Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mayhew Mayhem!

The Lions have traded Jon Kitna to Dallas for Starting CB Anthony Henry. I don't think there were draft picks involved as well, but I will update you if I hear otherwise. See Buffalo, that's called getting value for a guy. Fleecing Dallas must be Martin Mayhew's new hobby.

Anthony Henry is 33, but is still a very solid starting CB who can be a good stop-gap, and fills a glaring need. Add that to the fact that Kitna was going to be cut before they had to pay his bonus Tuesday and I am really liking this new front office.

I also LOVED the stories and information that is coming out on the Cassel deal -- The Lions were trying to get Cassel from NE for #33 or I've also heard both #3's for Cassel and a 3rd. They were also working the phones to trade Cassel and a pick to Denver for Jay Cutler. Call me crazy, but I'm thinking that Mayhew opposed passing on Cutler in the draft. It didn't end up working, but I love the tenacity of the Lions front office in their dealings. While they didn't pull it off, combining it with what they have done/tried -- there is no doubt they appear to be working both smart and hard to bring in the right guys to improve this team.

Wonder how Cutler feels knowing his new bosses were talking trade?

The Lions also signed Bryant Johnson -- he is a great #3, decent #2 guy. I'd still like to see the Lions pick up one more WR in FA to compete for #2 spot, and also negate the need to draft one at all, even in the later rounds. #2 - 4 WR are among the positions that can be picked up effectively in FA versus wasting lots of high draft picks on them, along with #2 RB. I am glad to see Mayhew/Lewand filling these types of positions in FA, as they should be with the team where it is at.

The signing of Eric King to a backup role, along with the trade for Anthony Henry doesn't say to me the Lions are done. They want guys to be competing to start, and all they really had was Keith Smith as a borderline starter. Fisher better not feel like he's got a roster spot locked up. With the Lions looking to sign Chris Carr as a possible starter, and also possibly drafting a CB early the position is far from settled.

I've seen a lot of criticism, but the Lions are going after exactly the types/tier of players they said they would. Their offensive openings are easier to fill in FA, especially this year, so that is what they are doing. They've also turned lemons into lemonade as much as possible in bringing in some CB's. It is still early, but with the exception of Lucas (I'm not a big fan of him, but can see why they were looking) I like what they have been doing. For most of these, you haven't even heard the Lions were involved until after it's over.

This shows how close to the vest they are playing things, including working multi-team trades, and still offloading guys they don't want/need in return for at least something of value.

Keep it up -- Mayhew Mayhem is here!


Ty said...

Spot on all the way down DF79! Saves me having to write a post; I'll just link to yours! ;)


CHIEFGER139 said...

givin up kitna-we may and most likely gave up our best qb-but getting a starting caliber cb-means fisher is no longer our best cb-and this makes me a very happy man-we all knew kitna was gone anyhow-and ive slammed mayhew-but this was a very good move-also trying to get cutler-he is the real deal-even in the loss to the chargers-the man is great and if we could of landed him we would truely have our young franshise qb to build upon-hes the real deal-a young brett farve-just cant see at all why the broncos would give him up-hes that good in my oppinion-what are they thinkin?? makes no sense-say we give up our 1st-they could get curry there defense is almost as bad as ours-but then who's there qb?? guys like cutler you keep-you can always trade and get a shaun rogers ,haynesworth, lewis but a qb like that you cant-the broncos of all people should know that-look at elway-they axed a great coach in reeves to keep him happy and won 2 superbowls because of it-whats wrong with cutler?? the guy seems awsome?? dont get this at all-does seem like though-the broncos and cowboys lately are our true trading partners-whats up with that detfan79-time for you to earn your recent preacher status seenin how your now in with the big timers-even legitimite media guys-what makes us so close to dallas and the broncos-to make so many trades-?? like to know??

Mark in Az said...

Right on DF79. when I first saw the trade I was like great than it turned out better because we got a starting CB. My Boss is a cowboys fan when I told him he said some thing must be up with Henry all I said was Mayhew has pics of Jerry Jones . This was a great trade.

One question how in the heck is the Redskins under the cap??

Isphet said...

Man, I would have loved to get Jay Cutler; he and Peyton are probably my two favorite QBs in the league right now. Kudos for even trying.

Gotta love the fact that we got ANYTHING for Kitna; that's great. Dallas is crazy for dealing with the Lions; but we'll take it. Jerry Jones will probably rue the day he did.

All this focus on getting a good quality QB is intriguing. It sounds like the Lions aren't banking on Culpepper being the guy. So........... if they don't get a sure thing for starting QB, does that mean they will actually pick Stafford? Hmm; it at least makes me think that the Lions have a higher chance of taking Stafford with the first pick. I still want Curry, though.

So far, so good for free agency signings, eh?

ClusterFox said...

Agree 100%

obviously, any deal with Cutler landing here would be great in my book. Is it also possible the new young inexperienced regime in Denver just made a huge slip up? Maybe we could still land him if he keeps voiceing his displeasure.


jreffy said...

Here's something else to ponder. If Mayhew was making a serious bid for Cutler, it makes one wonder that they aren't too enamored with the QB's in this draft.

Which is music to my ears. The more I'm thinking about it and rehash it in my head over and over. Aaron Curry MUST be the #1 pick. You're selecting the best player in the Draft, in a position that your team needs. Furthermore, if he pans out to be a great MLB, you're set for YEARS.

RIP said...

In addition to getting Cutler, we probably would have kept OLB in Mike Vrabel.

Reverend Spielman said...

You're bang on with every assessment in this article. Bryant McFadden would look great next to Henry too.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder if there is still a chance of landing Cutler. Probably not, but what a pick up that would have been. I would give up our #1 for him, no questions asked. Cutler has proved it, stafford hasn't. Too bad it didn't work out. Kudos for trying. SHW

Anonymous said...


I think maybe Detroit is trying to get both Carr and McFadden to move Henry to Safety, like the cowboys were contemplating....your thought?