Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cat Fight!

Lions vs Panthers. It's an away game, so your faithful narrator will be able to view it. Will I want to see the carnage, you ask?

Let me logic this: They got the Jags, who had just lost to two teams they should have handily beat. Their loss the week prior was to winless Cincy. They were only the 6th team EVER to play two teams back-to-back with 6 or more losses, and didn't want the distinction of going into the history books as the team that choked to said winless teams TWO WEEKS IN A ROW. They wanted it more by far than the Lions, and it showed.

This week, Carolina is coming off their arguably worst game of the season -- which they still managed to win. 4 picks and they still won. Not because they played well enough to win it, but because even though they were trying their darnedest to give the game to Oakland, the Raiders wouldn't take and said "No Thanks" and gave it back in a box wrapped in shiny silver and black paper with a shiny silver bow all nice and cozy.

The real question is, will that horrid play motivate them to come out and stomp Detroit to prove they can beat up on the bad teams -- OR -- will that horrid play make them complacent and overconfident that if they could beat Oakland while having seemingly everything go wrong, there is no way they can possibly lose to the Lions.

I'm hoping it's the second, but fearing it will be the first. We'll know in a little less than 12 hours from now.

Go Lions!! Go Washington!! (Dallas' Opponent this week)


detroitsims said...

Yeah, I hope we dont see the lions of last week!!! Well, Kevini Smith can run like he did last week but thats about it! I am just afraid that Carolina is gonna come out with mindset to destroy us and our D they way they have been playing is going to get run all over!!!

I understand where you are commin from bout the 0-16 and the #1 pick there Detfan. I guess for most of us it just justifies what we have been going through for some time now!! We will see how it goes, GO LIONS AND REDSKINS! POUND THOSE COWBOYS AND MAKE US PROUD!!!!!

Isphet said...

The Lions' O looked decent at times. We know that CJ and now K. Smith are the real deals. Gosder shows potential, he just needs consistency.

I would like to see the Lions either decide that Stanton is the long-term answer, or draft a QB this spring somewhere in the later rounds. I bet they go with a combination of Culpepper and Stanton though; and draft linesmen and LBs. QB is going to be a tough decision for an incoming GM to make though; as the Lions have major holes elsewhere, especially on D.

Isphet said...

I just had another thought. If Ford were a good GM, he would step in here and dictate who would be playing, and the young guys would start playing. Here's my thought process.

Next season- GM is gone, Head coach is gone. One person will remain: Ford. (in this case both Jr. and Sr.) It would be better for an incoming GM to know what he has in Stanton and Dizon; to have actual GAME film. Practice is one thing, but DetFan already had a great post regarding practice champions or whatever he called them.

WWJJD? (what would Jerry Jones do?) I'm not saying he's the best owner, but he's a good one. A good owner Like JJ would be hands-on with the Lions at this point and say "wait a minute, we need to look at next year" at this point and make his troops do things the way he asked. At least be active and do the best thing for the franchise, which isn't try to win games today, but plan for tomorrow.

Alas, I'm afraid we won't hear a damn thing from Ford. The Lions are just a hood ornament to him; I don't think he understands the first thing about football other than he owns the team and money both goes in and comes out.

CHIEFGER139 said...

i think culpeper shows promise-smith was a good back we got and the new blocking scheme is working,cherlious is good at times-if we had any defense at all we would be in this division-all 5-5 teams-i have good hope a great coach and gm could actually win the division next year especially with a dc who knows something-now consentrate on the defense-fix that and were mediocre instantly-i think culpeper, cj and stanton and kevin smith are the real deal if we get any offense better be lineman-cason is a good returner too-actually stan kwan is the only coach who has earned a return journey-hes improved greatly with what he has to work with-all others have failed big time!!

DetFan1979 said...

Considering how things are going for the Big 3, better hope Ford doesn't sell -- because it will surely be to an owner who will not keep the Franchise in Detroit -- there are larger, growing markets without a franchise that would jump at the chance.

As I'll write more about tonight, I did and didn't like a lot of things from the game Sunday. Daunte was one I didn't. he kind of game-managed while K. Smith carried the ball and game in the first half, but made some really boneheaded plays that cost/caused points.

We also learned Gaines can catch the ball, but can he hold onto it for once??

CHIEFGER139 said...

cant beleive the fords would ever sell the team or lose it makws ne want to buy tickets now dont take away our team

RIP said...

Daunte made a bone headed play on the last int, but I would really have to question the play design too. Calvin made the right move by going deep when he saw a tight end run into his space. The ball should have came out alot sooner, and Daunte should have recognized that there were at least 3 guys in a small area.
Other than the run defense, and particularly the LBs, I thought they played a good game. The zone blocking is greatly improved. Not dominate, but held thier own. Thats all we need from the zone at this point in the learning curve.