Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A "Millen" more articles...and thoughts

People honking their horns and waving flags like Allen Park has been liberated from a Siege? DetFan1979 Agreeing with Drew Sharp??? Schniekes!! What has happened to cause all this??

Oh yeah, a man lost his job today, and will get the joy of living with the label of "worst GM ever in the NFL." I actually feel sorry for him - he is great guy, but he just couldn't do the job he was hired to do, and was in over his head. At least he kept at it -- like in the ancient myth where a guy, for all eternity, must roll a boulder up a steep hill, and it falls out of his grasp and rolls down the hill just as he nears the top -- every time. But he just keeps pounding the rock...I mean, rolling the rock.

Seriously, the sheer number of articles and opinions out there in the wonderful world of the Internet is astounding. Some had interesting insight...others, not so much. Here is a smattering of articles that I pulled from various sites:

Don Banks thinks that Bill Ford Jr was able to force WCF Sr to make a move, and that the Lions are in prime position to clean house, and have ample time to search for a good GM, and to evaluate and redo the front office -- and that the GM will need to bring in his coach. Rod M. will get to put on a tryout to show what he as for the rest of the league.

Mariucci Chimes in with how "wonderful" it was to work for Millen, and how he thinks no coach could do it with the personnel and front office attitude. I think some of that was trying to help cleanse his own image, being on of Millen's "Bad Coaching Hires." He does say he thinks Marinelli could be a good coach, but that Detroit was too much for him.

Dan Miller "Voice of the Lions" comes out of the woodwork with his take too!

B VanO sputters his mouth, as usual -- makes a couple of decent points (unusual for him):

Millen’s Moola Amounts - at least he will be well compensated. Apparently about $50 million is the going rate for your Manhood and dignity these days.

Typical Lions - No press conference even - just a short press release.

Who da man now? Looks like Lewand and Mayhew will be splitting most of the duties -- at least one of two is a part of the problem, and will (hopefully) be gone.

Roy opens his yapper, and proves he stopped thinking about a month ago, and that he knows his contract is up at the end of the year -- which at this point seems about 13 games too long.

A Drew Sharp article I Agree With!! (I know - it hasn't happened, and may never happen again.)

At, Shefter seems to be in shock. It's not that people didn't think he should go -- it just seemed he never would. As he highlights quite well once he has time to think it over...and Joey ended up cut by new Orleans today as well -- which is ironically appropriate.

Birkett also talks about a couple of interesting GM options -- both of whom seem reasonable options, along with Floyd Reese who put together the Titan's team that made a Superbowl run...

However, there will be more than enough speculation on that throughout the next 3 months, so I'm just going to let that one go for a while -- it will become clearer in time.

For those who are counting, the Curse of Bobby Layne ends October 6th... Coincidence? I'm starting to wonder...

As you can tell, game analysis was sidetracked by this stunning news event -- and totally threw my prior calendar out the window. As promised, however, you will still be seeing posts out of me not more than every other day again.

Go Lions!!


JJLions20 said...

Well, it is what it is... What I hope happens is that the Lions don't wait until the off-season to fill this job. It looks to me like Floyd Reese is the perfect choice. He's available, he's an experienced GM, and he has built a winner. Bring him in now. Talk to him and see if he is the best fit. Worse case pay him a lot of money and bring him in as special council. A least he would be able to evaluate Rod and see if he is the head coach he wants to go with. At the same time, the Lions could evaluate Reese, and see if he is the GM they are comfortable with. And the Players will know they are auditioning with the probable head coach and GM. Either way they are being evaluated for next season.

Reese may find out Rod is doing everything right, and it is purely a talent issue, something he would be in charge of solving.

Isphet said...

Sisyphus was the guy that rolled the rock eternally, in Dante's Inferno.

I forget what level of hell he was in.

Anonymous said...

He was in the "Detroit Lion" layer of hell. That is in between the "Detroit Politician" layer of hell, and the "Gary Sheffield..I'm gonna show up on your door step" layer of hell.

CHIEFGER139 said...

fords taken the cheap wrote thanks to this article-double his duties at the same pay and save 5 million a year with millen gone