Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another little Roundup

Ah yes - the Ifseason. Where the IF is bigger than the IS, the could be more important than the will be.

In keeping with the season (and the lack of concrete Lions news until Monday) here are some more articles you may find entertaining and enlightening.

Oh yes, and throw Campbell on the "to be cut Monday list" as per Dave Birkett.

No Lions were in the top 99 for FA, but apparently that didn't stop the Sporting News from making Mike Furrey #9 on their available FA WR List. Don't get over hyped about the Lions cutting him. He is a #3 Slot/Possession WR who was set to get paid too much for that role next season. He'll be good in that role for some team, or as a #2 for a play-action passing team or a team that does a lot of short throws over the middle into traffic as Furrey has retained much of his ability to catch the ball well, but gets no YAC at this point. Chicago was listed as a possible destination, and as a better-than average blocker, he may work in their run-first and second offense. The revenge factor for him could factor in too as he is just that kind of guy.

On that list Moore, Washington, or Williams for the right price would work for me to fill the #2 slot opposite CJ.

As for Mr. DanO -- he comes in at #10 on the FA QB List. Listen, Dan could go on to a hall of fame career and he will never live down stepping out of the end zone on a piss-poor play call. Take that out of the equation, and then look at the FA QB available. How many are really that much, if any, better for the type of offense Detroit will run -- and how many have the upside of DanO, who steadily improved with each start? I would still like to see him back and under center for the Lions -- in 2009 at least. Matt Cassel (who was franchised) trade rumors are already swirling, and the Lions are being swirled in there as well. #20+2 more picks (2nd and 3rd???) for Mitchell...I mean, Cassell? I'll pass. #1 overall straight-up? I still say resign DanO or a Leftwich type of player, but it makes more sense than many things they could do with #1 overall. Can you tell me Stafford is better than Cassel? At least in Cassel you know he can do it, and can make good decisions plus has upside. He got the ball long to Moss, so he could get it long to CJ.

You'll notice I keep trying to give away #1 overall. I think it is overrated, and is actually at this point a burden to the worst team in the league. You can't trade it all, much less for anything of value, you have to try for a home run on a risky position because of the cap costs, and you end up with a rookie with a huge contract and lots of pressure. The #1 overall can't just work out, they have to practically be on a HOF career track within 3 years or they are a bust to your cap and team. So get rid of it Mayhew! Do what it takes other than giving it away, get something useful, and roll with #20 as your first round pick. Get a top player, or get a high 3rd rounder in exchange. Just let it be known you will use it if you keep it, but that a fire-sale is on and the "trade value chart" (which is a total crock at this point) has already been thrown on the inferno and is deader than disco.

This is a nice Daily Tribune article that talks about how at least this new front office is reaching out to fans, and including us in the team once again. Dare I hope more open camp times?? The insight from Jreffy's trip down there last year was great, and I'd love to see more things like that.

This is another in what is sure to be a long line of articles evaluating the QB class of the draft. Good early reading if nothing else.

This is an interesting scouting report on Andre Smith -- and while the Lions don't have OT on their list of needs, I've seen several places where he is also projected to be a high-caliber player at OG in the NFL, not just OT. A guy you're going to play at OG #1 overall?? Well, I guess it depends on if he is also the present to improve your OG play by a huge margin, as well as your future LT when your current aging guy goes in a couple of years. Worst case scenario, he pushes Backus in competition, and helps his play by having a solid OG next to him. Plus, if Backus is injured maybe the Lions will have a worthy backup on the roster for once instead of trying to live through Backus playing through injury. He was phenomenal in College when Hutch was next to him... about time to find a great OG to play next to him, don't you think? Just tossing it out there...


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with your assessment of the first overall pick. I feel if you finish with the worst overall record, you should be allowed to choose where you want to pick instead of being forced to choose #1 overall. Please Mayhew, trade the #1 pick and screw the draft position value chart--I cant stand that. Trade down, pick up an extra pick and still take Currey or a DT.


