Tuesday, November 4, 2008


If you do nothing else today, be sure to get out and vote. This is a football blog, so no political pressure as to who or what -- but the exercising of the freedom we are granted, and the privelege of being participants in our governmnet demands that all civic minded individuals go out and vote today.

It is your Patriotic Duty.


(football related column forthcoming tonight)


Isphet said...

I love watching the projected winners and such on TV; it's so pathetic to see "McCAIN WINS XXXX or OBAMA WINS YYYY" with only 11% of the precincts reporting in the state thus far.

Kind of reminds me of picking football games after the first quarter.

CHIEFGER139 said...

too bad we cant vote to fire rod or to start stanton-whats worst they dont even let the media guys watch the practises-so not only the games are blacked out-its like all the info on the team is blacked out-hope the next gm if there is one is more open like they were in the pre-millen era
even though they were more open they seemed to be much better than this behind closed doors policy!!

ClusterFox said...

One common thread that I think is interesting to point out. Is the similarity between lions footbal and the Political season.
1) None of us have all the information that we think we do.
2)We all have very strong opinions about whats going on but most don't have a clue
3)when something major happens ( good or bad) we all are flush with optimism, until they actually start playing.

Some one help me, I'm having trouble getting motivated to even root for a win. I'd rather root against the Cowboys.
I was reading a story about Ray Lewis contract extension, and I was drooling over the draft the Ravens had. Imagine Ray Lewis and J. Ogden as your first 2 picks.Wow.

Lions please don't draft a QB in the 1st round. Please! I'll even renew my tickets next year.