Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cuts Announced

Dave Birkett has a list of 19 of 21 cuts -- there were two TBA, who ended up being Cason to IR and OT Scott was released - Making Damion Cook the final lineman. So far, not so good for some fan favorites.

They are:

WR Ron Bellamy, LB Darnell Bing, S Greg Blue, LB Buster Davis, OG Frank Davis, DE Victor DeGrate, CB Dovonte Edwards, WR Devale Ellis, DE Rudolph Hardie, TE Clark Harris, QB Drew Henson, S LaMarcus Hicks, OG Corey Hulsey, LB Leon Joe, WR Brandon Middleton, WR Kenneth Moore, RB Artose Pinner, WR John Standeford, CB Kiwaukee Thomas.

It is good to note that it appears the Lions have kept Ramzee Robinson, and Cohen. Also, they only have two backs (Smith, Bell), and 2 FB (Felton and McHugh) -- for 4 total. More analysis and commentary on the cuts, as well as reviewing the final roster this evening. (there were only 20 cuts needed as Calhoun and Cason went on IR. Since Blue is injured, it is not likely he will be picked up either.)


Isphet said...

I guess Ramzee played well enough that they were concerned he would be picked up by another team. Good for him; you have to root for Mr. Irrelevant '07!

It's good to see The Lions focusing a little more on defense in their cuts. I think our D-line is going to be heavily rotated throughout games all season long. That's good, keeps us fresh for the later stages of the game.

I think the only 2 that I'm kinda disappointed to see go are Standeford and Buster Davis. I think both of those guys could be productive players.

RIP said...

It looks like Rod went with the best 53 again for offense and defense.

Mr. Kwan may want to look for another them since ST performance is expected to perform without what it appears to me his input for personnel. Hopefully I am wrong with my outsider observation.

But then we never had outstanding speed this year for the ST gunners. Who do we have, K. Smith and Furrey?

Anonymous said...

I assumed that Robinson played better than Edwards from watching games.

I am shocked that the Lions kept two running backs. I am even more shocked over 6 DT's and completely staggered and stunned about TE John Owens.

A two TE set was not used much in pre-season, this may (if we can read into it) show a little of the cards not showed in pre-season. This may be the wrinkle in the offense that Coletto didn't show.

The CB's, LB's, and Safeties were about as expected, but the offense was shaken up a little at that 4th tackle spot and at the skill spots. I thought Pinner would be there instead of Bell or John Owens.

Anonymous said...


Very good thought. I think the special teams gunners now become Pearson and ??? maybe Furrey or Robinson.

JJLions20 said...

Well, only two HB's and 4 WR. Tom K. called the 4 WR move, but 2 RB's is a surprise. I don't understand why designating Calhoun and Cason on injured reserve. Why not just cut them. Maybe it has to do with CAP implications.

I thought Robinson could slide to the practice squad but the Lions must have knew there were other teams looking at him. Other than that the DB's kept were who I thought would be kept. Edwards, Hicks, and Blue will not be picked up immediately. So they will be there if injuries happen early in the season. They very well could be available late in the season

11 D-Lineman was another surprise. I don't feel bad about this because we don't risk loosing Cohen.

Lets hope Buster Davis clears waivers due to his lack of position flexibility, and really only fits into a cover-2 defense.

Who saw the Lions keeping Damion Cook? That is the biggest keeper surprise. What this tells us is Cherilus is going to be strictly a RT. If Backus goes down it will be Cook at LT and Cherilus at RT.

Keeping Owens did not surprise me that much, but keeping McHugh did. I guess that tells us they really don't know how much Campbell is going to give, and they must be planning on using the two TE set in the red zone. It should be noted that Campbell is listed as 4th on the depth chart.

With keeping McHugh, it might mean Felton could be used as a HB if Smith or Bell get dinged.

What doesn’t make sense is having Furrey and McDonald being your return guy’s and only keeping 4 WR’s. If those guy’s get hurt on special team, we could get caught short handed at WR. It seams like they must plan on picking up a speedy RB who can return kicks.

Last note. Seven (7) rookies made this roster. Two are starters (a 3rd round pick and a 5th round pick). The 1st and 2nd rounders may start sometime in 2008. When was the last time 7 rookies made the roster and maybe 4 starting before the end of the season.