Thursday, November 27, 2008

Be Thankful...

Whether it was spending time with family, friends, or alone. Take a moment out before the end of the day, and be thankful for what you have.

Well, my Turkey came out with nice crispy skin and juicy, tender skin. The Lions got Salmonella Surprise. Well, not really a surprise - but sickening none the less.

Just a very few thoughts that hit me between downing eggnog, mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, and Titans rushing TD's:

1. Dwayne White is an average end. Cory Smith was doing "an admirable job trying to fill in for Dwayne White." The meaning of this is that he wasn't playing as well as White, which makes him a below average end. Cliff Avril, however, was not. He looked great out there, and if White is still out after the bye, I can see no reason that he shouldn't be starting (which is why he will be on the bench) His hit on Collins, sack-fumble-return to the 2 was the best Lions play of the game.

2. I feel sorry for anyone facing someone in Fantasy Football this week whose opponent had any of these three players: Chris Johns, Lendale White, Titans D/ST

3. The Lions were still making the same mistake on the first two TD runs on defense that they made against Carolina -- the LB and Dline all bit on a run right and the offense ran a designed cutback instead through a wide open hole where it was 15 yards to the next Lions defender. Change the opposing jersey colors, and it you would mistake for the exact same play. Thus, not only are the Lions not adjusting in game, they are not adjusting game to game.

4. Kevin Smith would have gained more yards attempting to run straight into a brick wall without his helmet on as to keep running straight up the middle at Albert Haynesworth. What, exactly, was the plan there??

5. If Chris Johnson had been given 25 carries, would he have broken Adrian Peterson's single game rushing record by 20 yards, or 50 yards? With 30 carries I think he could have topped 300 all by his lonesome. Not just talent -- it was the holes I could drive my minivan through on the defensive front

6. I taped the game, but really can't think why I will re-watch it anytime soon

7. Are they ever going to activate Landon Cohen, and could he possibly be worse than Chuck Darby or Shaun Cody at this point?

Finally, some lighthearted humor. I found a couple of recruits for the Lions next year. Note how the far..umm...player drags both feet to keep them in-bounds on the green field. Mrs. DetFan1979 and I, along with the kids, laughed endlessly at this little promo Yahoo! had over their logo this Thanksgiving of two Turkeys playing football. My favorite parts are when the Jason Hanson Turkey goes flying, and the TD dance. There are 4 different little skits. Scroll your mouse over it to get the next one - you can maximize it in your browser window for full effect.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Coming Soon! Why the Lions should make the move to a 3-4 defense next season


CHIEFGER139 said...

0-16 here we come!! I think were actually getting worst as the season moves on-dont see a win in any of the remaining games and if we did beat one of them-other than dungy i think the coach would be fired on the spot-were that bad!!

RIP said...

Here is a thought. Take the college All-Americans after the bowl season, give them one week of practice and let them beat up on the Lions in a scimmage. Just one week is all they need for familiarazation of teammates. They only have to watch the last Lion's game film to plan and win.

Isphet said...

I've been trying to look up the worst Defenses in NFL history to see if the Lions have a shot at at least a few of those records. Especially run defenses.

So far, I haven't found too much info. I'll keep looking.

millersco said...

Its amazing how much we have digressed defensively, and not improved at all in any aspect of defense. Do we even have a linebacker coach? Didn't we pick up a new secondary coach from Tampa that was supposed to be very good. It seems the team has given up. I can remember a few years ago when Big Baby was hurt, we were playing the Jets and they ran thru us like butter, and did so the rest of the year while he was out. Same again now and when he was hurt last year. Our run defense is never going to be good until we get another big DT and a MLB that can actually tackle and teams are afraid of. DT in the draft I don't know, but we need Ray M from USC. We need a game changer on defense, we passed on Willis and we can't do that twice.

RIP said...

I agree that a DT and middle LB should be our top off season priorities. More so the a QB.
Funny thing I saw during the Tampa Bay game was that the Will Lb was over pursueing the middle of the defense like the Lion's always do. Perhaps that's part of the Tampa Two defense.
There has not been a defensive tackle drafted first overal since Big Daddy. Typically teams highest paid players are QB, LT, and DE. Do the Lion's draft a DT first overal?
The Lion's are set for now at LT. When healthy, Backus has been average or better than than most. Our problems over the last few years has been the right side of the line and no presence of pocket Kitna. When Jeff has been nicked up with leg injuries was when he play was bad. Lion's had no body to fill in while Jeff was hurt.
So will the Lion's draft position, where do they start. DT? Too high. MLB? Too high. LT? Not top need. QB? Too risky and the lines should be at a higher priority. Free agency? Not at DT, MLB, or LT.
So if they can not trade out of the first position, what do the Lion's do? They probably should take less value for a trade of thier first pick, draft for needs and save on thier salary cap.

millersco said...


