Saturday, August 30, 2008

"30 Lock" - How'd we Do?

We looked at our own individual take on which 30 players would make the final roster. Then, we put together a group "30 Lock" list. So how safe were our locks? Did we do well, or get robbed blind?

Here is the List again:

Here is the "Total Lock" list garnering 12 votes apiece:
QB - Kitna
QB - Stanton
WR - Williams
WR - Furrey
OT - Backus
OG - Mulitalo
C - Raiola
OT - Cherilus
DT - Redding
DT - Darby
LB - Sims
CB - Kelly
CB - Bodden
PK - Hanson
In other words, over half of the list was unanimous. Needless to say, any players from the above 16 not on the final roster would definitely shock this fan community!
Next up we have the "99% Pure" group -- those tallying 11 of 12 votes:

DE - White
LB - Dizon
LB - Lenon
S - Alexander
P - Harris

So we made it through a total of 21 of our 30 "Locks" with just those getting all, or only missing one vote. Now we move to "Missed a Couple, but that's OK" (9 or 10 votes)

QB - Orlovsky
RB - K. Smith
DT - Fluellen
S - Bullocks
S - D. Smith
LS - Mulbach
TE - Gaines
OG - Peterman

Yes, I know that brings us to a grand total of....29 The next highest vote getter, in the coveted 30th spot is:
Cliff Avril with 7 votes.

The "Got votes, but not of Confidence" group is still likely to make the 53, but as this list has shown, it could be adios:
CB - Fisher (6 votes)
FB - Felton (4 votes)
TE - D. Campbell (4 votes)
OT - J. Scott (4 votes)
FB - Bradley (3 votes)
DT - L. Moore (2 votes)
CB - K. Smith (2 votes)
OT - Foster (1 vote)
WR - McDonald (1 vote)
OG - Ramierez (1 vote)
LB - A. Lewis (1 vote)
DE - Devries (1 vote

By looking at the list above, you can see that back on May 27th we picked 40 of the 53 guys who make the final roster. Our two misses? OT Scott and FB Bradley, one of whom went on IR.

However, it was among the bottom 13 that the most competition took place, and where the most uncertainty was. A couple of injures to guys in that area also impacted the final cuts (With Calhoun and Cason going on IR). One thing we commented on at the time was how uncertain the RB situation would be -- and we couldn't have been more right! (only keeping 2 true RB, and Felton at FB/HB, McHugh FB/TE).

Great Job Everyone!!!

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RIP said...

I enjoyed reading everyones input on the "30 Lock". I agree that everyone did a great job here. There must be some Lion's fans here :-).

While reviewing the list, I came to the conclusion that the Lions still have alot of work to do this up coming "If Season". The guys we have now should make for a good team. The need to bring in greater speed to our backup role players, start planning for replacement aging veterans, and to improve a couple positions.

But first lets enjoy what should be an exciting season. Lets all hope the lions progress during the season without major setbacks due to injuries.