and he's earned a shot to lead this team next year. Better him than freakin' Culpepper.


detroitsims said...

Just read this on M-Live, thought you guys would apperciate it.

Jim Colletto, the Detroit Lions offensive coordinator last season, has left the team. Colletto, who was being considered as an offensive line coach by new head coach Jim Schwartz, said it was a mutual agreement.

"I had a talk with Jim and he said he wanted someone who was going to be here (for more than one year),'' Colletto said today. Colletto, who has one year left on his deal, planned to retire following the 2009 season.

Colletto, who will return to his home in California, said he might not coach this season. "I think it's probably the end of the line for me,'' said the 64-year-old coach.

The Lions haven't made any official announcements about their position coaches yet, but there have been numerous reports that George Yarno has taken over as the offensive line coach. Also, Stan Kwan (special teams), Shawn Jefferson (receivers) and Sam Gash (running backs) are expected to return this season. A report from said the Lions have hired Tom Lappano to coach tight ends.