Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Possible Logo, Other Thoughts...

Here is a shot for a different Logo that's been floating around for a couple of weeks. Personally, I think it combines the best of both worlds -- an updated Bubbles, so to speak. Personally, I like the Lion Head that is grey with the Blue Mane on the plain silver helmet, with the full Grey Lion/Blue Mane on the Honolulu blue and silver simple uniforms.

If you look in the comments section on the last entry, you'll see I hit one right about Kwan coming back. I put my reaction down there, so check it out along with the great comments (as always!)

According to Dave Birkett, Mulitalo is expected to be a goner as well come Monday. On similar topic of free agents, here is a partial Database of potential UFA as of this date broken down by position. Shall we invite Charlie Batch back anyone? I'm sure his knee is healed by now... Heck, Joey Harrington, DanO, JT O'Sully, Garcia and Batch are all UFA this Ifseason. How about keeping Kitna and Stanton -- if they sign all of them they could have a grand Melee to see which ex-Lions QB gets to come "home" to turn around the franchise!

What does it say of the FA QB's when about 18% of the FA QB's are ex-Lions Starting QB's?? Can we say "not a great crop?" Byron Leftwich is probably my top choice on that list, although a healthy Batch was never a bad option (though not a supreme one), but he will be re-signed by the Steelers to continue to back-up Big Ben.

Darren Sproles looks to be the best of the FA RB's IMO but still isn't worth the money he will be paid, although I'd love to see him as a 3rd down back/returner for the Lions. He's going to be looking for "Franchise Back" money, although I don't think that is his most fitting role. Jacobs and Ward both tend to be nicked up all the time, and will get paid more than they should by someone looking for a piece of earth, element whatever the silly pundits nicknamed the 3 headed RB monster of the Giants backfield last season.

Thankfully, the Lions have a feature back in Smith (and I own him in my keeper league in FFB - happy reach in round 2 there that paid off). So they only need a 3rd down back/returner and/or a backup RB to play ST as well. That Marinelli crap about the backup RB not playing ST always gnawed at me. #2 RB SHOULD be a big part of ST -- just like WR#3 and 4, etc.

After what I saw last season the few times they let Felton run the ball (carrying good defenders several yards with him each time) a smart coaching staff will hopefully re-sign Moran Norris as a blocking back, and use Felton in more of the power-back change-up role with Smith --- which is something I thought they should have done way more of last season. It worked almost every time they did it. Run Smith-Smith-Pass to CJ-Smith-Smith-Felton. They did it one about 2 or 3 series, and then went away from it just as quick. Norris and TE Gaines blocking for Felton to the right behind Cherilus was a great play for the Lions all two times they tried it. I'd like to see it more in short yardage as few teams in this league have the ability to stop that play for less than a 2-3 yards minimum when executed well.

as for the WR Lance Moore showed up well for the Saints in several games, and might be a good sleeper type guy to go after for a #2. Standeford is a marginal #2, but very solid #3. Pick up an additional slot WR (technique/hands kinds of guy -- Furrey when he was fearless across the middle in 06) and they would be good with some UDFA/extra WR bodies in camp to compete.

I'd say LJ Smith for the right price at the TE slot, but the Lions already have Dan Campbell to get consistently injured, so no one I can't live without there. A 6th round choice and some FA to come in and compete with Gaines. A little work on ball security, and Gaines was not a bad TE. He was good on ST too, which helps.

At OT, it depends on what their draft plans are. With Peterson and Mulitalo both likely gone at OG the Lions will likely be using at least one round 3 pick there, and possibly a FA depending on how ready/good they feel Man-Ram is when given a chance. Several of the top OG should be there for pick 65, and OG would be a great target there. As for OT you have Backus who will look better with a Herman Johnson/Eric Wood (OG and backup/replacement center) type guy next to him, and Man-Ram on the right will be good with Cherilus already revving up to beat on some defenders. Thus, I'm afraid we won't see the early OT like I would like -- unless, like an Andre Smith he can also play Guard.

Fetish will laugh "I told you so" at this one, but Brandon Albert would have done the Lions good at this point as they could target an OT or OG in this draft, and have a little more flexibility. Okay, on from the woulda-shoulda's. don't know much about the FA O-linemen yet, so after the Lions announce cuts, I'll dig into that more later this ifseason.

Dline and LB depend on what alignment the Lions use, although I'm thinking they stay with a 4-3 -- especially with at least 3 other NFL franchises moving to it this ifseason, which could leave a shortage at some key positions for that alignment that the Lions are short at --- most noticeable, NT.

CB...they have Keith Smith. And...umm...didn't we do this last year?? Once again, the Lions have no CB's as we near FA. Lets hope it gets addressed better this ifseason. Killer highlighted a few players they could target. Early thought: would you trade #1 overall for Nnamdi Asomugha? Plus maybe a 3rd if you can swing it from the Raiders? You'd be getting a pro-bowl caliber CB ---- if you draft a CB at the position, he'd end up highest paid. Why not get a known commodity? My answer: I would to it straight up #1 for him. I'd push like hell for another pick, any pick. a 4th would be awesome but if it came down to it I would to that trade even-steven. Locking him up would cost same/maybe less than #1 overall would be, and you'd know what you're getting. Thoughts on that??

