Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Robinson Interview

There was a nice interview (thought short) with Ramzee Robison conducted by Sean Yuille for Pride of Detroit. It's a nice quick read, with some insight from Ramzee on being picked, making the roster, and what it's like. We see them as with/without talent for the team, and sometimes forget they are young men in a several month long interview -- that all comes down to one hour.
(like Dungy, I have heard Marinelli asks that all the final cutdown calls be made in a certain hour so that guys know if they don't get a call in that time, that they are safe for the time being. Haven't been able to confirm this though.)

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Anonymous said...

That was a great interview. It is refreshing to read something like that in comparison to COW BELLs. I will comment on that on your other blog in a min.... But what he said about representing the "rest of us" was profound. Because he just said he was one of us! How awesome is that to have a player look at his professionalism as representing the people, and NOT himself. You could see the work he put in over the IFSEASON during the past for games. He was always breaking up something, body slamming a back or being near the ball. Thanks now have a new fan.