Thursday, November 20, 2008

GM Talk

I was a little tired of looking back over how tape.

So I decided to do a little "WWFD" -- double for What Will Ford Do? This, of course, is usually followed by a whole lot of "WTMDFDN" -- which of course stands for What The Millen Did Ford Do Now???

Don Banks put together a very compelling case for why the Lions need new blood -- and also for why the Patriots' Scott Pioli would be a good choice. Earlier in the year, my biggest criticism was that Brady at QB can cover up a lot of other flaws in team building. Of course, Matt Cassel has helped prove the Patriots are a top echelon team -- with or without Brady. Sure, Brady was better but how well Cassel is doing is directly proportional to the overall strength and performance of the team.

I have to say, I've given it some thought, and I agree that Pioli would make an excellent GM, and as the Falcons' Dimitriof is proving, he knows how to train and pick his personnel as well --- which is equally, or in some cases more, important than personal talent. Pioli is an avid and successful draft day trader, and has had a keen eye in signing veteran FA --- even before the SB runs made New England a choice spot. Remember when he started, New England was as much a laughing stock of the League as the Lions. He helped build them and stock them with talent.

This fact is also true: Of all the franchises in the NFL none is more attractive this ifseason than the Detroit Lions for a man of vision and drive, and the determination to go into the Hall of Fame. I'm as serious as the chances of the Lions going 0-16. If Pioli can go from helping build the 3 time SB Champion, with even more trips to the big dance, 16-0 regular season team from a lower echelon club -- imagine the cementing of his status as the prime architect of returning the Lions to their 1950's status of the dominating team in the league?? Especially starting at the end of a long trail of ineptitude leading to a winless season?!? (may 1-15, but you see my point...)

With nowhere to go but up, how far he takes them would be the measure of the man. If he truly is as passionate as they say. If he truly demands, not strives for, greatness and ultimate team of talented guys willing to do whatever it takes to win -- and with what Ford will offer to pay him, give him in terms of power, the facilities he will have to work with, the starving fan base looking for hope -- and the knowledge he'll have more than enough time to see it through (considering he will know he will do better than Millen -- and he lasted 8 years....)

How does he not take it? How does he not rob coaching and scouting departments of key guys? There are any number of top tier coaches or candidates who would jump at the chance to come in and work with Pioli because of the high degree of respect he garners league-wide. He would instantly legitimize the Detroit Lions once again as a competitive franchise as no other candidate could.


Anonymous said...

well stated,i just read of a,clean house movement to plead with wcf,get rid of everyone associated with the millen era.every time i think they might keep meyhew/lewand i get ill.

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I've posted. I've been busy with hockey and actually got sucked into coaching a sport I never played and only know about from watching.

I'm having a ball, but I've drowned myself into practice plans and find myself prepping for 2 hours for a 50 minute practice. I've set up a system and have the whole season laid out. I then have little trick plays laid out for the kids to spring on an unsuspecting team when we have a tight game.

Why can't the Lions? One fake field goal. One run off punt formation. A wide receiver pass from CJ. Hell the kid played baseball in college. Especially when every team in the league has nightmares of this kid running the reverse just like he did against the Bucs last year....the last time the Lions had an "Ace in the Hole".

That's why Marinelli should be gone. He is practice. He is preparation. He is clawing the wall, getting back up, and doing it again. He is stability.

He isn't the whimsical poker player with a dashing smile and a hidden trick. He isn't slight of hand and make-you-miss. He is beat you up and take what comes.

Rod Marinelli---"I'll Rochambeau you for it". That's it. (from South Park fame). 'I'll kick you in the nuts, and then you kick me in the nuts....and the last one standing gets the Cheesy Poofs.
The trick is, Rod got kicked in the nuts, and then before he got back up, the bag of Cheesy Poofs was gone.

No kick back. Game Over. Just that horrible painful feeling of being kicked in the nuts and holding an empty bag as the little fat kid walks away saying, Nah nah nah nah nah nah.

Wrestle the bear...or outsmart it. Other NFL teams are eating berries, and we're still rolling in the pickers.

