Wednesday, September 24, 2008

End of an Era? Or Glazer coating facts?

Jay Glazer is less than perfect in his predictions of imminent unemployment (see: Lane Kiffin still coach of the Raiders...for now...after Glazer reported he would definitely be canned on Monday.) However, I felt the urgent need to post this for all Lions fans. DetSims directed me to this earlier today (before it hit Mlive, which it apparently has now)

Here is a link pointing to a story that Matt Millen is... Gone - Done - Finito as GM of the Lions!

[UPDATE: Shefter added his thoughts as well, although still no official word out of Allen Park.]

I'm going to hold out hope until there is an official announcement. Now, remember as I said yesterday the Lions will not instantly turn it around -- the damage has been done. Not only has the barn door been held open for the livestock to escape for 8 years+, but the Barn has been burned to the ground, and then stomped on by its' angry ex-tenants.

If this is true, and doesn't light a fire under the coaching staff and players to lay it all out there or else, I don't know what will.

Here's hoping!

Go Lions!!!


jreffy said...

Fellow DF1979 bloggers, a word of warning.

DO NOT jump on the Bill Cowher bandwagon. I like the guy too, but I like him as a coach. Just like the case with Millen, what GM experience does he have? He's a great coach, don't get me wrong, but didn't Mike Holmgren encounter some difficulties when he was handed GM power in Seattle?

The Lions are much better off looking to raid the front office of a team that has a tradition of drafting and developing talented players (Green Bay, Pittsburgh, etc.). Not only are they getting someone with more direct GM experience, they will also get them a lot cheaper.

Anyway, I'll be curious as to when they start making a push for GM. In my opinion, they should start the search now, but I have no clue what league rules are as far as interfering or if teams will even allow their personnel to be interviewed during the season. Either way, they need to start researching now.

DetFan1979 said...

I am with you on this one, and don't get the man-love for Cowher as GM. Even during his SB run, he never had control over personnel in Pittsburgh.

I am in total agreeance that they need to raid a successful front office -- one that knows how to scout!! -- for a more expereinced executive.

NO first time GM's -- Cowher included. As a new coach? Lets wait on the coaching front until we see how Marinelli handles the remainder of the season if indeed Millen is gone and the ship is sinking under him.

Maybe it will push him to give his rookies a chance to see what they can do out of deference to starting the re-build now, so the new GM knows what he's got on the team before the end of the season.

So many possibilities... and it should be given a lot of thought.

jreffy said...

I don't know if "no first-time GMs" is the way to go. It's difficult to pull GMs away from successful teams, not to mention expensive. The better way to go is the way head coaches are found. Pull the assistants off of other successful coaching staffs.

Speaking with my father briefly, he mentioned something about Spielman's brother being one of the main personnel guys over in Pittsburgh, anyone know anything about that?

I'm much in favor of bringing over another team's "assistant GM", than hiring a GM away from a team (hard to find successful ones who want to leave their current situation).

DetFan1979 said...

I should have been more specific Jreffy -- no more First Time executives -- I want someone with front office experience, and yes -- promoting a successful assitant from a successful team, or a director of college scouting from a team that drafts wells would be great additions.

thanks for catching that -- it needed clarification.

jreffy said...

I figured. We're in agreement then. Time to start researching the buzz about various GM/front-office types.

Anonymous said...

The Big Tuna is a rookie and seems to be putting together a team with a brighter future then the Lions organization has ever seen.

/Just saying, I could really care less as long as the new hire gives this coaching staff a chance to swim or sink and not just clean house and start over from scratch. IMO, It probably isn't needed but who am I to kid I'm on the outside looking in and seem to be inpressed by what I read but not really impressed on game day.