Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Bell"boy for Rudi? [updated]

I first saw this story yesterday evening, and was hesitant to post it as there is only one unnamed source to confirm it, but it was just too crazy to leave off the radar.

You can decide for yourself if the Lions' former #2 back is Tatum Bell, or Tatum Bellhop...?

[As Jreffy commented, apparently a source of Killer's has confirmed the "rumor". I'm still trying to catch my breath from laughing so hard.]


jreffy said...

Apparently the story was confirmed today to Killer.

All I can say is...priceless. This is just one of those things that, while meaningless, also is just too darn funny to ignore.

Let the downpour of Bell jokes begin!

ClusterFox said...

I love that Rudi called him a Shyster.

On a serious note, this guy just made 500 grand for a 1/2 a**ed attempt at making our roster. Then he's going to steal $200 out of some other players bags that they know he had.
I was wondering why some of these pros continue to hang out with shady characters and put themselves in dangerous situations, but this takes the cake for pure idiotic behavior. I wanted him gone after the first preseason game, now I just hope he remains unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this keeps getting better (or worse for scroTATUM).

I first saw this yesterday on PFT, and tossed it in the previous blog.

The original story just said the bags were ganked, and it sounded like they were left ouside Millen's office when Rudi (and agent) went in to negotiate.

Now the other details about items missing from the bag, and a third party dropping them back off (a female whom Tatum hadn't seen in six months) really makes you think Tatum was upset about being cut. I really wish he would've showed this type of emotion at ANY TIME during the Ifseason or pre-season.

For whom the BELL tolls, it tolls for thee, scroTATUM.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Bell just get married prior to the offseason workouts or training camp. I seem to remember that he did.

If memory serves and his new wife gets wind of new hubby Tatum stealing another man's underpants,,,,,, well ,,,,, well all I can say is it ain't going to be pretty.

Go Lions

Anonymous said...


You are correct. Tatum was missing a few OTA's due to the honeymoon and wedding. I think it's kinda funny that Tatum is now visiting an "old g'friend of some sort" to hide the luggage. Very interesting.

JJLions20 said...

Maybe we just call him Dumb-Bell. Houston with his connection with Kubiak would have signed him. So he steals a couple bags and in turn gives up hundreds of thousands of dollars. He will have a hard time being picked up by team. How could he even step in another locker room?