Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No more cow Bell, please

Since I went against my better judgement and posted the link to one part of this story, I do feel compelled to post up Tatum's side of things. This does hone in on the fact that we will likely never know what really happened - Birkett talked with him, not me.

While it is standard practice to box-up and ship out a players personal effects that are left behind when they are cut, many choose to take those items themselves. So it could be a misunderstanding as Bell indicates. However it is settled, no matter who was right or wrong we do need to be sure to think before jumping to judgement. I held off posting the story because it didn't feel quite right - and still doesn't - especially now that the national media is hopping on the circus train.

I'm sure we don't know all the real details and never will. Chief had a great point on this, and I'm re-posting it here because it really strikes home.

Now, how bout that Falcons game coming up??

Posted by CHIEFGER139 on 09/03/08 at 9:56PM
I HATE TO STICK UP FOR TATUM AGAINbut i am-sure the security cameras caught him on tape but it sounds like tatums already gonna give him his money back, and pay for any loses-the guy fells sick about it-many of you guys are knieve how things go-and here how you think he talks malkes him guility-the chief dont talk so great either but must tell you true story of chiefs life-when i was 18 and workin at a pizza parlor my dad got me a old beater car as a graduation present-and dad knew chief earned scarolship and would be 1st in family to go to college-my younger sisters boyfriend who worked me begged me to borrow my car -said he had to go to night school and couldnt miss-i said no but kept hammering me he did this even in front of my bosses-i finaly gave in and gave him the keys- he went out and robbed a gas station with some friends and my car-the police ided my car from the plate-i told them everything-the truth-as they arrested me as i was still at work- the owner of the station was there he said thats him hes the guy who robbed me even though i was working at the time-i spent that night in jail-luckily the guy who borrowed my car was caught by police dogs and that confirmed my story and i was released the next day with apologies but they were ready to put me away for along time. i know you like to think everything is cut and dry but itis notgive tatum his fair deal he needs itps glad we cut him and brought in rudiLIONS GREAT IN 2008-PLAYOFFS AND BEYOND!!!

I'm with Chief - Go Lions Great in 2008 Playoffs and Beyond!


Isphet said...

I'm getting tired of this story, myself. However, here's an interesting point:

"During the meeting, which ended with Johnson agreeing to a free-agent contract, the two Gucci bags that he had received as a Pro Bowl gift were taken from inside the team’s headquarters." (Associated Press)

It's probably pretty difficult to mistake you own standard bags for special Gucci gift bags given only to people at the pro bowl. I haven't been able to find images of the bags themselves, but my guess is that they are at least remarkable and out of the ordinary if not personalized with an embroidered name tag.

If I had to bet money or my life, I would bet that this was an intentional act of jealousy and stupidity, and I would bet that way with no reservations. It's just a little too shady of a circumstance.

At what point do you realize that the bag isn't yours? When you first open it up and can smell that the stuff inside doesn't smell the same as yours (either because it's dirty or because the other guy uses a different fabric softener or detergent?) When you realize that the underwear inside is a different brand or size than yours? How about when you open up the bag and credit cards are taken out that don't have your name on it?

So either 1-Tatum opened them and took everything, or

2- the woman that was given the bags did. Imagine the path taken for this scenario to be true: Tatum has identical pro-bowl gift Gucci bags, picked up Rudi's instead, and passed them off to a woman that he hadn't seen for a few months without bothering to open them first.

The truth is probably this:
Tatum steals the luggage and stashes it at the woman's house just to be a jerk.
He was probably sleeping with the woman but hadn't contacted her for months, so to get back at Tatum she opens the bags and takes some of his stuff, then realizes that it isn't his, but doesn't really care anyways because it's still money and it still gets back at Tatum.

Time for me to stop watching Law and Order marathons! I'd much rather have football to watch; need some games!

Anonymous said...

You know Isphet, produced a great scenario sounds the most likely. But all of it is irrelevant, because he took it a womans house he had not seen in months...If he had taken it HOME then all he had to do was HIMSELF return it to Rudi, and none of this would have been an issue. It is for this reason, I see all of it as a lie. It was aggravation, spite and jealousy that was his motivation. Whether he was picking up Victor's bag or not is not even the issue. IF that was the case, Victor should have stood up and said hey " I did ask him to retrieve my bag." Could it be that Victor did ask someone to retrieve the bag, Tatum picked it up, and was going to use that as an excuse should he got caught, but if he was not caught...he would not have said a word? Something to think about for two ...two...ok I have thought about it....Don't care anymore and cannot wait until sunday!!!


JJLions20 said...

This issue is getting skewed. Let's forget about the money and credit cards missing. The real issue is Did Bell take the bags knowing they were Rudi's, or did he make a mistake after Degrate asked him to pick up his bags. Well this is very easy to figure out. If Degrates bags were there needing to be picked up by Bell, then they would still be there. Degrate has nothing to lose by coming out and saying he asked Tatum to pick up his bags. But he hasn’t. Bell could easily prove Degrate sent him that text message (as reported earlier). Just get the cell company to produce the message and show it to the press.

Since Degrates bags are not in the Lions facilities, Degrate has not come forward and said he asked Bell to pick up the bags, and Bell has not produced that text message from Degrate, or any text messages he sent Degrate about the bags....

Well, you draw your own conclusion. Since there is no evidence to suggest Degrate asked Bell to get the bags, then it's easy to conclusion that Bell knew they were Johnsons when he took them. Everything that happened after that doesn't change what started this all.