Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Marinelli's Men" - How'd we do?

My first thought was that none of us did so hot on our Marinelli's men. For instance, I didn't go with my wild "I think they should keep 11 Dlinemen but it's about as likely as me finding a million dollars in a suitcase tomorrow on my front door labeled 'Because I love your Blog'."

Bell still was the best option behind Smith (must have found Millen's pictures of WCF), Calhoun and Cason both went on IR (Calhoun always goes on IR, but Cason is usually cut and resigned a half a dozen times), and Blue injured himself while Ramzee Robinson played very well when the lights went on, showing he's got it where it counts -- on the field.

The Final 53 (in picture format) as it appeared on about 9:00pm EST today:

(Click on Picture to view Larger/Legibly)

Anyways, I looked over the rosters we posted both pre-preseason, up to just before the cuts were announced today, and found some interesting things.

Everyone knew that Hanson, Mulbach, Harris were making it. We all had all three QB's correct. Everyone also had Felton in at FB, and the top 4 WR,CB, and S as well. the top 4 LB were correct by everyone (Lenon, Lewis, Sims, Dizon)

On Oline, we were good minus a lot of people pegging 10 Oline, when they only went with 9 on the Oline and an extra Defensive player. Everyone whiffed on keeping Damion Cook over Jon Scott, although Scott looked awful in the preseason - and Cook also plays G so they have McCollum at C/G and Cook at OT/G. Neither could even come close to looking as bad as the G/C/T combo of Baline Saipia last season.

At RB the injuries to Calhoun and Cason in the last game, neither of which anyone knew was that bad threw off the RB predictions, along with only keeping 2.

At LB most of us had Davis making it in 6 or 7 man configurations, and it was split about 50/50 Cannon/Gardner making the roster -- and both did.

As for that 5th S/5th CB spot, I did call Ramzee in my last post before the cuts, but not on my roster *sigh*

Did anyone really think they'd keep 4 TE and 4 Wr, and only 2 RB? No one on here. (not including TE/FB McHugh?)

Not too much else jumped out at me about our predictions. The top 40 spots we had nailed down before camp -- it was those other 13 that gave us, and I'm sure the coaching staff, fits.

Still amazing -- the Lions had to cut talent, and keep more guys (11) at a position than they wanted because instead of hanging out waiting for the Lions to call, they would have been snatched up by other teams.


Isphet said...

I have a hard time thinking that the Lion s will seriously only keep 2 RBs. I expect them to look around on the waiver wires or trade for one.

I also question whether or not they will really end up with 11 D-linemen. One or two of them may have been kept just because they are good enough to actually have some trade value, instead of simply releasing them and letting them go to another team.

If they can trade one of their 11 guys for a 5th or 6th rounder next year, then pick up a RB on the waiver wire; it would make a little more sense to me.

I'm a little nervous at the prospect of our entire RB squad being 2 rookies and TinkerBell. You have to wonder if they will survive the year. Maybe the Lions are assuming K. Smith will be extra-durable because he was in College. Seems like a big gamble to me.

As far as the roster selections from here went; I thought they were pretty good selections and predictions. The only things you missed were the oddities regarding the numbers of players at each position and the injuries that you couldn't have predicted. Pretty interesting activity to try.

Now all we have to do is wait for Atlanta! I like our chances against them; for sure. It's a very winnable road game.

Anonymous said...

I believe that there are at least 3 players on this 53 man roster who are still on the bubble and may be cut after the first game.
1. Owens - If Campbell proves he is healthy, they would not need a 4th TE. I like having McHugh as a FB/TE and would keep him over Owens.
2. Cody - Keeping Cohen shows that the Lions like his potential and maybe used as competition to Cody. If Cody continues to "phone it in" he will be gone.
3. Foster - If Gosder can show he ready for the starting RT position or if Foster keeps making penalties, He would likely get cut. Damien Cook may also be cut if Gosder can handle the LT backup spot.

The Lions will need to cut somebody on this roster at a later date to fill some the needs. I think they will try Furrey/ Mcdonald in the return game for the first game and then maybe get someone later. Remember that if a veteran is signed before the season starts, he contract is guaranteed for the whole year. That is why they won't sign any veterans especially RBs until after the first game.
Overall, I am happy with the 53 man roster. I understand why they had to cut F. Davis and Buster since they would have likely never dressed for a game. Hopefully both are available for the PT.

As for keeping only 2 RBs, I would be in a better mood if I had more faith in Bell. This maybe a problem is he does not show up or is Smith gets hurt.

IMO, these players will likely be on the PT:
F. Davis, B. Davis,K. Moore, D. Henson,B. Middelton.


