Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Danny Boy, Where are you?

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Carolina and Tampa Bay are wins if Dan Orlovsky were still under center and healthy?

It was another brutal week of QB play in Detroit. Culpepper was back to the vintage Culpepper we've come to know. No, not MVP Culpepper - I mean the inaccurate, throws at his WR's feet, makes dumb throws to the other team, and has trouble holding onto the football Daunte of Miami and Oakland days. I'm sure he looks good in practice against the Detroit defense -- who wouldn't? But seriously, was he really playing better than DanO did? Answer: No. Orlovsky was bringing more spark a fight to both the offense and defense -- and he was getting better week to week. The improvement was there.

As for Drew Stanton? Let's just say that concerns for his ability to stay healthy are not going away any time soon. For the sake of next year's draft -- and the future of the Lions -- I hope DanO gets healthy, finishes the year well, and gets a contract extension/offer from Detroit.

He will get paid in free agency -- even if it is as a solid veteran backup, or as a stop-gap while a franchise guy is waiting in the wings. Even my boss the Bears fan said he wouldn't mind seeing the Bears sign DanO this ifseason -- let him compete with Orton, and no matter who wins the signing would solidify their team.

I've said this once already, so I won't beat home the point too much more (at least for now). Detroit needs to keep DanO for a few years -- 3-4 year contract. He is good with upside -- good enough and young enough to allow the team to fill other needs first (such as the Oline, and the entire defense, minus about 3 or 4 guys). With so many holes to fill, the Lions can't afford to be gambling on an early round QB. It is like playing Russian Roulette, and putting 4 bullets in the 6 shooter. That is the success rate of 1st/2nd round QB's in the draft.

Thanksgiving should sell out, so I will be able to watch it. Unfortunately, coming off their first loss of the season the 10-1 Titans are going to be pissed and looking for blood. They just got embarrassed by the Jets -- do you really think any player there even wants to entertain the notion of following that up by losing to Detroit? Or even allowing Detroit in the game at all? I mean, its 0-11 DETROIT!

Both the offense and defense showed up like I hoped -- for one quarter. Then it was back to the inconsistency. If they could put together four quarters in a row like the first one, they would be a playoff contender. Hands down. Really that consistency and ability to adjust throughout the game is what separates the good teams from the bad in this league. The Lions are not a good team. They may get a lucky strike here or there, but on the whole they are vanilla, predictable, and lackluster. Where is the urgency? Where is the fight? You see it with some individual guys...but not in the team as a whole.

Where are you Danny Boy? At least you can tell who is on your team... for the most part... comparably speaking, of course.

Thursday: In an attempt to top starting a QB with 4 days of practice, they make a move to Drew Henson with none with the first team after Culpepper suffers an "undisclosed soreness in his surgically repaired knee" after realizing the Titans D is going to massacre whatever credibility he had left to national viewers. "Because of what he did in college, and in know, he's hung around a long time and he deserves this chance." says Marinelli at halftime of Henson. "And we really have no one else. Can anyone else throw the ball who even remotely knows this collection of crap we call an offense? Anyone? Anyone? (sit down Rodney! You're retired - and what are you doing down by the field anyways?? In pads and uniform no less??)"


RIP said...

DanO is a good game QB. All he did at U Conn was win while he was a 4 year starter. When he played there, U Conn was receiving respect within thier conference. He brought them to new hieghts as far as won-loss and a couple respectable bowls. Hope was that thier teams after he graduated would stay as contenders.

Isphet said...

While I think Dan O. has more of an upside than Culpepper, I don't think he's much better right now. I'm not so sure he would have made that much of a difference.

I think the Lions this year are destined to go 0-16, no matter what happens. Their defense is SO bad; I think that whatever the offense does is a moot point; the defense will find SOME way to give up more points that the Lions score, period.

I think Dan O. and Stanton will both be given a good look by the new GM, and might even stick on the roster, but I doubt either one will be the starter next year. I can't help but think a new GM will totally clean house as much as they can in one year and go to free agency or the draft for a vast majority of next years' starters.

QB, TE, at least 2 OL positions, at least 2 DL positions, 2LBs, and at least 1CB and 1 safety. And those are just the starters.

CHIEFGER139 said...

i see culpeper as the starter all our remaining games and our starter next year-he hasnt had time to learn the plays yet or get the rust out and you seen hes capable of throwing the deep one to cj-something kitna couldnt do either to cj or roy-i dont see dan-o coming back- i think hensen actually might not be that bad and I hope he gets some real playing time thursday-hopefully the 4th quater in a mop up role as the titans will have the game well in hand

RIP said...

I would not mind keeping Culpepper, Kitna (last year on contract at backup/starter money), and Dan O. Have a true open QB competition next year for chances are an improved team next year still will not be playoff bound.
It appears that the speed in the NFL is too fast for Stanton.