Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Millen Update: Confirmation of Firing

While not yet confirmed, according to various news outlets, including Killer, something is definitely up in Allen Park. Without even waiting for confirmation, conjecture as to what will happen now and who the next GM will be is already swirling in full force -- including Killer's comments on WDFN...

Stay tuned for more info. Also, I commented on why I don't want Cowher for GM on the prior post, but will go into more depth on this topic once more facts are known, and I've had time to think it over...


[UPDATE: Killer is indicating that a team official has confirmed the firing of Matt Millen!! More celebration and discussion to follow!!]


Isphet said...

The end of an era... *sniff*

So, this year is officially Kaput?

I wonder if the next GM will keep Marinelli (possible but they'll almost certainly make him forget his Tampa 2 and his offensive philosophy and fire his coaches, so not likely.)

The GM search in these next months is going to completely determine the success or failure of this franchise in the years to come. Here's hoping they take it seriously.

With the horrible identity of the Lions; this is going to have to be one hell of an amazing hire. The Lions have NO credibility; so their hire should logically be a guy whose name will instantly make them a credible team. Cowher or Dungy are probably the biggest names out there that would bring instant credibility to the organization at a first glance. There may be others out there.

It would be interesting to see if Dungy were hired; he would probably keep Marinelli around, wouldn't you think?

DetroitSims said...


Isphet said...

I think we should start making a list of possible future GMs mentioned by the media. It would be interesting to keep track of all the names tossed out there beginning today through to the end of the season.

Here's the first inklings of the list:

Brian VanOchten (9/24) mentioned:
Bill Cowher (duh)
Floyd Reese - Former Titans GM when they went to the Super Bowl. Was a Lions coach early in his career.
listed longshots:
Jimmy Johnson
Brian Billick
Charlie Casserly (former Washington GM)

jreffy said...

NO to Cowher, and NO to Billick.

Although I like Billick as a coach (not necessarily for the Lions), I don't think he has the personell experience.

The Lions need to go outside the organization and hire someone or a group of people to evaluate the franchise and do the GM search FOR them.

If the Ford's have proven anything, it's that they can't hire a GM worth beans. So hire someone else to do it. Call up Ron Wolf and hire him temporarily to find the next killer GM, ANYTHING, just don't do it yourself Ford.

Isphet said...

Jreffy- at this point i'm not going to say who i would or wouldn't want or why i would want them or not; I just think it is going to be totally crazy with how many people get mentioned as possibilities in the months to come.

You're so dead on regarding the hiring of the actual GM though. The WORST thing Ford can do at this poin is pick him on his own. Get a genius to help you hire, based on an outsider's opinion of the Lions organization and what they need.

I have a feeling that they'll end up going for the biggest name they can go for in the end; because this organization lacks credibility. They will need to hire someone that gives them instant credibility to have a prayer of it working, I would think.

This is gonna be a loooong drawn out process. I just hope for all of our sakes that they get someone that makes us all (ok, a vast majority - some haters won't like anyone they choose) go "SWEET!" or it might be another short, bumpy ride.