Finally, at Safety as long as Alexander recovers I say ditch Smith, go with Alexander and Bullocks starting and look for a 3rd guy to come in and compete. Keep Pearson as #4 he was great on ST and an adequate backup. Schemed correctly, Alexander and Bullocks have both shown they can play the position, and be a starting safety in this league (when healthy, like everyone else when you think about.).


Anonymous said...

While I would love to have Asomugha on the team, A trade of picks plus the huge contract will be too costly. I think the Raiders will want more than just the #1 and likely will not give up any draft picks in return. The Lions are in need of multiple players and are not in the position to trade high draft picks. If Asomugha is not franchised(highly unlikely) then the Lions should try hard to sign him. If all it takes to get him is the #1, then I agree with you.
As for OL, if Max Unger is there at the 2nd round, I think the Lions should pick him. He can play as a G/backup C next season and allow them to get rid of Raiola then move him to C the following year.
BTW, was that you who made the first pick in the Interblog Draft? While I do agree with your assessment on Johnson, I do think it was too high to pick him. The #1 pick is really tough this year.I think the Lions highest priorities are NT, MLB and CB. The players the Lions should be drafting such as Raji or Curry are likely not worth #1 money but taking an OT or QB with that pick just do not make sense.

DetFan1979 said...

That was not me. Right now the problem with the #1 overall is that because of the massive amount of money any D player will be the highest paid at his position -- some by a wide margin.

This is why they need a rookie salary cap. Because of what they have to pay, it handcuffs them to certain positions. DE, OT, QB, WR, RB are the positions "priced right" for #1 overall. Even RB is a close one (as you'll notice none have gone that high in quite some time). Also, with DE or possibly a DT because of their balooning contracts, a solid starter isn't enough to justify the pay you'll be giving them. They better be a pro-bowler. As for CB or LB -- they better be one of the top 3-5 in the entire game, or again --- you're paying three times the market.

That is why I brought up #1 overall for Asomugha. (as for the other picks referenced, they what I would like in Addition to the player. I wouldn't give up more than 1 overall for any one player.)

Still too early for me and mock drafts. I'm still honing in on who the Lions will keep from the current roster, then need to look at FA targets and signings, then look at the depth at various college positions and finally take a look at where draft boards are falling (theoretically)

I love the Ifseason. So much speculative fun!

I could see one of the C/OG prospects in rnd 2, but I think at least one of the top guys will be there at the top of 3. Who is there still at the top of 2 will dictate a lot. I'm thinking they go with a DT there, or a CB. #20 may be LB. #1, unfortuantely, may be QB. But that is right now. Usually, guesses this time of year are waaaay off. But they are still fun!!

detroitsims said...

I think we really have a lot to look forward to with Schwartz and company comming in. I dont see it be a immediate fix this comming season but, its gonna happen this time I can feel it!!!! As for the draft picks, I honestly feel IMO that it would be a big mistake for them to use the #1 pick on a QB. If anything they can re-sign Dano.
He has already said that he wants to come back and he did prove last year that he could manage games and get the ball to CJ which is all I care about. He did a pretty good job running the offense IMO.

I did like your insight DetFan about maybe tryin to get rid of the #1 pick for a proven player in the league. That actually didnt even cross my mind but, that might work like you said for the right price. If they can't, I honestly dont know which of these young guys is gonna be worth the #1 pick. Thats what I hate about all these mock drafts!!! They all wanna put the QB #1 cause "Thats the Lions biggest need with all there QB changes last year" I wanna see a real mock draft that makes sense. Someone who's gonna put some time and effort into it and be logical!!! If the Lions biggest need is a MLB, Then maybe that kid could be #1. I guess I could sit here and rant on and on about this so I am not going to waste everyone's time, I am just wondering if you kinda agree with where I am going with this?? I dont wanna see the FLASHY SEXY PICK, I wanna see the guy that fills a need on the team.

Isphet said...

I don't think that the Lions should trade their first pick for Asomugha; it would be a mistake. A good pass rush can make any secondary good; while a bad pass rush makes any secondary terrible. The best way to fix the secondary for the Lions would be to actually get to the quarterback and pressure him into making non-perfect throws; not to try to get the best secondary in the game and pray.

I can't help but think back to the first 2 games in '07 when the Giants got absolutely torched for like 80+ points. Then their defense started blitzing more, and suddenly their secondary looked fantastic, and they went on to win the Super Bowl. Their personnel didn't change; they just started getting to the QB.

the Lions have gaping holes on both sides of the ball in a lot of positions. You have to think though that they will focus on the trenches first; as they've stated they will do. Size up the middle on defense with a big, talented DT and MLB with the first two picks makes the most sense; and I can't see the Lions go for a "sexy pick", which to me includes a corner or safety like Asomugha.

I like your thinking on the O line, Detfan. Upgrade Left guard in the third or so, and I think that's going to have to be enough for this year unless they get lucky with a FA or two. If the Lions can get their O line from "bad" to "not so bad" I think that will have to be good enough for '09.