Isphet said...

Yup; gotta trade down, even if you don't get too much for it in return; but heck like an additional 3rd or 4th rounder; or maybe even a pick or two NEXT season, would be worth it.

If they CAN'T trade down, I think they will have to treat their selection like it isn't the first overall, anyways, and consider someone like an Aaron Curry who plays a non-traditional first pick position like QB RB WR DE or LT.

CHIEFGER139 said...

heard today-
mulitalo was let go-no big surprise sad dat for chief-stook up for him big time-oh look at that fat gut etc- but chief stuck up for him-think coach rod had it in for big guys any way and many of you-unlike petrman, cherlious, foster, especially backus, raiola he was basically unheard of-why -he was doin his job amd not gettin these stupid penalties etc- I was hopin big time hed make the roster next year-but dont blame them one bit let him earn his keep on a team wishin to make the playoffs next year-we cAN REPLACE HIM even with our 2nd 1sr rd pick- I agree with lettin him go-even if hes one of my favorites -go young at every position-and build for the future
thank you for what you gave us- but time for you to go-make us proud and make the playoffs next year-with the right team you can do it-were in the total rebuilding mode you wouldnt be happyy with us-signed the wize chirf!1

Mark inAZ said...

I agree with the first pick either trade for a player or trade down and get extra picks. I found this good read I agree with it.

Go Lions

Reverend Spielman said...

I'd love to trade the first pick too but I really don't think there are going to be any suitors this year. I say we sit down with Andre Smith, Michael Oher, Aaron Curry and maybe Stafford and see who gives us the best deal. In my opinion, salary cap flexibility in the future is going to be just as important as who we take with this pick.

Anonymous said...


I am also a big Edwin Mulitalo fan and thought he did a terrific job this year. I don't think you'll hear many complaints. Edwin has BIG CAP IMPLICATIONS. You are seeing five guys with the biggest numbers being cut right off the bat.

The roster already has charecter and hard workers. Now Schwartz and Mayhew are starting to look at key players and will try filling those roles through a few free agents, but they will not overspend. They are going to eat a little dead cap money with efforts to free up money for the next year or two. (Kinda like Lewand did already with CJ's contract and Roy Williams' contract (before they traded him). They ate cap numbers early, so they would be financially free-er the following season. The Lions are loading up for two or maybe three years down the road.

The Lions aren't sounding like big free agent investors, but if they are young enough talents, you may see a signing or two.

RIP said...

Theres a thought DetFan. Go Andre Smith with first. With second, go with Duke Robinson as starting RG, backup RT. Second round #2 WR. Then in lower rounds, pick up backup OG/C, WR/KR, and FB. Use other picks for backup defensive players. For free agency, go defensive short to mid term starters on defense.
O-line rebuilt with depth, and go with veterans on defense until later drafts replace them.

RIP said...

You would have 6 O-linemen, Backus,Smith, Riola (last year of contract), Robinson, Cherilus, and Ramirez, all with no serious previous injury.
That would be alot of dollars spent in starters. But if you could start the season with only 7 linemen on the roster, and fill another area with more depth.

RIP said...

Here is a possible trade scenerio that could make scents.
The Raiders want a Franchise LT.
They also have the rights to a player that does not want to play for them in Nnamdi Asomugha.
Swap top picks and include the rights to Franchise Asomugha.

Isphet said...

official cut list is out. No surprises on it. Bodden, D. Smith, Mulitalo, Furrey, Dan Campbell, and some dude named Jon Dunn (tackle).

Killer reported that the Lions are right around 35 million under the cap with those cuts. That's leaving quite a bit of room to afford their high draft pick talent.

RIP said...

The first wave of cuts were made to create additional cap room. There still maybe a second and third wave before Feb 27. Hopefully they have Dr. Andrews check out Dante's shoulder before they deside to keep him.
Laughed at the bloggers on Mlive. Many do not know who are the free agents from the Lions.