I agree trade down if at all possible. Everyone says taking a MLB in the top 5 is too high, but I don't see why we would want to waste another number 1 pick on a QB. We already tried that. Oakland did it, were are they, I would rather have CJ than their QB tho. We need defense. Who wouldn't have taken Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher in the top 5, we get way too wrapped around the axle about what we can take in the top 5 or 10. Ray M won't be there by the time our Dallas pick rolls around. Just like Mayo wasn't. I would even go for the OSU CB Jenkins rather than a QB if we got stuck with the #1 pick. I hope we can trade down a few spots. Too much money for uncertainty.

Isphet said...

Looks like the Lions all but wrapped up the first pick in the draft this year. Unless they miraculously win TWO of their remaining 4 games. KC beat Oakland, so the next worst team to the Lions is the Bengals at 1-10-1, then a slew of teams at 2-10.

It seems silly to say "trade the number one pick" at this point. Depends on what the draft looks like; it's hard to tell who will be in the draft and what condition they will be in for it at this point. Trading the first pick is harder than it sounds; it sounds good to say "trade it for a whole lot of picks," but the likelihood of that happening isn't really very high.

Should be an interesting ifseason though, eh? I'd say it's 90% that the Lions get the first pick at this point. Gonna be a new whole managerial staff and coach.. man, it's gonna be crazy.

CHIEFGER139 said...

WE may be one of the best teams who can handle some 1st rounders-and leylands defense he did great freeing us of our cap space crunch next year and better yet-we only have a few guys worth keeping-pay them-via cj and hanson-as far as im concerned any other high players like redding, white even sims you can let them go or offer them a paycut-keep cherlious but dont pay him anymore-we are in great shape to pay some top notch young guys to stay here-our weaknesses now will be our strengths signing new young guys!! A new good gm can really lay down a nice foundation and I cant see us losin much more of anything-who wants them?? kitna may have some value-maybe culpeper if he finally does something-but no one worth breaking the bank over-id keep bullocks for sure too-but he shouldnt demand much bucks either-maybe we are as pitiful as a franshise team-but that leaves the new gm his free will to do whatever-i dont think too many fans would cry over losin anyone anymore except cj-hes the only one!!

CHIEFGER139 said...

i posted this on m-live
your thoughts??
i guess beating the vikes now is out of question-now im thinkin the saints or even the pack at the pack could be our hope?? think of it as needing just one win to clinch a playoff spot-thats all we need-a tough schedule a head and were failing big time-so you look for that one win that saves us-this is all the more important-forget playoffs-forget anything-this is savin us from being the worst team ever-get it from being the worst ever!!
still thinkin indy might give it to us cause dungy's such a claas guy to save rod from eternal coaching failure?? your thoughts??
will we win one??

millersoc said...


Yes I don't see us winning any games. There doesn't seem to be enough fight left in our team. We can't stop the run so we will continue to get crushed. We play terrible at home, everyone is getting "injured", not much hope.
The only thing to look forward to is to watch the rookies play. Redding, Cody and Darby should have a seat and 50, Avril, Cohen, and Fluellen should be playing every game for now on. What can they do, what can they show.

CHIEFGER139 said...

millersoc's got it right
but i just posted this on m-live hopefully detfan 79-addresses the urgent situation!! any true lions fab should!! read my post and see what you think??
"you all
are ignoring the egent moment of the situation-win one game and we escape eternity of being the worst team ever-puts us up with the carnails the saints the panthers etc who never made the superbowl ets-but lose the next 4 and were eternally the worst team ever and until we win it all will be remembered that way-who left can we beat?? many said the vikes at home?? i also think the saints may give it to us-if there out??
maybe we finally end it at the pack-chances are the out of it-or maybe dungy-knowin they make the playoffs eitherway saves rod from being the worst coach ever lets him win one at indy?? hes the only coach i know who could allow us to win-and doesnt get fired?? your thoughts-win one aviod eternity!!"

ok fans your thoughts!!

CHIEFGER139 said...

det fan79
time for one of your polls--big time-do you want the lions to win one game and avoid history as the worst team ever or lose them all and make history as the worst team in nfl history??