Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cats or Pirates?

The game is blacked out, so I will once again only have highlights/lowlights, descriptions etc to go from this week. This is especially disappointing as I think the Lions may get their first win this week. The Lions always play the Bucs really hard. Earnest Graham, their #1 back just went on IR (to the chagrin of legions of FFB Owners, considering the matchup.)

Last season, the Lions were able to beat the Bucs in Tampa. Can they beat them again this year? It really depends, once again, on two things:

Which Offense shows up? The one that paved the way for 100+ yards for Kevin Smith, or the one that allows a half dozen sacks and entire halves without scoring?

Which Defense shows up? The one that held Adrian Peterson in check, or the one that let two different backs on the same team surpass 120 yards each??

If both sides of the team show up, AND play the whole game -- then I think that the Lions have a shot. They have been perilously close a few times. Unfortunately, to get out of the first slot in the draft the Lions are going to need to win at least two, and have Cincy lose out. That is because Cincy, with its 1-8-1 record would pick after Lions squad with one win.

Great thoughts and comments on the GM discussion -- I'm sure as the season winds down and the Ifseason kicks in, that and much else will be debated here!

Go Lions!!!


jreffy said...

DF, I have a way of being able to view the games online. Pretty good quality and I've gotten it to work two weeks in a row now. Look for me on yahoo tomorrow and I'll get you hooked up.

detroitsims said...

Yeah, they started out so well jumpin to a 17-0 lead in the first quater. Agter that...There really wasnt any offense!!! Special teams allwoed a TD, 2int's for Culpepper one going for a TD. Stanton came in part way into the 3rd and had to leave the game cause he got pancaked by a DE and cot a concussion. Smithy looked good again today but they took him out at some point and was checkin out his knee so I am hoping its nothin serious!!! Allin all...SAME OLD LIONS!

RIP said...

At least cats have claws, and they sure did not steal anything. Unless you want to say thier first TD was a steal (give me). You know who was in a giving mood again. The first TD he ran outside of the hash marks in the T-2 zone giving TB an easy open skinny post TD to the slot receiver. The second TD was his man who ran past 5 yards from the line of scrimmage for an easy long TD.
You know who was chewwed out by his position coach after the first one. Maybe it was just my perception, but the player just seemed to look him off during the chew. I have been on his case since the first game. Maybe by not putting his name anywhere, his play will change.