It's one thing to know your opponent and know what he's going to do. It's another to lead him down an alley, back him in, then set the trap. Sorry Rod, trap is set. I think you're a helluva guy, I think you're a coach I'd love to follow into battle. Just don't plan the battle. This is where you can see Martz (despite all of his quirky, wierd, god-like, holier-than-thou mentaliity) had a role on this team. Rod never reeled him in, so he got the boot. It wasn't Mike's fault he was horrible at clock was Rod's. He never stepped up.

And neither is Mike Singletary. After usurping the coach (Mike Nolan), Martz screwed up the final 48 seconds of the game last week and lost the game due to poor clock management. He then out-Martzed himself and called a fullback draw with no timeouts and lost the game with the clock ticking away.

Who will take the fall in San Fran. Mike.


CHIEFGER139 said...

killer finally answered 2 of my questions today on his lunch blog-he also answered ones from willy and the pope who ive called a dope on m-live but hes not he has good questions and like he says i have no credibility predicting a 11-5 season. guess what my 1st question was now that smiths healthy bench fisher-he agrees but only if smith is healthy enough-so det fan79 your not the only one to agree with me the media does too-the 2nd one they answered was will furry and mc donald be back or will we look for a number 2 receiver-killer said furry will be back has another year on his contract but mc donald will be picked up via free agency especially if martz is still around.
also said they still may address a receiver in the draft-just what we need huh??
a blooger mentioned perorili and said brady and many key predessors that built new england got brady and the others before peroli took reins and hes the benifactor of his predesors success and that actually reese is a more true gm
"Killer, isn't Pioli (at least to some degree) living off his predecessor's draft selections/acquistions? Indeed, most of the key veterans were acquired before his time. Pioli really hasn't done that well in the draft and Reese has a far better draft track posted by freebird
your thoughts on this?? is reese the more wize choice!!
ps bench fisher!!!

millersco said...

Pioli would be excellent for Detroit. The issue will be how set is WCF on changing everything and does Ford JR support Mayhew? If things go well with Daunte, he might be back.

As far as receivers, lets see how Standeford does before we put another pick on WR. He is tall, think 6"3" and can catch balls that Mac isn't going to. Daunte seemed to be able to find him, as did Stanton in the pre-season.

Anonymous said...

My whole issue is (in picking a new G.M.) I would like to see someone with a marked, measured past. I would not want to trod with an unknown commodity. Millen was an unknown to the GM world. Rod Marinelli was an unknown to the coaching world. There was no measuring stick as to measure them before their time on Detroit, and we bit the bitter pill for taking the risk.

OK, I know...toss all the first time GM's and coaches up there. You'll have a laundry list of successful people, and that is fine. But I think you have a bunch of hard working people on this roster. That is the one thing you have here in Detroit. That is depth. Now you need skill.

The quick way to bring in skilled people who don't want to wait four years for a rebuild is to bring in a proven successful benchmark who lends instant credibility to your program. Pros that are hungry for that first title want to take chances with up-and-coming teams.

I also don't know if Floyd Reece is the pedigree that we want or need. I don't know if his philosophy lines up with the Fords. But I would rather see the Lions look at a known commodity rather than an unknown up-and-comer.

Ron Rivera, now a defensive coordinator for a second-rate defense. (Not really, but with all their injuries they aren't as potent).

Mike Singletary - interim (mooons players as show of embarrasment) May fall out of grace and not retained in the City by the Bay.

Herm Edwards - mortgaged a draft around picking him up to run the Arrowhead; hasn't looked good so far.

Sure you also have Sporano, Zorn, and Smith (Falcons), but what about the tireless efforts of systems like Shanhan, Belichek (Mangini), Dungy, Smith (Bears), and Fisher. Coaches who blend their message tirelessly like Cowher used to do (and now Tomlin and Wisenhut).

And that is why if Bill Cowher were not wanting to come back as a coach, I would make him a GM, and want Russ Grimm as a coach (if so appointed). Russ played in a Redskin system, and coached under a Cowher system. He understands how to draft, and Cowher would know how to apply and pick the pieces. I would retain a cap specialist to assist Cowher as he may not understand the contract part of the role.