RIP said...

When I first saw the cuts last night (thankx to DetFan79's post last night), I could not see the logic to it. I had to let off a little steam.

After reconsidering the game plan of the roster moves, I do like it.

Fisrt I had to look at the game day roster of 45 players. Then who would have been on the 8 that did not dress. As it stands now, that would be a quarterback, a tight end, 2 offensive linemen, a defensive end, 2 defensive tackles, and an eighth player.

There maybe much debate on which way to go with the tight end and fullback positions in the Lion's organization. The four I have in mind are Cambell, Fitzsimmons, Owens, and McHugh. Perhaps even Gaines is not what the Lions had hoped either.

I like Isphet's thoughts on trades and value. Perhaps some of our d-linemen do have trade value to some needy team.

The risk of loosing some of the cuts and bringing them back, or someone else of equal value or of greater need does make sense.

I still would have made the conventional choices we as a group made.

SprBwlB4IDie said...

I found the Lions cuts rather intriguing - particularly the keeping of only 2 tailbacks and only 4 wide receivers with Furrey and McDonald being our return guys.

1) I think this is a clear signal that we will be going shopping soon for a third tailback. Perhaps Rudi, but I was surprised to see that Kenton Keith was on Indy's chopping block. As far as I know, he has a healthy hamstring.

2) As dangerous as it sounds to have our #3 & #4 receivers returning kicks when we only have 4, this REALLY intrigued me as it suggests that we may be one of those teams that uses better talent on special teams to gain an advantage. It may just be temporary, though. Cincy released Deltha O'Neal. If he's healthy, maybe the Lions will try to sign him as a return guy who can bolster the CBs as well. This scenario would lead to Ramzee going to another team or the practice squad.

On a slightly tangential note, when I went to the Lions site to check out the cuts, the first thing I noticed was the title "Seven Drafted Rookies Make Final Roster". That's pretty impressive if they all truly deserve it. Then, before going to the depth chart which showed the allocations of the 53 men, I went to the roster expecting it to be more current than the depth chart.

Did anyone notice that they still list 54 players? Guess who the extra man is...give up?...Caleb Campbell. This could be a mistake, but I think it is a deliberately subtle way of saying we could have had 8 drafted rookies make the roster. I just found that interesting is all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone,
Go take a look at the roster on It looks like some changes have or will be made. Ryan Nece LB from Tampa and a RB named Marcus Thomas (I don't know what team he was on) have been added. It looks like Cannon and Mchugh are no longer on the team. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Marcus Thomas was cut by the Chargers who hope he would make it to the practice squad.

Isphet said...

Nece looks like an interesting pickup. He seems like a class act to me. He's basically a more experienced version of Cannon- A Special Teams guy and at least a decent backup, though he may push to be a starter at SLB?

Looks like the RB situation got resolved already, also. He's a Felton prototype guy; not sure why they went for him since we already have a "big" back. I guess we will see why. It can't hurt to have some depth in the "big bruiser back" department, especially for goal line pushes. Lord, I just had an Image of Felton leading this guy into the end zone; lol. I think I see why we got this guy now.


Anonymous said...

Opposite way around. Marcus Thomas blocking for Felton.

DetFan1979 said...

Agree with Nubs on Marcus leading Felton. I think they've known all along that felton would be their short yardage back/bruising back. Since they know he can do it, they put him in siutations where he could demonstrate his blocking skills in the pre-season -- remember, we got Felton in the 5th because he wasn't an every-down back in college, and teams questioned his ability to block at the next level. Let's just say according to his pad level, his blocking level is more than "adequate" -- making him a steal in the 5th.

I waited on my analysis of the "final" roster, figuring that the Lions were going to be making some changes, although I thought Owens would be cut, not McHugh. Cannon doesn't suprise me too much, since he was listed at SLB when he had been backing up Ernie at WLB prior. Tells me he lost his main battle to gardner, and won the backup SLB by default since no one else had really outplayed him there.

Don't know much about Nece, but he knows the system already, which is key for a backup SLB.

Anonymous said...

I am flat out wrong on Thomas. His tape is somthing like 6'2" and 216. That's probably not big enough to play FB. He looks bigger on film, but he played at UTEP. I didn't see him play ANY with the Chargers, and didn't see San Diego's fourth game as the Bridge Walk has been the unfortunate focus and concern the past three days.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the shock of Owens being on the roster, too, but McHugh is a receiving TE, not a BIG blocker like Owens.

Owens is a fill in run-blocker if Campbell gets cut. If Campbell stays healthy, I'd like to see Owens go for a WR (like Middleton) to return instead of Furrey or McDonald.