Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back in Town, Game Tape In Hand

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Sorry to hear about the injury Nubs -- hope it gets to feeling better!

Mrs. DetFan1979 and I just got back from a weekend in beautiful Grand Haven, and I have a game tape courtesy of DF79's kid sister (with profuse thanks!) I will try to watch through the game tonight and tomorrow so I can blog on it.

The first cut-downs are Tuesday, so it will be interesting to see who are the first to go...

Your thoughts on the game? (for those that have seen it?)


Baloo92 said...

As a new disciple of technology I must say you need to invest in a DVR.

I just got mine and am actually paying less then I was for my cable/internet then I was before.

That way you can avoid any uncomfortable feelings associated with being indebted to younger siblings.

Anonymous said...

detfan, thanks for the thoughts.

As most read, I was instructing my two boys proper golf etiquette, until I was struck by a five wood in the right elbow, and there's nothing funny about it, HAHA.

I had an appendicitis, have been hit by a car as a pedestrian and as a bicyclist (both about 35 mph), taken pees on electric fences, and even been zapped by a police taser. The most pain I have ever felt in my life so far is when my 7 year old drilled me in my own backyard with a five wood. Nice. And my fondest memory (as I lay rithing in pain) is hearing my five year old say, "Oh my God, you're grounded, You killed Dad."

Now that you've all had a chuckle (I hope so, cause I'd be laughing, too) Here's to cut down day on Tuesday and Firday (???, I think).

PS, when we picking teams?